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Can I Sell My Business With a Judgment for Taxes Against Me? – Dave

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I owned a restaurant for almost two years. I filed NY sales tax but did not pay them. The restaurant has now been closed for two months. I have a buyer who wants to purchase my equipment and reopen the restaurant in the same space with my restaurant name. There was a judgement filed against me. The tax agent said ... Read More »

    State Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 7-13-2012

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    Consumer Statement: State Law Group is a scam I fell for the scam believing a trust fund was set up and until the modification was completed the money was in the fund. They kept passing me from the set-up man to his assistant to the very unprofessional processing manager. They do nothing but tag you along then drop you when ... Read More »

      My Parents Are Disabled Seniors With Two Timeshares. – Erica

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      My parents are disabled seniors. They are in a lot of debt which includes 2 time shares that they can’t get rid of. They have been approached by numberous scam artists. Now my mom has made an appointment to work with Legal Services Group. I think she plans to sign over the time shares to them. I tried to check ... Read More »

        Unemployed Mother of 3. Just Had My Car Repossessed. What Are My Options? – Anne

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        I’m a mother of 2 soon to be 3 and been unemployed since last year July. My husband works contract jobs and has been out of contract for 2 months.The car loan was in my name only and it’s the only debt I have. We don’t have another car and are currently stranded because our city barely has a bus ... Read More »

          I Was Laid Off, My Husband is Still Out of Work, Can’t Afford to Pay Discover. – Kari

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          I was laid off over 2 months ago, my husband 7 years ago and still out of work. I have a Discover loan in the amount of 23,000 interest rate 10% payment 479 per month. I called to see if they have a hardship program and all they did was tell me to turn down my air conditioning unit to ... Read More »

            The Franklin Group – Consumer Complaint – 7-8-2012

            Screen Shot 2012-07-08 at 4.09.44 PM

            Consumer Statement: this company has been taking $199 a month for the past six months i have tried calling them faxing them and writing them to stop but they are still stealing my money every month should i drive there and get the police to go with me to their company address and have tom dionne summoned Consumer Action Taken: ... Read More »

              Ameripride Tax Group – Consumer Complaint – 7-8-2012

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              Consumer Statement: we paid 2400.00 to get our tax debt reduced and signed a poa for the ameripride tax group to reduce our tax debt and now we cannot get in contact with them. Consumer Action Taken: tried to call and email and non working number and email. Date This Problem Happened: July 10, 2010 State You Live in: North ... Read More »

                Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight – Consumer Complaint – 7-8-2012

                Screen Shot 2012-07-08 at 4.00.06 PM

                Consumer Statement: They never called my creditors and wont return my money. Consumer Action Taken: Over 100 emails and calls. All documented. Date This Problem Happened: May 15, 2012 State You Live in: South Carolina Race/Ethnicity: Other Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $200 Company Name: Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight Company Address: Newport Beach, California Company Telephone ... Read More »

                  The CLS Group / David Nieman – Consumer Complaint – 7-7-2012

                  Ready to Collapse

                  Consumer Statement: I was told that I qualified for a home modification loan which would drastically reduce my current interest rate…I responded to an email targeted to me as a teacher. I was asked to send in $1,500 along with a copy of my tax returns, current mortgage information, and W2s. They never contacted me again and when I was ... Read More »

                    John Beck / Mentoring of America – Consumer Complaint – 7-6-2012

           - John Beck will help you buy Real Estate for pennies on the dollar!! (20120706)

                    Consumer Statement: I was a victim from the John Beck / mentoring of america scam. Consumer Action Taken: they were soposto give me coaching lessons and I never heard from them again Date This Problem Happened: December 10, 2008 State You Live in: Iowa Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 21-35 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $10,000 Company Name: John Beck / ... Read More »

                      Breakout Incomes – Consumer Complaint – 7-5-2012

                      Ready to Collapse

                      Consumer Statement: This should be punishable by law. Consumer Action Taken: I tried calling but could not get a hold of anyone. The link on the original email no longer works and I can not log-in to the account because that link doesn’t work either. In the first place I wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase the program but I ... Read More »

                        Will My Unfiled Tax Situation Prevent Me From Creating a Corporation and Attracting Investors? – Bruce

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                        Unfiled taxes liens , (state and irs) most of the debt is because the irs and or state of California have filed for me and penalties are piling up. I have a very good chance to creat a business. I have investors chomping at the bit . What bearing does my personal tax problem have on creating a Corporation.AND if ... Read More »

                          My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed. What Can I Do to Keep My Car? – Mary

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                          have been in chapter 13 bankruptcy and lost my job and I informed my attorney of this tried to convert to chapter 7 and was told no need to come to meeting they had last week and received a letter in mail today telling me that bankruptcy has been dismissed. is there anything I can do to keep my car? ... Read More »

                            Progressive Debt Relief – Consumer Complaint – 7-3-2012

                            Screen Shot 2012-07-03 at 11.03.22 AM


                              Green Leaf Finance Ltd UK – Consumer Complaint – 7-2-2012

                              Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 9.41.30 AM

                              Consumer Statement: this company so called GREEN LEAF FINANCE took money from my account this morning, I dont know this company and i have never dealt with them, i need my money back as soon as possible. Consumer Action Taken: no, i dont know what to do , i will ring the police Date This Problem Happened: State You Live ... Read More »

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