Strategic Financial Solutions and Ryan Sasson Stumble and Get Pounded

man holding a megaphone

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and seven state attorneys general sued Strategic Financial Solutions (SFS) and its web of shell companies for running an illegal debt-relief enterprise. The CFPB and state attorneys general also sued the chief architects of the illegal enterprise, Ryan Sasson and Jason Blust. The CFPB and attorneys general allege the …

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These Emotions Stop You From Getting Out of Debt

Chapters 0:00:01 Introducing the Get Out of Deck Guy team 0:00:33 The Range of Emotions Caused by Debt 0:02:25 A Lively Discussion on Extravagant Spending 0:02:42 Women considering unconventional ways to pay off debt 0:07:06 Seeking advice outside of immediate circle of friends 0:10:13 Emotional Attachment to a Beloved Pet 0:12:39 The Impact of Depression …

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16 Common Myths About Getting Out of Debt That Everyone Gets Wrong

Get Out of Debt Guy Podcast - Steve Rhode

Introduction to 16 Common Myths about Getting Out of Debt [0:00] Hey, you’re back with the Get Out of Debt Guy show. I’m the old Get Out of Debt Guy, Steve Rode, and with me is the new Get Out of Debt Guy, Damon Day. Hey, Damon. Hey, Steve. Today, we’re going to be talking …

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Lexington Law Credit Repair Gets Hammered in Lawsuit Settlement. If You Sell Credit Repair – Wake Up!

Bank of America Botched Unemployment Payments During Pandemic

Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Lexington Law, the largest credit repair operation in the United States, entered into a Stipulated Final Judgement and Order the Court must approve. I would be surprised if they didn’t. I’m going to bold what I think are the most important revelations. The proposed order says, “Plaintiff Bureau …

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Second Chance Debt Relief Advocate – Consumer Complaint – August 14, 2023

Consumer Statement: Second Chance debt advocate service at least that’s what they represented them to me as and I hadn’t read your formum unfortunately. They claim to be a debt consolidating advocates dealing with predatory lenders and payday loan type companies they assured me that they could help me with a payday loan with an …

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Consumer Debt Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – August 1, 2023

Consumer Statement: Consumer Debt Legal Group took my money for 12 months. When I called to ask if I could make a partial payment, I was told they were canceling my account unless I could pay the full monthly amount. They canceled my account the next day and told me that because they had done …

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People That Got Scammed by Robocall Debt Relief Company Life Management Services of Orange County to Get Money Back

The Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General are sending refunds totaling more than $540,000 to consumers nationwide who were defrauded by Life Management Services of Orange County, LLC, and related companies who tricked them into paying for worthless credit card interest rate reduction and debt elimination programs. The average check amount is $117. The FTC is …

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