I Got a H-118 Mortgage Litigation Mailer From Consolidated Litigation Group. What Should I Do? – Kimberly

“Dear Andy, I received this Litigation Notification Final Notice (only one rec’d) ID#HCV-0421. Litigation Settlement vs Sierra Pacific Mtg. Co. Funded FHA loan 11/2009 sold to Wells Fargo 10/2010. The other party on this loan has vacated this property. I can no longer make the payment with only my income. I stopped making a payment … Read more

We Tried to Sell Our House With a Short Sale But It Never Sold. Should We Let it Go to Foreclosure? – JoAnn

“Dear Andy, We have been in a bad mortgage for 7 years now where you only pay part of the interest and the rest gets tacked onto the principal well, we took the loan out for 347,000 but now owe 460,000. which the house isn’t even worth. For 4 years now we have been trying … Read more

Should We Sell Our Home or Rent It Out? – Tobe

“Dear Andy, Our house recently appraised for $200K, we owe $225K, our rate is adjustable but only 3% right now (adjusts again yearly, maximum 2% increase annually). We’re likely to move in the next few months, but think we should hang on to this house and rent it out for a while (we have some … Read more

I’m Tired of the Stress of Living Under the Financial Pressure. I Want to Live Below Our Means. – Janece

“Dear Andy, We moved to GA a year ago. I hae a job but hubby had a hard time finding work. We got a great deal on a home but were at the cap of what we could afford. The kids have finally settled in to school and love the home and kids in the … Read more

We’ve Been Fighting with Bank of America for a Loan Modification. Do We Need to Hire a Loan Modification Company. – Mike

“Dear Andy, Really to long to type here. Been in a battle to keep our home for the last 16 months against Bank of American. Last month won a court dismissal for the foreclosure and am now trying to get the loan modification. Was denied for the hemp due to being told they didn’t receive … Read more

Left a Good Paying Job to Follow My Dream. Now Laid Off and Facing Foreclosure.

“Dear Andy, Left good paying job, Manager Financial AD Hoc Reporting, Harvard Univ. 2006 followed dream worked as an Animal Control Officer and then lost job to “regionalization” of the position in 2/2009. In 6/2009 my daughter entered a partial hospitalization program for her mental issues. She was home-bound for 18 months and is now … Read more

Residential Law Center in San Diego Says They Can Reduce My Rate to 2%

“Dear Andy, Physical and financial situation has prevented me from making mortgage payments. My wife had a stroke which left her with Aphasia and apracxia. She’s also partially disabled on the left side of her body. A representative from Residential Law Center in San Diego CA has advised me that his firm may be able … Read more

I Was Thinking of Using the Steve Mader Law Firm to Try and Save My House From Foreclosure. – Shawn

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I’m Currently in a Wachovia Pick-A-Payment Mortgage With Payments Increasing. – Teri

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Should I Hire All State Law Group to Modify My Bank of America Mortgage? – Charles

“Dear Andy, Tried twice to to get a modification with BOA with no success,have ask a law firm to help, but cant find any info on the firm Should I retain this law firm from calif. THEY WHAT THREE PAYMENTS ONE TO START, THEN ONE IN THE MIDDLE AND THE REST AT THE END. 1500-1000-500. … Read more

I’m Underwater With My Mortgage. Household Refuses to Help Me Modify My Loan. What Do I Do? – Robert

“Dear Andy, Underwater Mortgage Household Finance (Beneficial) conventional mortgage taken out four years ago with current balance of $114,000.00 with a value $72,000.00 Household refuse to modify, refinance or reduce interest rate. Current FICO 690 anticipate higher after paying down two credit cards. No late payments, bankruptcy or collection. Interest rate 9.5% has not been … Read more