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Olive Tree Financial – Anna Peterman – Consumer Complaint – February 15, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 8.26.24 AM

Consumer Statement: A financial company got in touch with me and stated that they could help me with a loan. After filling out the paperwork, I then received the call that because of my credit rating, I needed to send in $835 by western union to an agent in New York, New York. Then she sent me some more paperwork ... Read More »

    Credit Alliance Group – Consumer Complaint – February 14, 2013

    customer service feedback

    Consumer Statement: In June of 2009 I received a call from a debt relief company (Credit Alliance Group). I taked to a woman named Isabella and later signed an electronic contract with this company. I was to make 48 monthly payments of $630.80 into this program to relieve my credit card debt. I made 41 monthly payments to this company ... Read More »

      Prudent Law Group – Consumer Complaint – February 14, 2013

      customer service feedback

      Consumer Statement: I feel I was scammed by the Prudent Law Group. A letter was sent to my home saying that they can help me get a loan modification and interest adjustent on my home and this was not true. I originally spoke to Matt Hay in March 2012 and he walked me through the process and said that I ... Read More »

        Newport Mortgage Relief / New Port Mortgage Relief – Consumer Complaint – February 13, 2013

        customer service feedback

        Consumer Statement: I received an unsolicited phone call from Newport Mortgage Relief which included an immense amount of pressure to modify my loan. They went over the finances and told me I would qualify for the modification. After much ado documents were finally sent off. I have been working with [email protected] trying to do a loan modification. After receiving a ... Read More »

          I’m Living on Disability. Can My Creditors Take Me to Court? – Deb

          closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

          I am a single woman only living on 700 dollars a month with credit cards if I dont paid these can the creditors take me to court can creditors take you to court if you on disablity? Deb This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question ... Read More »

            Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – February 12, 2013

            customer service feedback

            Consumer Statement: I received a letter from Universal Fidelity LP, a collection agency supposedly hired by the legal successor of Hollywood Video. It states that I owe $9.58 from a rental on 4/28/09. I was immediately suspicious of the letter and went on line. At least two other people have complained to you about this company and one of the ... Read More »

              Merrywood Loan Explorer UK – Consumer Complaint – February 11, 2013

              customer service feedback

              Consumer Statement: I applied for a loan and was under the impression that i had been accepted and add my details to proceed with the loan but the next page was thank you for your payment i never agreed for any company to take a payment it was deception what they done i was tricked by a British company not ... Read More »

                USA Payday Loan – Consumer Complaint – February 9, 2013

                customer service feedback

                Consumer Statement: On Thursday, February 7, 2013, I was applying for PayDay loans online. I connected with several, but did not secure a loan. During the course of my search, I received an inbound call from the phone number (872)588-4088. The gentleman on the line said he was calling from USA PayDay Loan in response to my online applicaton for ... Read More »

                  Credit Advocates – Consumer Complaint – February 8, 2013

                  customer service feedback

                  Consumer Statement: These are the same people who owned The mortgage law group, LHDR Legal Helpers and Consumer First legal Group!!!!!!!!!! Company is being run by Lawrence T Chon Mike Ross and Gloria Riojas They approached me to come work for them and I said hell no. Lawrence personal attacked employees when I worked there over religion and sexuality. funny ... Read More »

                    Innovative Wealth Builders – Consumer Complaint – February 7, 2013

                    customer service feedback

                    Consumer Statement: I recieved a phone call from innovative wealth builders a couple days before Christmas stating how I can save 5,000 off the 10,000 I currently owe.I thought it sounded good since Christmas was coming up and I knew I was going to rack up a high credit card bill and listened to the man speaking to me (Bill ... Read More »

                      Modification Review Board – Consumer Complaint – February 7, 2013

                      customer service feedback

                      Consumer Statement: MODIFICATION REVIEW BOARD IN SANDY IS A SCAM!!!! Watch out!!!! Modification Review Board in Sandy Utah promised to modify my mortgage. They sent me an “official” looking government letter that misled me to believe that they were the Hardest Hit fund in my state and that they wanted to help me. When I called them they were NOT ... Read More »

                        Credit Alliance Group – Consumer Complaint – February 5, 2013

                        customer service feedback

                        Consumer Statement: Credit alliance group promised to get me out of debt by June 2013 so in June of 2010 I signed an agreement with them. Since that time I have had 12,000.00 stolen from me and zero of my credit balances paid off by them. They will not answer phone calls nor return emails regarding my acct. Please help ... Read More »

                          Litigation Law Group – Consumer Complaint – February 4. 2013

                          customer service feedback

                          Consumer Statement: January 22, 2013 Litigation Law Group 505 S. Villa Real Dr St. 100 Anaheim CA 92807 ATTN: Chris – REFUND DEPARTMENT RE: Modification on Loan [ ] & [ ] Dear Chris: We are very unhappy and disappointed in Litigation Law Group for not being successful with getting a modification of our home mortgage as is documented and ... Read More »

                            National Debt Resolution – Consumer Complaint – February 4, 2013

                            customer service feedback

                            Consumer Statement: National debt resolution! They took thousands of dollars from my bank account and paid off one credit card!! Then they would random call and leave a number that no one would answer not even a message. Finally I started getting letter from debt collectors. They still would not answer,my cc bills doubled and tripled but they never would ... Read More »

                              Good Shepherd / Trinity Financial – Consumer Complaint – February 1, 2013

                              customer service feedback

                              Consumer Statement: In January of 2010, My Husband and Mother and I went into a debt management plan with Good Shepherd/Trinity Financial. We were advised that they would settle $56,700 of debt in approximately 3 years. We paid $824.00 a month for 2 and a half years totaling $24,720.00. Only 4 of the 12 accounts were settled. The last date ... Read More »

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