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Jennifer Thompson – Consumer Complaint – 7-25-2012

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Consumer Statement: I was selling a mattress for 200 dollars. A person named Jennifer Thompson replied saying she is interested. She said she will send money via Fedex and take care of the shipping and moving charges. After few days, I got a huge check of 3200 dollars. I emailed asking why the check is so high and he/she responded ... Read More »

    Do I Have to Pay Universal Fidelity Collection Agency for an Old Bill? – Alvin

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    I received a bill from Universal Fidelity Collection Agency for $4022 on 7/21/12. Fidelity is trying to collect for Aureon Lab services on 7/23/10, 7/23/10, and 9/27/10 just prior to and after to my Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer on 9/1/10. Aureon labs went out of business on 10/12/11. I called my Medical Clinic and they indicated that no claims from ... Read More »

      Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 7-25-2012

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      Consumer Statement: I recieved a invoice from Universal Fidelity Lp stating that I owe $2271.00 for a test that was requested by my doctor. I never had any test of this nature requested or performed by any lab called ” Aureon Labs” . I know this is a SCAM. Consumer Action Taken: I recieved a invoice from Universal Fidelity Lp ... Read More »

        Can I Discharge State and Federal Income Taxes In Bankruptcy? – Janet

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        I have been self employed for over twenty years and I owe a substantial amount of federal and state income taxes..I cant foresee ever paying it off and I wanted to know if these debts are forgiven in bankruptcy Can I file for bankruptcy for a fresh start or is there any other options? Janet This is your chance to ... Read More »

          National Student Loan Solutions – Nationwide Processing Center – Consumer Complaint – 7-24-2012

          Nationwide Processing Center | We make it easy!

          Consumer Statement: National Student Loan Solutions DBA Nationwide Processing Center took $995.00 of my money and did not consolidate or lower the payment on my loans. Consumer Action Taken: I contacted Hugh Adams and the other manager and he did nothing to resolve the matter. Date This Problem Happened: July 10, 2012 State You Live in: Massachusetts Race/Ethnicity: Black or ... Read More »

            I Traded Trucks Back and Forth With My Father. How Will That Impact My Bankruptcy?

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            We have decided to file Chapter 7 because we are not getting anywhere paying off our credit cards and our auto loan is high interest as well and can’t find anyone to refinance it to get relief on monthly payments. My lawyer consultation is on Saturday and I wanted to ask your opinion of something on bankruptcy. My question is ... Read More »

              How Can I Cancel My Contract With Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Linda

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              Signed up with Legal Helpers two years ago. Have not received anything in writing letting me know which companies have been paid off even though I’ve requested information by phone and e-mail. They have given verbal answers but not when debt was paid off, how much the settlement was, etc. They gave me a website to go to for this ... Read More »

                I Paid Off My Car With My Credit Union But They Won’t Give Me the Title. – Linda

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                I paid off my car with the credit union they are holding my car title for Visa card payment. The Visa has been turned over to collection agency. For years I have not been able to get my title. I called up the credit union and asked about the title. They sent me a letter on their letterhead releasing the ... Read More »

                  Gordon & Wong Law Group PC – Consumer Complaint – 7-23-2012

                  Screen Shot 2012-07-23 at 1.34.25 PM

                  Consumer Statement: Neither bill collector, Gordon & Wong PC of Walnut Creek California, or Asset Acceptance, LLC of Warren Michigan, will respond to my offer to settle a debt. In the mean time, (by order of the Superior Court of California, Marin Courthouse) the debt continues to grow by $5 a day, Consumer Action Taken: I have written both collection ... Read More »

                    1st United Financial Consultant – Consumer Complaint – 7-23-2012

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                    Consumer Statement: received call from 1st united financial consulant senior financial consulant Steve Scharf: told me he could get my moratage payments modified,by getting the interest rate lowered,and getting total amount reduced. lead me to believe this was a new program set up by the goverment.we talked on the phone about the program and he also sent me e-mails of ... Read More »

                      United Mortgage Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 7-18-2012

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                        ARM Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 7-18-2012

                        ARM Solutions | Approaching the Receivables Process From a New Perspectitve! (20120718)

                        Consumer Statement: I have continually been called by a collections agency saying I owe money to Hollywood Video. These calls have now become daily, late hours and are harassing. I do not own any money to Hollywood video and I would like the collections agency to stop calling me. Consumer Action Taken: The first time I was contacted I answered ... Read More »

                          Should I Roll Over My 403(b) to My 401(k)? – Salvador

                          Ready to Collapse

                          5 years in present employer.with GREAT 401k retirement plan … 2 years in previous one with so so plan worked at a place for 2 years with a 403 b retirement plan… there are $2100, right now and for the past 6 years im in a good place with great 401k plan… can I cash out on the previous plan ... Read More »

                            ZAM Pharma – Consumer Complaint – 7-16-2012

                            Buy online pharmacy-buy medicine,codeine,percocet,Xanax,Vicodine

                            Consumer Statement: I have been suffering from back pain several years. I do not have health insurance. So I had to obtain my medications from onlinepharmacies .I ordered pain medicines from . After I paid via Western Union, never contact me. I found out he scammed me .and stole my $200 . Do not buy anything from ... Read More »

                              Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 7-15-2012

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                              Consumer Statement: I was sent a bill for Hollywood video, from as far back as 4/09?! I didn’t owe them money when they were here. I think that they are hoping that people will just pay but this is a scam! I called the attorney general about it. Consumer Action Taken: I called the attorney general and they said that ... Read More »

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