How Can I Learn More About the Judgment CACH Has Against Me?


Dear Steve,

Followed up for the first time in 6 years on my credit after losing my house to foreclosure in 2012. It’s not as bad as I thought thanks to you. The only think I have found a judgement of $13,600 against me by CACH LLC. I really don’t know what this is.

I want to find out what this judgement is about. I have no idea. Will my discovery process trigger a series of events where this CACH will go after my bank account ? Or other actions ? I want to know what this is and CACH LLC has a notorious reputation.



Dear Allan,

Well it’s hard to tell what the judgment is just from that information. It’s not clear if this is a debt that CACH is attempting to collect or it is actually a judgment resulting from you being sued over a debt and then a judgment was obtained.

If this was a judgment obtained after a lawsuit then there should be some notation in the public records section on your credit report. That might indicate where the suit was filed.

If you’ve lived in the same area all these years or you think you know where you might have been sued, you could just call that county court house and ask for help to lookup and see if their was a suit against you.

You could then ask how to get a copy of the case file or go read the case file to learn what was alleged and how it was resolved. That way you would not need to contact CACH and it would not trigger anything.


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