Who Do I Contact to Learn More About an Art Institute Lawsuit? – Kimberly


Dear Steve,

I attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia during 2003-2006.

I was awarded a bachelor’s degree of which is not accredited.

The school is currently being sued and is issuing loan forgiveness.

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I want to earn an accredited degree but I have debt from the art institute. Who do I contact to learn more about the lawsuit and to see if my situation qualifies me for something in return.



Dear Kimberly,

You did not mention if these were federal or private loans. If these are federal loans then you should read this article.

As far as some lawsuit goes, I’m not sure which specific suit you are talking about or if it might be one in state or federal court.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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2 thoughts on “Who Do I Contact to Learn More About an Art Institute Lawsuit? – Kimberly”

  1. I received federal student loans for Art Institute of Pittsbugh, Online Division 2010 – 2014. They want to charge me over $600 per month. With my loans from Navient, my total bill is over $100K. There is no way in Hell I can pay them both to a total of $1,000 per month. I’d be living in my car! I need more info on this lawsuit, especially if my Associate of Science in Graphic Design isn’t accredited. If not, then they lied like Hell to me!!! They also never helped me with career counseling as they said they would. Every time I called, there was always a different person and I never got any help finding work at all.

    • Have you looked into consolidating your federal student loans and looking at an Income-Driven-Repayment plan to make the monthly payments more affordable? Unfortunately, it won’t help to reduce the debt.


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