Before you get on the brain train…

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What if you could substantially improve your school grades, standardized test scores, athletic performance, and future earning abilities? You might be interested, right?

That’s just what ads from LearningRx Franchise Corporation, the company that runs a network of more than 80 learning centers, promised its “brain training” programs could do. Some ads went further, claiming the programs are clinically proven to help permanently overcome the symptoms of ADHD, autism, age-related cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and traumatic brain injuries. Customers often spent thousands of dollars for the company’s programs, which could take months to complete.

But before you get on the brain train, know this: These claims are unproven, according to an FTC complaint. Learning Rx has agreed to settle the FTC’s charges.

You might have seen ads for LearningRx programs on Facebook and Twitter, radio and print ads, brochures, and direct mail. The company also paid for keywords, so if you searched for terms like “autism cure” or “severe traumatic brain injury cure,” you may have seen one of the company’s ads.

The company made claims like “our results are clinically proven, scientifically measureable and permanent.” But, according to the FTC, LearningRx didn’t account for real-world outcomes in their testing, and didn’t have solid science to back up their claims.

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