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From the UK: Valentine’s Day: How a Martyred Saint Became a Day For Lovers

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shutterstock_91897199Saint Valentine

I would doubt and venture, that a third, yes 3rd century, Roman Saint, would have thought they would become synonymous with a day now associated with love and lovers.

Not much is known of Saint Valentine, and even while the Catholic Church has removed his name from the “General Roman Calendar”, he is still listed as a Saint as of February 14 for the “Roman Martyrology”

Not to bring the party down, but when you think and look at it, a martyr being a patron Saint of what we consider a day of love?? It does get confusing.

I am sure there is plenty a man and woman thinking, oh yeah, I fully understand why a martyr and this day is how and why it is, as I am a Saint to put up with (insert name here), all these years.

I myself embrace Valentine’s Day.

My father got married on this day to a woman he loved.

But I digress…

Valentine’s Day has become a very popular tradition amongst couples, and also a very financially lucrative day for many businesses.

Valentine’s Day is a huge “retail event” in the form of cards, flowers, other gifts, meals out, and if you are like my father and were married on Valentine’s Day, anniversary gifts.

If we look at what the expectations were for last year, we were to spend around £1.9 billion on Valentine’s Day! That’s billion!

This little “made-up” romantic day sees people scurrying for Valentine’s Day cards, some form of gifts, and booking tables for a meal out.

I am a romantic, but don’t get me started about going out for a meal on Valentine’s Day.

Restaurants:  One thing can be said about going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day for a meal…

Set Menus!

And increased prices.

You wind up having to order from a set menu and paying extortionate prices.

I have found a couple of restaurants that allow me and the Mrs. to order what we want as we have frequented there regularly.

Some restaurants even want a deposit paid either in cash or on your debit/credit card, just to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day.

Then some restaurants are so busy, you have a time limit on your table. Be done in two (2) hours or else. I am unsure what, “else” is??

Even restaurants and their staff advise us not to go out on Valentine’s Day.

And yet, we still do.

Let me share a little story about Valentine’s Day back when I was in grade school, about half a century ago. Literally, about 50 years ago.

Did you ever exchange Valentine’s cards when you were in school, I did.

Back in the day as students, we would make these little post boxes out of brown paper bags and decorate them with ornaments and colour them, and attach them to the sides or fronts of our desks.

Then on Valentine’s Day, we would all have Valentine’s cards we either made or some had purchased, and we would go around the classroom and drop them in the card recipient’s card bag attached to their desk.

The fun side of this was getting the cards and reading what people had written inside of them. Every once in a while you would find someone had a little crush on you, or you had a crush on someone and you let them know.

The downside was some kids may not have received many cards. If the class had 30 students in it, and you only received five (5) Valentine’s Day cards, that’s not a good ratio.

Not that it ever happened to me.

One school in America has banned Valentine’s Day along with a few other holidays as to not offend minority students.

Let’s get back to the spending of money for Valentine’s Day.


Have you ever noticed how the price of flowers also seems to increase around Valentine’s Day.

The florists can increase the prices from 40% or more for this holiday.

So why is there the price increase???

In part supply and demand. The demand is high on Valentine’s Day, and supplies can be limited.

There also can be additional production costs involved.

A florist may receive 10 times the daily orders they usually receive in a day, and all these order have to be fulfilled in just one day.

shutterstock_270638108How Much We Spend £££ 

Men on average will spend £35 on their partners, with some spending upwards of £75 to even £100.

Woman will spend a bit less, on average £10 to £20.

Why that is, I can speculate and figure the day is more about women then man. That statement will probably get me some comments back.

According to some research I did, the Scottish will spend less than those south of their border, and those in Wales or the south west, are least likely to celebrate the day at all.

Some other statistics:

* 14% of us will give chocolate as a gift.

* 21% will give flowers, with red roses being the most popular. Look at rose prices before and after Valentine’s Day.

* £262 million will be spent on flowers.

* 65% of people will exchange Valentine’s Day cards.

Gifts to women consist of:

* Jewellery 13%

* Beauty treatments 15%

* Car 17%, who gives a car??

* Holidays 27%

Even if you do not have a partner or significant other, people still go out on Valentine’s Day, although it may be with friends and family. Especially if the day falls on a weekend. If Valentine’s Day falls during the week, most singles stay in.

shutterstock_354615743First Dates on Valentine’s Day

Can you believe people do have their first dates on Valentine’s Day.

Think of the pressure!

It’s your first ate, and you can bet the majority of people out in the restaurants and pubs are pros, they may have been together for years. And you are just starting out and getting to know each other.

There seem to be a few do’s and don’ts if you make the decision to ask someone out on February 14th. You may want to just keep it simple.

Of course if you stay together, it makes remembering your first date anniversary much easier. That may be why my dad got married on Valentine’s Day. The old man was pretty clever that way.

So depending on your relationship status, and what plans you may have, Valentine’s Day can be a big deal, and we know it is a big deal for florists, restaurants, and the card shops.

,Saint Valentine I would doubt and venture, that a third, yes 3rd century, Roman Saint, would have thought they would become synonymous with a day now associated with love and lovers. Not much is

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