TFSC Group – Consumer Complaint – April 28, 2016

Consumer Statement:

The TFSC group sent an letter to my home presenting themselves as advocates for students who have Federal Loans that amount to over $20,000.

I was initially under the impression while on the phone that I was speaking to a representative “Mark” from the Department of Education since he claimed that he was from the “Department of Student Loans”, and during this time I was informed that they would consolidate my loans with a loan closing cost of $600, place me under an Income Based Repayment Plan, and assist me throughout the life of the loan. The representative stated that my loan payment would be reduced to about $60 per month for 120 payments after which the loan would be forgiven. After a while of speaking, he later clarified that $30 per month would be going towards my loans, and $30 would be going to a student assist plan, which I later realized was a monthly fee that this company charged for themselves, completely separ ate from my loans.

I received an email containing documents to electronically sign – big mistake! After signing, the representative informed me that, paraphrasing: “by the way, we’re not with the government”. Then I was transferred to a compliance officer who walked away and left me hanging on the phone for about 10 minutes once I said I was having second thoughts and needed to speak with my representative. I hung up and left a message, and I received a call back, during which the rep. told me the services were not initiated because I didn’t complete the process with the compliance person. I was not fully reassured.

I went back over the contract which turned out to The contract also stipulates that by signing, I am agreeing to monthly charges by Student Assist Plus, and that I agree to any amount those charges are increased to and that these charges to my account would continue regardless of whether I received services or not. It also stipulates that by signing I am agreeing that the company never advised me to stop payments despite the contact person stating that my loan would be frozen and that I do not need to pay them for some time until the loans are consolidated.

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Through this process, the TFSC Group/Student Assist Plus were able to obtain all of my identity –social security, driver’s license, work info, addresses– and loan information which I trustingly gave while under the impression that these folks were a legitimate government service. I am now very concerned over what they will do with this information and will now have to go through the probably lengthy and deliberately arduous process of ensuring I have cancelled services at every step of this consolidation/payment contract as well as closing bank accounts, adding additional measures, and monitoring my credit for fraud.

And, a final, wonderful development which happened as I wrote this review: the company has placed a disclaimer underneath a glued together section on the back of the letter stating “some services offered may be available to consumers from the government on a do-it-yourself basis without fees.” Fucking lame.

I am not attaching my copy of the online document because it contains sensitive personal information.

Consumer Action Taken:

I emailed “Mark” to confirm that I would not be receiving services and never got a response. I forwarded the email in another e-mail to TFSC Group, and received a response that they don’t have an employee by that name, do not provide the services described — even though I never described services in the e-mail. The other organizations mentioned in the same document e-mailed me back saying that they have no records on me. When I attempted to mail certified mail to TFSC Group, one of the addresses for it that was stated in the document (300 Spectrum Circle, Irvine CA, 92614) was not even a valid address. I don’t have particularly high hopes for the rest but did send certified letters to Student Assist Plus and Reliant Account Management.

I made a police report, because this is super scammy.

Date This Problem Happened: September 11, 2015

State You Live in: Hawaii

Race/Ethnicity: Other

Age Range: 21-35

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Total Amount of Fee Paid:

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Company Name: TFSC Group

Company Address:

300 Spectrum Circle
Irvine, CA 92614

Company Telephone Number: 866-505-7928

Website of Company: tfscgroup.com

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