Can an HVAC Company Sue Me in Two States?


Dear Steve,

I was appointed personal representative for my brother’s estate I was preparing to sell his home and needed some work on the heating system.

My realtor contacted a HVAC company they did some work I really don’t know what all they did they not pull the permit. I asked for a final bill which i paid, they even gave me a $500 discount. I paid them a told of $10,347.

A month later they started harassing me for an additional $2,556. They are basing the from the initial contract my realtor sent back to them, electronically signed document to their company. I did not sign that contract.

I did, as stated, hand signed the revised contract that was changed several times. the company did not submit those contracts to court. This transaction was done as the personal representative for the estate. However, they are suing me, personally for the debt, I go back to court 8-31-16 however I believe they want to change the date.

Also, the work was done in D.C. the company is in Maryland; they are suing me in VA. I have filed a countersuit for harassment. This company claimed I lived in my brother’s home which is flat lie.

My realtor will be in the court to let the judge no that the work was for an estate. I filled a claim in the DC civil court for the return of the $10,347. The company did not provide their Answer to the court. So it seem that they have default; court for that case is Sept 16.

In my counter claim I based it on harassment and mental stress. I need to provide a case law that justify why the court should rule in favor to compensatory damages own my counter claim. For emotional roller coaster they have taken me through in my effort to get relief.

If they want to sue the estate fine i’ll deal with gladly.

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Can you help.



Dear Shelia,

Nope. This is a matter best handled by a licensed real estate attorney in the state in question. It would be smart to find one and pay them for a consultation.

Sorry about the passing of your brother. Sad times all around.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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