Horrible Debt Relief Marketing Letter Spoofs IRS

A very kind reader sent in this letter to me. In my opinion it has to be one of the most deceptive looking debt relief marketing mailers I’ve seen in a while.

The letter does not come from the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of the Treasury. It is a lead generation letter that is designed to get consumers to call the telemarketing number labeled “The Department of Advocacy Services.”

If you want to really know what IRS Publication 4681 is, click here. You will discover it is just a routine reporting guide for forgiven debt. It is not a new program and has nothing to do with settling your debts “in as little as 12 months.”


Deceptive Debt Relief Letter


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    • You can’t. The best thing at that point would be to enter into some three bureau credit monitoring program to make sure no surprise accounts are opened from identity theft. One free solution is to signup for the free credit monitoring from Credit Karma. That service only monitors your TransUnion and Equifax reports. It does not monitor your Experian credit bureau report.

  1. Just got a letter that was identical to this one and is VERY MISLEADING….can give the impression that IRS is sending out mail being that is one of their first tips in recognizing the IRS phone scams

  2. I received same letter with different number stops at bottom of first page and does not have second page just like above received on June 20 2016


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