Helping America Group – Consumer Review – January 26, 2016

Company Name: Helping America Group

Describe the Service You Received:

I recently signed up with them and it didn’t take me but a few phone calls to realize that I’d been had. I signed up and spoke with a very personable and friendly guy who talked to me about getting a loan to pay off my debt and how they were different from other debt consolidation companies. After talking to him and signing a contract very quickly, I was then put on the phone with someone who told me the exact opposite of what he’d said. It was indeed a debt consolidation company. But what’s worse were the phone calls from all of the “affiliated” companies who informed me that the loan that I was approved for was simply put into place to “Improve” my credit score and that none of the money would be going towards my creditors. Oh, and by the way…I should stop paying my creditors because then they could get the charges dismissed or sue them for harassing me. They keep the money from the lawsuits to help pay off any debts that they can’t get cancelled. I feel so duped and frustrated. I would never have signed up for a $30K loan if I’d know that it wasn’t going towards my debts. Now my credit is even more in the toilet and I have more debt that I can’t pay. I’m at the end of my rope.

List the Pros About Your Experience:

The customer service is very friendly and convincing.

List the Cons About Your Experience:

They need to be honest about their services from the get go.
They trap you so that you feel like you have to pay them.
Fraudulent company that misrepresents what they do.

How Would You Rate This Company with 10 Being Best: 0

Date You First Used This Company: January 4, 2016

State You Live in: Florida

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Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

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Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $199

Company Address:

150 E Palmetto Park Road Suite 800
Boca Raton, Florida 33432

Company Telephone Number: 888-983-6850

Website of Company: helpingamericagroup.com

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