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  • I am currently paying $42,000 in student loans on the standard repayment plan. My monthly payment is more than a vehicle payment and I am drowning under the financial strain. What are my options? There are 13 different loans listed under my name with varying interest rates! This is not what I thought I was getting.

  • I am currently paying on $42,000 of student loans and I am trying to sort out my options. I am not clear on how my loans are grouped and how the interest rates can vary so much. 13 different loans. My monthly payment is more than a vehicle payment! I am on the standard repayment plan. I am drowning with this debt.

  • I have a student loan from way back in like 1987 or 1988 that started out at like $3500 to $5000 not exactly sure how much. It got consolidated & I really tried to pay it off when I could. Life happened, way too long story. I was in a car accident in 2005 & haven’t worked since. Can’t get disability cause I can’t afford to go to the doctor to get documented papers to get loans wiped off. My loans have been sold to so many companies over the years & I recently got a letter from a collection agency stating I know owe just below $25K on this loan. There is no way I can ever pay this. It doesn’t seem to effect me as far as renting apartments, getting cellphone services, cable, etc. Is there any solution as to what I can do to make this go away? If they didn’t charge so much interest & I owed maybe a max of say $7K, I can work someway to pay that but I refuse to pay almost $25K & I never even got to finish school to get my degree.

  • I have a debt from 1 bank and now I have 3 different collection coming after me all with the same account number and price except they all have different last letters after the – on the accounts. I contacted all 3 and its from the same bank. What could I do to fix this problem.

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