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3 Salon Secrets That you Can Easily Learn to Do at Home

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We all have a tendency to go to salons to get our hair treated by professionals. Either we need to straighten our hair or getting it colored, visiting a salon is the only option for us if we want to accomplish it professionally. There is no doubt that the professionals at salons are well-trained which enables them to get the best out of your locks but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it by yourself. Going to salons over and over can cost you a lot of money and also it’s not really possible for you to visit a salon all the time. In various situations, you have to take care of your hair by yourself. To help you along in a situation like this, here are a few secrets which you can learn to style your hair professionally at home.

Blow Drying Your Hair

A nice blowout would take around 15-30 minutes based on the length of your hair. Therefore, for a nice blowout you have to follow these steps:

First of all, you have to make sure that you take a shower after that lightly dry your hair by using a towel.

The next thing that you have to do is to apply a good product depending on the type of your hair. If your hair is dried up, apply a shine serum or a straightening balm. In case your hair is flat and weak, apply a thickening spray.

Now, divide your combed hair through the use of holders.

First, put your favored temperature and then start blow drying from the roots by dragging your hair out while the dryer throws air.

After drying the roots, take on a round brush and drag your hair by it while blow drying — throwing the air downwards.

Lastly, put cool air from the dryer to ensure that your hair retains the style.

Straightening Your Hair

Hair straighteners are very popular and are quite simple to use for different hairstyles, but there are some steps that you have to follow while straightening your hair:

Firstly, you need to utilize a product. Use straightening balm in case your hair is curly or make use of a styling cream if your hair is dank.

Use a heat-protective spray as a safety measure.

Afterward, dry your hair properly.

Now separate your hair into light parts by using holders or clips in such a way that when you use the straightener, you simply need use it once via a single section.

Deal with sections to sections using this method.

Coloring Your Hair

You can even color your hair at your home and save a lot of money by simply following these steps:

First of all, you should know that you can just color your hair at home if you wish to try some darker or lighter shades of your hair. Or else, go to a salon.

While you buying a hair color, it is advisable to watch the details of the color on the box — not the image. Therefore, you know that what kind of color you will get as a result.

After having bought the color, simply test it on a few strands.

In the event the test results in a color that you wished for, you can apply it to your hair.

Never ever wash your hair right after you color, at least wait around a whole day after you put it on.

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