How Can I Get My Federal Student Loan History?


Dear Steve,

All government loans taken out in 1980s. Owed about $30k at graduation. paid off about $20 then went into default. did not hear from them for many years. then in early 2000s recontact and I ended up consolidating now amount of about $60k.

I want to check the accounting and get some hopefully knocked out and settle the balance. how do i get the accounting to see if they really credited me the right amounts, carried over correct balances with buying and selling history, etc? Mohela has the loan now. but i need records before consolidation thanks

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Dear Katie,

The National Student Loan Data System should contain all records on federal student loans. That would be the central source of information regarding your loan history.

But the history before consolidating is a bit moot since the consolidation loan is considered a new loan.

Good luck on trying to settle a federal student loan. I’ve only seen them do that as part of a bankruptcy Adversary Proceeding or the consumer getting sued by the Department of Justice.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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