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If My Student Loans Are Deferred in New York Does That Exceed the Statute of Limitations?



Dear Steve,

I cannot pay my student loans as my husband was hurt and now I have to pay everything and I cannot do it all.

I was wondering about using the stature of limitation for student loans in NY state. I read on this and the stature of limitations is 6 years in ny state for personal loans. I have deferred my student loans so far. Would this affect using this? and how do I go about using the stature of limitation?



Dear Cynthia,

Any reliance of a defense that is using the statute of limitations should absolutely be reviewed by an attorney who is licensed in your state. In New York state I would suggest Jay Fleischman.

The problem with relying on the statute of limitations is that it runs differently in different states. While you may be able to read about specific dates online, there are other factors that can extend the statute for you in your situation.

Contact Jay and schedule a consultation to discuss your specific situation.

Big Hug!
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