Burlington Financial Group – Consumer Complaint – March 20, 2020

Consumer Statement: I was mislead as to what services were being delivered. Burlington has me believing that my debt was being handled over the course of several months, and thousands of dollars. In the end I canceled all services after at least 4 different case managers were assigned to my file. Consumer Action Taken: I … Read more

Law Offices of Harris & Zide – Consumer Complaint – March 3, 2020

Consumer Statement: Junk debt collection from alleged 2003 At&t cellphone bill, that I owe 9k so they filed judgment and wiped my bank account to -$700. Alleged debt from over a decade for 9k really? I have At&t service you would think I’d be red flagged owing 9k. Give me my money back Harris Zide … Read more

Beling & Associates – Consumer Complaint – 1-29-2020

Consumer Statement: I paid money to Beling & Associates to litigate or otherwise resolve consumer rights violations as they pertained to my student loans. After paying thousands of dollars, the majority of the loans were not litigated or otherwise resolved, I have had a complaint filed against me by the creditor on two of the … Read more

Thomas Joseph Lynch – Consumer Complaint – January 14, 2020

Consumer Statement: THOMAS JOSEPH LYNCH AT IT AGAIN SCAMMER Consumer Action Taken: LYNCH WAS ARRESTED BY THE SECRET SERVICE AND NEW CHARGES FROM ORANGE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY REPEATED CRIMINAL SCAMMER Date This Problem Happened: January 1, 2020 State You Live in: CA Race/Ethnicity: Age Range: 21-35 Total Amount of Fee Paid: Company Name: Consumer Finance … Read more

Precision Documents – Consumer Complaint – December 5, 2019

Consumer Statement: On November 2015 my wife and myself Hired Precision Documents to assist us on our financial crisis. At the time we had two outstanding School loans with Wells Fargo Bank, totaling approximately $13,390.00 in which Precision Documents had agreed to assist us in paying them off. Approximately on or before June 2018 we … Read more

Reedhein & Associates / Timeshare Exit Team – Consumer Complaint – November 21, 2019

Consumer Statement: In 2018, we signed on with a timeshare in Cabo, Mexico. Realizing it was a bad deal, I met with Reedhein & Associates (also known as the Timeshare Exit Team) and signed on with them in April 2018 after they agreed to work on my behalf in securing my exit from the timeshare. … Read more

UniteDebt / United Debt Reduction – Consumer Complaint – November 21, 2019

Consumer Statement: I was enrolled in United debt reduction since May 2019, they been taking my money out $429 for 6 months. Trying to call them no one answer always voice mail. Leave msg nothing happen. Email, call and certified mail no one pick up the mail or respond back. Consumer Action Taken: Can’t no … Read more