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Siringoringo Law Firm – Consumer Complaint – June 30, 2013

customer service feedback

Consumer Statement: My husband and myself heard of this law firm who helps people out in their mortgage well we were one of them. So we called this place set up an appointment. We had heard good things about this place and along with the advertiseing on KFI we thought why not……..well needless to say from all the stories I ... Read More »

    Cronauer Law Center – Consumer Complaint – June 14, 2013

    customer service feedback

    Consumer Statement: cronauer law center took 1097.00 may 2012 for a loan modification and did nothing. I went into foreclosure and they will not return my money. Consumer Action Taken: Hundreds of phone calls to the cronauer law center (David Arellanez) Begging him to give me back my money. 800-929-3004 800-516-6110 888-822-7422 888-836-6442 Date This Problem Happened: June 14, 2012 ... Read More »

      Money Gaga UK – Consumer Complaint – June 13, 2013

      customer service feedback

      Consumer Statement: i was applying for a payday loan on the 11/06/13 i was not aware of any brokers fees etc, i hot a call from my bank on 12/06/13, fraud had been detected as this was an un usual transaction that had taken £34.16 and never recieved a payday loan!!!! i went onto the website to contact them ... Read More »

        I’m Living on SSD and Bill Collectors Call All the Time. – Barbara

        monster under bed

        A few years ago, I became quite ill and lost my house and car (owe $9K) as well as defaulted on unsecured loan ($12K), telephone bills (under $200) and 2 credit cards (1500). I have one judgment for approx $900 and numerous medical bills. I am now on Social Security Disability and don’t think I’ll be able to return to ... Read More »

          We Are Getting Further Into Debt and Not Sure What to Do. – Karen


          Married, with two small children. We are both over 40 with about $75 k credit card debt. Both employed FT. My husband and I both have a large amount of credit card debt…. I have $40k and he has $35k. We can make our minimum payments and we are not behind, but we have no left over money at the ... Read More »

            I Am Barely Scooting By Paying My Bills. – Carla

            time bomb

            I owe just under $22,000 in credit card debt. This consists of several cards ranging from $5000 down to $600. I am one month past due on my first mortgage and several months past due on the 2nd (which is an equity line of credit) Right now they are reviewing for modification of the second. The first mortgage modification has ... Read More »

              Pacific Debt – Consumer Complaint – June 8, 2013

              customer service feedback

              Consumer Statement: Pacific Debt inc, took appoximately 3000.00 from me promised they could help with a credit card debt i had, they never did accomplish this for me, i asked for my money back they set up in an account with Crossroads financial technologies, they kept all the money i was supposed to have access to this account which i ... Read More »

                CashNetUSA – Consumer Complaint – June 7, 2013

                customer service feedback

                Consumer Statement: threaten to come to job to arrest me, he wanted to speak with my supervisor about debtm he cursed at me said he did not give _____ about me having an attorney, called 20 times on my work number and he was very nasty. Consumer Action Taken: contact my attorney and ftc and you guys Date This Problem ... Read More »

                  Accredited Law Group – Consumer Complaint – June 5, 2013

                  customer service feedback

                  Consumer Statement: Accredited Law Group in Irvine, CA solicited to us in FL about a loan modification. They charged us $3500 and said that the process should only take a couple of months. We paid them on 5/31/12 and they got nothing done, but kept sending us emails to resend our updated information or we would be in noncompliance. We ... Read More »

                    Elite Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – June 4, 2013

                    customer service feedback

                    Consumer Statement: I hired Elite Legal Group in January 2012 after receiving information in the mail from them. My condo was “under water” and I wanted to get some sort of re-finance or lower payments worked out (new HARP program started) with Seterus. First contact was Denise Williams then turned over Tim Depies (Compliance officer) to send the retainer. I ... Read More »

                      My Student Loan Payments Almost Equal My Income. What Can I Do? – Alex


                      27 year old with $200,000 in student loan debt and I really have no idea what to do about it. I make around $25,000 a year and as of right now I pay $32 a month towards my federal loans which total about $48,000. The rest is in private and I make no payment on them since I can not ... Read More »

                        Home Owners Advocacy Group / The Resolution Law Group – Consumer Complaint –

                        customer service feedback

                        Consumer Statement: THE RESOLUTION LAW GROUP out of Ct promised that by paying $6,000.00 to be added onto their lawsuit as a named plaintiff, this would stop my foreclosure. They sent me this link to show the suit was infact real. Rafael Quesada never told me that on top of the $6,000.00 I would also be paying $350.00 a month, ... Read More »

                          Stores Online – Consumer Complaint – May 19, 2013

                          customer service feedback

                          Consumer Statement: Attended a seminar held by an outfit called Stores Online, Inc. (SOL) out of Utah. At the seminar the man had us write many things one being: Reasons to Get Into This Business: Item 3 – We will guarantee you that we will aide you in advertising your website and teach you how to utilize our marketing tools. ... Read More »

                            The Johnson Law Group – Consumer Complaint – May 14, 2013

                            customer service feedback

                            Consumer Statement: I am one of the many clients that Johnson Law Group of Florida, which has had moneys held by the law firm an I cannot get this money back to pay the creditors that I owe moneys to. They are now holding $4,597.35 Consumer Action Taken: I have received letters indicating that they no longer practice in Florida. ... Read More »

                              CLS Mortgage – Consumer Complaint – May 10, 2013

                              customer service feedback

                              Consumer Statement: CLS Mortgage are brokers who told me that they had a “private lender” to fund a commercial loan request. They charged me $9,500. upfront to do underwriting, legal, and whatever else needed to take place. After the fee was paid CLS Morgage went in the dark, they did not respond to emails or calls for a week, then ... Read More »

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