LegalWing / Brian Colombana – Consumer Complaint – January 6, 2016

Colombana Files Error Report

Brian Colombana sent in the following error report regarding the consumer complaint submitted below.

“Everything is wrong with it. It was published by an ex colleague that I evicted from his residence so he’s fabricating information to get me in trouble with authorities. I’ve filed a lawsuit against him and your organization but I do not intent to pursue your organization further than getting the post removed. I’ll attach a copy of the lawsuit to this post. Also, for further proof, Scott Stagg, the personal responsible for the post, actually manages Legal Wing (https://plus.google.com/+ScottStagg/posts) and the Company is registered to his home address (http://ca4.whitepageprofiles.com/scott-stagg-cessoar.html). So a cursory investigation would confirm that the information in the post is untrue and was posted spitefully.”

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The Consumer Submitted Complaint

Consumer Statement:

This is being sent to KCAL 9 news (the same people who did the story last time Colombana stole from families) in addition the FTC, ETC.

All that is underlined and bold are also the names of the attached files that pertain to the matter.


Jeremy Jon Alberts an active member of the State Bar # 273290 and Brian John Colombana BAR # 238272 a disbarred attorney who continues to practice law under false names SEE File Folder Named Fake Names and solicits new clients using the same unauthorized intimidating letters that Jeremy Jon Alberts is on State Bar probation for at present. SEE File Jeremy_Jon_Alberts_Suspension. Here is proof that shows Jeremy Jon Alberts and Brian Colombana both jointly paying for the toll free number that belongs to Legal Wing (888) 748-6668 SEE Files Brian_Colombana_paying_legal_wing_phone and Jeremy_Alberts_paying_legal_wing_phone these two files confirm their 50/50 partnership in Legal Wing.


Brian Colombana a disbarred attorney who remains undisclosed to the State Bar, proscpetive clients,and ultimatly clients that pay retainer fees to him for The Alberts Firm legal representation, is an employee of The Alberts Firm {SEE VIOLATION} created a company named LEGAL WING, which is an exact copy of the marketing methods Brian Colombana and Jeremy Alberts were doing and profiting from until Jeremy_Jon_Alberts_Suspension, in response to The Alberts Firm suspension and probation by the California State Bar for sending out letters to prospective clients most of whom have not been served and that are misleading SEE the file named Jeremy_Jon_Alberts_Suspension. Legal wing has no legal structure, no bank account, no State or Federal licenses. It is a website owned by Brian Colombana that claims to be a non profit. Legalwing.org,the website reads like an offer for prepaid legal services through a membership. The fact is no memberships are sold at all, never have been. The reason why is Legal wing’s sole purpose is to take calls from the thousands of letters sent out to people assumed to be in a law suit. SEE Legal_Wing_Signed_Letter by Brian Colombana and Jeremy Alberts, they own U.S. Mail sorting and envelope sealing equipment along with servers that allow for thousands of mail pieces to be sent at will. Once housed at Brian Colombana’s residence is now at The Alberts Firm location in Santa Ana, CA. Since 2014 a low estimate would be over 250,000 people have received this letter Legal_Wing_Signed_Letter, and an average of 50-70% of the callers that respond to the letter are the not the people being sued. They have the same name or a close variation of the correct persons name, often times 3-5 different people with the same names or very close to the name on the letter call into Legal Wing until the correct person is identified. The majority of the callers that are believed to be the correct individuals that have had a lawsuit filed on them have not yet been served. The reason why the majority have not been served is due to the nature of how the names and addresses are procured. The name of the person supposedly mailing the letter is Brian Tanner SEE file Brian_Tanner_Alberts_Firm, another fabricated name Brian Colombana uses instead of his own. He has even personally signed the letter as Brian Tanner. Legal_Wing_Signed_Letter. See the following files that show Brian colombana using the surname “Tanner” when soliciting and selling home loan modifications, legal services, and student loan modifications. SEE File named Fake Names


