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NSLAC – Consumer Review – November 30, 2015


Company Name: NSLAC Describe the Service You Received: The service I received was Awful. I have been calling this company since March 6,2015 and I sent a audit form via fax three times, and left several messages on the Supervisor Ingrid voicemail to my dismay my calls faxes and emails go unanswered. I was told on March 2,2015 by Bridgette ... Read More »

    National Secure Processing – Consumer Complaint – October 27, 2015

    customer service feedback

    Consumer Statement: I filed for a loan consolidation with Nelnet in September of 2014. Payments of $44.08 have been held out of my account for the past year but I just recently found out the payments were not held out by Nelnet. They are being held out by a company called National Secure Processing. I have done some investigating and ... Read More »

      Jacob, Johnson & Associates – Consumer Complaint – October 19, 2015

      customer service feedback

      Consumer Statement: I received a phone call on October 15, 2015 If I was T**** when I said yes she asked if I was going to be home the next day from 9-4 because I was going to be served court papers and needed to sign for them. I told her I would not be home. I knew other family ... Read More »

        Jacob Johnson & Associates – Consumer Complaint – October 16, 2015

        customer service feedback

        Consumer Statement: Received a phone call from 1-213-217-9999 to call another number (1-844-422-3693) with a case number (2015-341788C). Once I called this number they said I had a payday loan that I used a bad check to pay on through Personal Cash Advance in November 2013. This Jacob Johnson and Associates had all my personal information (D.O.B., Soc. #, Old ... Read More »

          Consumer Protection Counsel – Consumer Complaint – October 9, 2015

          customer service feedback

          Consumer Statement: Joined a program called Consumer Protection Counsel back in June/2014. Which now I believe is doing nothing for me. They claimed that they would help me resolve my debt issues. They were charging me 374.00 monthly. On October 2nd a hold from the court placed a levy on my bank account since the I have been able to ... Read More »

            Strategic Debt Solutions – Consumer Complaint – October 9, 2015

            customer service feedback

            Consumer Statement: The way i am scammed is that [email address] stated that with my student loans will go away in 3years because i am making payment each month from my checking account in the amount of $49.99 and I have been paying this for 1year and I don’t know how many months, but when I called the U.S.Dept. Of ... Read More »

              Account Financial Solutions / Account Financial Mediation Legal Services – Consumer Complaint – October 6, 2015

              customer service feedback

              Consumer Statement: These folks are contacting me on a debt of 2008 in which I had not been contacted and I thought was charged off. they said they made a deal with them but I told them I have no bank accounts and I only have cash and I could send them a money order. they said they don’t take ... Read More »

                Advantage Student Loan Consolidation – Consumer Complaint – September 15, 2015

                customer service feedback

                Consumer Statement: I was contacted by Advantage Student Loan Consolidation through the mail. I received a card saying how they could help me lower my loan payments and eliminate my debt after 10 years. I called them and spoke to someone by the name of Michael Gear. He told me the process would take about 45 to 60 days to ... Read More »

                  Pearl Capital – Consumer Complaint – August 31, 2015

                  customer service feedback

                  Consumer Statement: Pearl Capital, LLC contacted me at my business offering to buy my credit card receivables from my business that did not even exist yet. They sent me a bunch of forms and one was a “confession of judgment” and they froze my personal accounts. Consumer Action Taken: I asked if they would release my accounts and they said ... Read More »

                    Cornerstone Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – August 28, 2015

                    customer service feedback

                    Consumer Statement: I called Cornerstone LLC in Tumric Fla. they said they could help my credit. They told me not to pay three bills I was concerned about. They would get enough monies from me to negotiat a pay off. I agreed to give them 306.00 per month. I stopped payment on those companies, so they could not get money ... Read More »

                      Millennium Sales – Consumer Complaint – August 21, 2015

                      customer service feedback

                      Consumer Statement: After moving to a new area a Millennium Sales salesman came to the door selling books and magazine subscriptions for charity. Much to my embarrassment I fell for the scam, I bought a children’s book from him and gave him a check made out to Millennium Sales Inc. Not only was my check cashed and no book delivered ... Read More »

                        Cardpool – Consumer Complaint – August 13, 2015

                        customer service feedback

                        Consumer Statement: I ordered a gift card for online says they deliver within 24 hours. Well they did not had to verify me so they did and then sent a email with the code went online to place my order with lowes and guess what the code does not work. I have emailed, I have called I have gone on ... Read More »

                          Student Loan Aid – Consumer Complaint – July 31, 2015

                          customer service feedback

                          Consumer Statement: Processing Services,LLC Office: (818) 208-6969 4931 Birch Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660 http://www.processingservices.org This company is not a legitimate student loan forgiveness resource. This company is praying on uninformed post grads working in non-profits claiming they can consolidate their loans and provide them with the lowest monthly payment possible to clear their debt. Personally, this company contacted me ... Read More »

                            Financial Rescue – Consumer Complaint – July 27, 2015

                            customer service feedback

                            Consumer Statement: I was enrolled into Success Link Processing via Financial Rescue LLC on December 2013. I was told by my friend about the owner Rod Mercado from The Filipino Channel talking about his services so she called and enrolled with them. I was already enrolled at CCCS, when she told me to get out of that program and move ... Read More »

                              Student Loan Services – Consumer Complaint – July 15, 2015

                              customer service feedback

                              Consumer Statement: I HAVE HAD it with ” the student loan program” they continuously call me alllllllll day and evening long, calling from a 1-872-221-6879 number and other numbers as well, if you call the number back you can press 0 to talk to someone however it gives you an option to press somthing else for other concerns or to ... Read More »

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