Real Estate Law Center – Consumer Complaint – July 6, 2014

Consumer Statement:

I was solicited by the same mailer in 2014 from Real Estate Law Center 695 South Vermont, Ste 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90005 for inclusion into a Mass Tort Lawsuit against the lender/ servicer for Fraud/Deceptive Debt Collections/ and Negligent Lending.

My properties of which (I had 4) fit into the category that they deemed appropriate after an alleged legal review.

I was accepted for representation in January of 2015. I was added to existing lawsuits anywhere from four to eight months after being signed on with their firm. They required reams of personal information supporting a loan modification effort which never occurred on any property.

Communication with the firm was one way. It was very difficult to reach anyone except customer service which would leave messages for someone to call back. The theory which was part of the sales pitch was that the law suit was the ‘sword’ which would coerce the lenders into redoing the bad loans.

The effort at loan modification was a complimentary service while the lawsuits were progressing. If a lender filed for foreclosure they allegedly would get it stopped as it was involved in the ongoing lawsuit.

It is now 2016. I got smarter as time went on. Two properties got foreclosed on with no help from RELC to stop it. I started asking more pointed questions via emails, with no response.

I started looking up the cases in which I was filed in and reading the filings and backtracking through prior cases filed by RELC. That was at a pretty hefty cost because I had to pay the Court for the filings and Orders I wanted to read.

Come to find out, the Courts had consistently indicated that out of state properties/ loan problems were mis-joined in California Civil cases. The bottom line is that this company has never won any mass tort lawsuit all the way back into 2011 and probably before that I could find.

RELC legal services is a vehicle to circumvent laws regarding businesses that do loan modifications. That is their real effort. They file these lawsuits as boilerplate filings and never get past the requirement of proving their ‘standing’ to file. Every once in awhile they get lucky and a loan modification gets approved.

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In the meantime the masses they have seduced have paid a significant non-refundable fees, up front to be included in litigation. However.. where they have succeeded in bypassing business regulations they have an obligation to abide by the California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct such as: Rule 3-110 requiring that a member perform legal services with competence and not intentionally or recklessly fail in the client’s expectations of competence, skill or duty. That’s a FAIL on their part. Rule 3-200 says that a client has a reasonable right to an expectation that a claim will not be litigated if it is not warranted under existing law. That is a FAIL. Rule 3-500 is regarding communication and the requirement to keep the client informed.

In my case, I think it is fairly significant that a Court ruling indicating that out of state cases are mis-joined in the types of filings they were making. Hmmm FAIL.

Rule 4-200 is with regard to the fees paid to a firm. A member shall not collect a fee that is illegal or unconscionable. In many of the ‘clients’ cases the fee collected was clearly unethical and fraudulent. The alleged cost of the proposed litigation is to be divided among the mass tort plaintiffs. Where one drops out others are added until the case is closed. Some are added in the final stages just prior to what they already know will be an Order that the Plaintiff’s have no standing to proceed.

RELC has a legal services Ponzi scheme going. When a contract is based on fraud it impairs the legal validity of the writing and defaults in favor of the client.

In 2015/ 2016 RELC has 24 individual mass tort (multiple plaintiffs) open cases, either pending, or just finalizing in the San Diego Superior Court presently consolidated under Judge Pressman, with the same result for all. None had standing to file and had mis-joined and jurisdictional elements regarding plaintiffs.

Consumer Action Taken:

I asked for a refund and for them to send to me all documents and work product relating specifically to the properties/loans they were representing me on. They have failed in both instances. I have paid them in excess of $21, 982 since December 2014. Funds were automatically drafted by them from the account provided. Four properties were given to them, all in Maryland. 812 Locust Rd / 200-B Pointe Way / 354 Bourbon St / 141 Weber St The last two properties were held in my son’s name for which and I was the property manager. see lenderlawlitigation.com

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Date This Problem Happened: December 15, 2014

State You Live in: Maryland

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $21,982

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Company Name: Real Estate Law Center

Company Address:

695 South Vermont STE 1100
Los Angeles, California 90005

Company Telephone Number: 213-382-3250

Website of Company: relcpc.com

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