What Do You Know About Sky Bridge Financial?

Someone asked me what I knew about a company called Sky Bridge Financial. I know nothing about them so I’m tossing this out for comments to see what anyone knows about them.

Sky Bridge Financial

The company says they provide invitation only consolidation settlement loans to people “enrolled in an accredited debt settlement program.” – Source

The Sky Bridge Financial website looks to be just one page and it is a little short on details. It is not clear to me if the proposed loans are actually to pay creditors, pay service fees, or a bit of both.

Not knowing anything about the company I went and did a quick bit of research.

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Using the address of 5900 South Lake Forest Drive, Suite 300, McKinney, TX I found two other debt related companies at the same address. Student loan Control and Clear Debt Relief.

The BBB reports and the Texas corporate registration indicate that a Peter Jacoves is related to a number of entities.

This site says Peter Jacoves is or was related to Clear Debt Relief, Consumer Settlements of America, Financial Advocacy Group, Insurance Life Settlements Enterprises, Keep Marketing, Loan Ready Services, Nationwide Consumer Savings, Nationwide Debt Direct, Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, Nationwide Emergency Communications, Payment Relief Center, Sky Bridge Financial, and The Bagel Factory. – Source

It appears Sky Bridge Financial was registered to do business in 2016 and is registered in Florida, Arizona, Kentucky, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Texas. The domain name was registered in August of 2015.

And That’s All I Know About Sky Bridge Financial

So that’s all I know after a few minutes of poking around. I have not heard any concerns or complaints about the company. I just don’t know anything about their loans for settlements business. So if you got some marketing on the company or have worked with them, contact me here.

If you are with Sky Bridge Financial and you’d like to add information to this post, just post it in the comments below.

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