I Was Overpaid for Housing Benefits. Do I Have to Repay it?

“Dear Jon,

I’ve just found out I’ve been overpaid housing benefits, totallying just over a grand. This was due to their error, not me filing any wrong information.

I left the UK in the end of June 2015 and they continued paying me Housing Benefits until October 2015.

From June to October i was traveling, and then moved to my home country, that is in the EEC (but not the EU).

If my waiver is refused, do they have the right to seek this refund from me in my home country?

And if I do decide to move back to the UK, is there any timeline for when this debt will be written off?

Thanks so so much 🙂



I have a few questions to help clarify the issue.

Was the housing benefit paid to your landlord or you? There has been a change in this recently.

If the benefit as paid to you, do you still have the overpaid benefit money?

Should you come back to the UK, and especially if you are eligible and apply for benefits, they will attempt to collect this money. Usually they will just reduce what you are eligible for and take so much each week, or monthly now.

Owing the overpayment will not stop you from coming back to the UK. And if you are outside the EU, there is not much they can do to collect the overpayment.



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