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Green Leaf Finance Ltd UK – Consumer Complaint – December 3, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 2.03.56 PM

Consumer Statement: i was upset by the scam as i am on a bursery from collage and only recieving £58 a month and the company had stolen £49.99 out of my bank acount and leaving me with £8 to live on for the month. when i was completing this form it has asked for my age and to complete the ... Read More »

    Key One Solutions – Consumer Complaint – November 28, 2012

    Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 4.11.59 PM

    Consumer Statement: I was told that Key One Solutions would refund my money if they were unable to help me. In March, 2012, they took $998 from my credit card, assuring me that they could help lower my bills. In August, they determined that they could not help me and after a couple of conversations, told me they would reimburse ... Read More »

      Universal Marketing & Training – Consumer Complaint – November 28, 2012

      Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 4.05.03 PM

      Consumer Statement: Christopher Brugada and Sheri Linney (Director of Recruiting) from Unlimited Training Services contacted me in July 2012 and convinced me to invest $490.00 to start up a merchant services business and become an agent working for them. Sheri asked me how fast I wanted to get started and I told her immediately. I am unemployed so I was ... Read More »

        Real Estate Law Center – Consumer Complaint – November 28, 2012

        Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 12.22.32 PM

        Consumer Statement: The Real Estate Law Center is a scam. They try to get outside brokers or real estate professionals to send them business. They promise to pay there outside people but end up keeping the money . They also take on any clients even if they are not in foreclosure trouble. They look for anyone who has money to ... Read More »

          Realty Law Center / Weiner Law Center – Consumer Complaint – November 28, 2012

          Ready to Collapse

          Consumer Statement: Good day..I was scamed out of $3,000 that I hired to save my home from going into Forecloser by Realty Law in CA. iTS BEEN CLOSE TO A YR. NOW AND MY HOME IS IN FORECLOSER..THESE PEOPLE DID NOTHING! EVERYTIME I CALLED I COULD NEVER GET ANYBODY TO ANSWER,,OR THE PHONE#S WERE NO LONGER IN SERVICE..I HAVE COPIES ... Read More »

            United Employee Benefits Group – Consumer Complaint – November 27, 2012

            Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 12.06.52 PM

            Consumer Statement: The company claimed to be able to get a mortgage loan modification for us. After more thana year the mortgage company served us with Foreclosure papers indicating that the company didn’t do anything for us. Consumer Action Taken: I have sent emails to the company asking for a total refund of monies sent to them and they have ... Read More »

              What is the Bank of America or Advanta Credit Card Settlement Address? – Bobby

              Ready to Collapse

              Can anyone tell me credit card settlement mailing address’ to inquire or offer a settlement by mail instead of calling by phone to Bank of America, or Advanta, ? Bobby This is your chance to be a hero and help out this person by providing your feedback and answer to the question in the comments section below. Read More »

                Cronauer Law Center – Consumer Complaint – November 26, 2012

                Ready to Collapse

                Consumer Statement: Cronauer Law Center told us they could help us with our loan modification . We were not very behind in our payments but our circumstances changed and we were not in the same financial situation. They told us we were accepted about 2 months into the deal. The guy we were working with, “Brian Moore.” He was no ... Read More »

                  Freedom Financial Law, Christian Debt Law, Dominic DeSandro, Lisa Bell – Consumer Complaint – November 26, 2012

                  Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 3.52.50 PM

                  Consumer Statement: I completed the debt negotiation plan with Freedom Financial Law aka Christian Debt Law, and have an unused balance of $3548.98 that I have been asking to be returned to me since October 16, 2012. The telephone and fax numbers for their Colorado office are disconnected. The only person, Lisa Bell, who would respond is supposedly leaving the ... Read More »

                    Leading Debt Arbitrators – Consumer Complaint – November 26, 2012

                    Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 3.42.38 PM

                    Consumer Statement: Enrolled with Leading Debt Arbitrators November 2011. After many many time delays and redundant paperwork, I sought counselling elsewhere. They did provide a form that stated I was cancelling their services and they would send me a small refund, which I signed and submitted in June 2012. They received many payments from me and the refund they were ... Read More »

                      Universal Marketing & Training – Consumer Complaint – November 21, 2012

                      Screen Shot 2012-11-21 at 4.42.21 PM

                      Consumer Statement: I was looking for work and received a call from Universal Marketing & Training about a business to work from home on either a part or full-time basis. I told them I was not interested at the time. They called back and by that time I was working but looking for something part time because of having to ... Read More »

                        American Web Loan – Consumer Complaint – November 20, 2012

                        Ready to Collapse

                        Consumer Statement: I had a death in my family and had just returned from visiting my parents in April, i then had to go back because my father had passed away. i was financial not able to do so, but, in my email i remember an ad from American Web loan I applied and received numerous phone calls from different ... Read More »

                          Royal Corp – Consumer Complaint – November 19, 2012

                          Ready to Collapse

                          Consumer Statement: I was scammed by a “Save Your Home” company called Royal Corp.They had agood line and were pretty convincing. They work with a paralegal firm who do most of the work for them called Paralegal Now, Royal Corp takes the money from people, they got 1500 from me. They told me wrong info. re:when I hafd to file ... Read More »

                            Victor Cheng – Consumer Complaint – November 19, 2012

                            Ready to Collapse

                            Consumer Statement: Property scam deed fraud By previous owner victor cheng being helped by June Reyno Please read this big scam by June reyno and Victor & Anita cheng previous owners of my home that were foreclosed on I bought the property in 5-2011 with title insurance from a investment company throu stewert title , escrow and a realtor DA ... Read More »

                              Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – November 19, 2012

                              Ready to Collapse

                              Consumer Statement: I was sent a letter on 11/16/2012 by Universal Fidelity, LP claiming that my wife owes them $9.58 for a movie we rented on 05/10/2009. Are these guys serious with this claim? I went to the website but it asks you to validate a bunch of details. Consumer Action Taken: You have no means to resolve unless you ... Read More »

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