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16 thoughts on “Ask a Question – Get Personal Debt Help from the Get Out of Debt Guy”

  1. That’s up to Sears if they want to report it or not. They don’t have to. Better to be the primary card hold of a major credit card than an authorized user of a store card.

  2. i have 44,000.00 in credit card debt!! i am looking in to rescue one lending my main concern is how will this look on my credit in the future? i was also told to quit paying my bills to the credit card companies and i worry they will come after me i have never paid a bill late in my life!!

  3. Steve: I live in OH and in this state CashnetUSA is operating as a Customer Service Organization through their online payday lending service. They have charged me over $3000 in roll over fees to ‘renew’ loans, and claim that none of this money can go towards paying the lender because they aren’t the lender. They also make ACH as a condition of their services. I feel they are somehow breaking the law or misusing their CSO status. Now they claim they have ‘bought’ the defaulted loan from the lender and are trying to collect on it as the debt collector. I was under the impression that this is not how a CSO should operate. Any thoughts on this.

  4. These people never learn. I got a call from some guy named ‘Steve Adams’ who said he had papers on me and if I didn’t call 1-855-565-3760 to speak with someone immediately he was going to show up at my door or my place of work tomorrow. Oh boy can’t wait to have him arrested.

  5. Hi,
    I lost my job in 2010 and had a home that was foreclosed in 2012. I had a 2nd mortgage with a balance of 56k. This value was reported to my credit report as charged off. A collection agency (Apelles) has contacted me stating I owe 71K. What should I do about this? Should I offer to settle this for 3-5% of the 56k?

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