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“Dear Jon,

Currently i live outside Scotland and UK..and may come back to Scotland after 3-4 years. I defaulted few bills like credit card and bank overdraft and few online shopping websites where i had purchased some electronics. Now I wish to apply a police clearance certificate. Will it be a problem in obtaining it?

I lived in Scotland for almost 5 years and was never a defaulter and paid all the bills promptly. Due to change in immigration rules I couldn’t renew my work permit and didn’t want to overstay my visa, so i had to return to my home country within a week. By that time an overdraft of 1200 was pending and also credit card bill of 300. Also I had purchased few stuff over online shopping and was paying installments but due to change in circumstance I left all the bills as I had only a weeks time and returned to my home country and i couldn’t settle all of them. Now I wish to apply Police clearance certificate from UK will it be a problem now. Please advice



I am assuming this police clearance certificate is for the UK?

How long have you been outside of the UK?

Have you had any contact with those that you owe, and how much in total was it you owed?

Are you looking to return to England or Scotland?

Do you require a Visa to return?

Sorry for all the questions, but it may have some bearing on your situation.

To my knowledge and experience, owing a debt or having outstanding accounts in itself in the UK does not interfere with a police certificate in the UK, which in England were called CRB’s but are now called a DBS/Disclosure and Barring Service. Unpaid bills does not affect these unless a crime has been committed. Owing money, unless through fraud or other criminal activity, is not a crime.

You may find, depending on how long you have been outside the UK, this more of an issue, and what country you are now residing in. Some disclosures want a full residence history and being outside the UK or EU can make this difficult.

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Let me know, and the company sponsoring you to move here, and also who is doing the clearance check should also have more information as well.



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