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I Was Out Sick and Now AES Wants My Entire Student Loan Balance

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

So I had a loan with aes for 7500 balance. I had to have surgery and out of work for 8 months, they wouldn’t work with me in deferring my loan. so i wanted to start paying now and they have send it to collections.

The collections guy said i have to pay all of it by the 30th of this month. Is there anything I can do to guy start making payments again?



Dear Sally,

American Education Services (AES) services both federal and private student loans. It sounds like you may have a private student loan since they did not offer any of the federal programs to get back on a payment plan.

When it comes to private student loans, unlike federal student loans, a private lender does not have to offer any affordable repayment programs. They can call the not due in full after a serious delinquency, add a big collection charge to the balance, and keep charging interest.

In an effort to collect on the balance, they can sue you. But being sued may be an opportunity to negotiate a less than full balance settlement. I strongly suggest you work with a consumer attorney who is licensed in your state to represent you. with the lender or if you are sued.

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