Jeremy Jon Alberts the Principle of The Alberts Firm who is a licensed attorney in California and Texas, has a known by most addiction to anti anxiety drugs such as Xanax. This is one of the reasons that causes him to be vulnerable to experienced scam artists such as Brian Colombana. For the last two years in business Jeremy Jon Alberts has not taken home a steady paycheck from The Alberts Firm, aside from The Alberts Firm paying for his personal car payment, and food. It is rumored he has started to take a meager paycheck in light of business increasing starting in the month of October 2015. He has been blackmailed by staff members such as a man named Glen. who has received $5,000.00 monthly checks in exchange for him not letting The State Bar or Authorities know what he and Brian Colombana are doing in secret. Glen, is a known associate of Brian Colombana.

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Brian Colombana with the help of Bolor SEE Files Bolor and Bolor 2 both of whom hold advanced degrees in computer networking and Computer science. Bolor is also the family member of an attorney at The Alberts Firm SEE File p5af (The only female attorney at The Alberts Firm) together they have developed a method to obtain information by hacking into county courthouses websites during the night and downloading all the new lawsuits filed for that day. Since they are unable to obtain address information along with the names, they attempt to match them to the most probable person using numerous name directories and databases containing peoples information such as InfoUSA,DMV,ETC. This is where the margin of error creates the majority of the callers not being the correct people and thus very upset SEE File B__Message-03172014-174656 !! (1).

Should the person not be aware that they are being sued because they have not been served or is needing/requesting to speak to an attorney for help, their information is taken over the phone by a Legal Wing representative and then transferred to The Alberts Firm and no other company provided they want to speak to an attorney to get more information. The prospects are transmitted through a website owned by Brian Colombana www.courtdataresearch.info by overseas employees of The Alberts Firm first in Cali, Colombia. since Brian takes most of the intake calls for The Alberts Firm in Cali, Colombia he introduces himself as Jeff Sobczak and proceeds to ask them information pertaining to their case, ultimately sell them on paying a retainer fee to The Alberts Firm. He earns 30-60% of the retainer fees he collects. if Brian is in the United States at his office at The Alberts Firm Brian Colombana physically manages both Legal wing agents and Alberts Firm Intake agents from the same location in Cali, Colombia in person or by remote management using chat,email,video,phone,etc.if in Santa Ana, CA. Zoo Printing in Los Angeles, CA is where the Legal Wing printed templates are bought in bulk.

Brian Colombana sells the vast majority of retainers under the fake name Jeff Sobczak on behalf of The Alberts Firm. This is how he greets all new prospective client calls transferred from Legal Wing. As a result any current client that has paid a retainer will also know him as Jeff Sobczak. A complete false identity to not have to disclose he is a disbarred attorney to any prospective/current client {OOOOOOO}, and avoid detection for breaking numerous laws. This is the reason for the location in Cali, Colombia is to attempt to further shield these blatant deceptive practices, but nonetheless lucrative.


The types of cases the letters solicit are almost all categories from family Law to Collections cases. Although the clients pay a retainer fee to The Alberts Firm for defense from a collections company most often Midland Credit , Discover Bank, Etc. are being negotiated on behalf of the client not by an attorney from The Alberts Firm, but by a Colombian non attorney employee. Even though led to believe an attorney from The Alberts Firm is negotiating on their behalf directly, and billing attorney hours.


With a $81,998.00 monthly payroll Alberts_Firm_Payroll, office costs, mailing costs, overseas (Colombia) staff and phone expenses, NOT including Brian Colombana. With Brian Colombana it is well over $100,000.00 monthly. The Alberts Firm is pressed every payroll to break even, the way this is done is by selling more and more retainers that call in to Legal wing and are transferred to The Alberts Firm and short term merchant cash advance loans. This is the only source of advertising the Alberts Firm does. They have zero reserves, are more often overdrawn in all corporate bank accounts, and their IOLTA account never balances out. They employ full time attorneys on salary, all of whom know of this scam. Brian Colombana using the name Jefferey Sobczak, generates between $30,000.00 – $50,000.00 a month for The Alberts Firm in new business by selling retainer agreements from the leads sent by Legal Wing, the remainder of the Intake staff comprised of felons some on parole some not currently bring in around $30,000.00 – $50,000.00 as well all from the leads procured from the methods outlined above.


Washington State and Florida are two additional States Brian has solicited in as well. Out_of_state_solicitations


In addition to being a full time Alberts Firm employee Brian Colombana has been engaging in loan modifications as well. SEE Folder Home Loan Modifications. Once again using the surname “Tanner” SEE File folder named Mods. The file LW-FORECLOSURE LETTER_BRIAN_COLOMBANA outlines the plan for The Alberts Firm to benefit from foreclosure business in addition to traditional home loan modification prospects that can be facilitated by Brian Clombana through one of his many loan modification companies. SEE File folder Mods

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The fact that Jeremy Jon Alberts even after being suspended from practicing law, in fact never did (SEE File Jeremy and Brian Colombana on 01-01-15 in Cali, Colombia exactly two days prior to Jeremy’s suspension). Nor did he change the marketing letters that got him disciplined in the first place. Instead he elected to carry on along with Brian Colombana as his mentor and create legalwing.org a ficticious entity disguised as a pre-paid legal membership is in fact an illegal attorney referral service company that advertises using the very same letters already condemned by the state bar, and sends only prospective clients from these letters to The Alberts Firm. Brian Colombana using fake names sells these prospective clients on retainers for The Alberts Firm. This system of sending letters is very lucrative, and effective. The stress for the inbound call center agents that earn approximately $2.85USD an hour that must take abuse from over 50% of the callers that have been sent the wrong letter is horrible, callers daily wanting to speak to “Brian Tanner” and of course never get the opportunity to do so, as “Brian Tanner” is a made up name Brian Colombana jokes about using from the lead character in the sitcom Full House. See File named Brian_tanner_Alberts_Firm

By making huge profits selling legal services as a bona fide law firm, Brian Colombana and The Alberts Firm have knowingly and willingly tricked The California State Bar even while either on probation, suspended, or disbarred. The fact that Brian Colombana has already professed to simply replace Jeremy Alberts as the attorney working the leads from Legal Wing, and then keep selling retainers under another attorney, what can you do to stop this madness that is making a mockery out of the entire legal system? As mentioned and shown Brian Colombana has already been soliciting Florida and Washington State. he will not stop something lucrative and effective he has too much of a lifestyle and payroll to support. He will just find another drug addicted attorney to take Jeremy’s place. Bottom line is just like it is written in both of their State Bar records, Brian John Colombana and Jeremy Jon Alberts create and cause HARM. They have grossed millions of dollars by breaking the law in any way they have to.


Brian Colombana uses many fake names to conduct business in order to avoid detection for practicing law without a license and as a disbarred attorney, and to not get into trouble . The following are a list of fake names that Brian Colombana uses at present, along with the emails: SEE File Folder named Fake Names

1. Brian Michaels — brian@mytrustedattorney.com (SEE File Brian_Michaels_Lead_Soliciting)

2. Jefferey Sobczak– jeff@mytrustedattorney.com (SEE File Jeff Sobczak)

3. Brian Tanner — info@legalwing.org (SEE File Brian_tanner_Alberts_Firm)


Due to the fact that Brian Colombana claims he can never be stopped or arrested he makes a joke out of almost all of the victims of this scam. SEE Files +13103678272-0111-180819-089-RETIRED and Brian Colombana’s response SEE File address not to track. He uses the name Brian Tanner who is an attorney out of Minnesota that keeps receiving calls thinking it is him that is Legal Wing. SEE File Message-03172014-174656 !!.Also, another legal professional that keeps receiving calls is Antone Wing SEE File antonewing_capper. These attorneys and legal professionals are being contacted with calls from upset clients thinking it is them that is sending out the fake lawsuit letters.

Consumer Action Taken:

Date This Problem Happened: December 15, 2015

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,000

Company Name: Legal Wing, LegalWing, Brian Colombana

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Company Address:

1500 W 13th ST
Upland, CA 91786

Company Telephone Number: 888-748-6668

Website of Company: legalwing.org

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