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We Are On Social Security Disability and Can Hardly Make It. – Robert

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Betweed my girlfriends and my debt we can herdiy make it. I am on social securty disabiliey and my girlfriend of 21 years has a hard time walking. Any help would be helpful and when we are good, we can pay something back. I had a credit score of 718 in Febuary 2012 and I fell because of my girlfriend. ... Read More »

    My Car Was Repossessed and the Lender Said I Could Get It Back. They’ve Changed Their Mind. – Tammy

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    My car was repossessed the lender verbally told me I have ten days to come up with my past due amount and I can have my car back, I came up with the money now the lender isn’t holding up there end of it. Can they do that after I gave them the money they told me to pay them?..” ... Read More »

      The Law Offices of Lance Denha – Consumer Complaint – 6-29-2012

      Foreclosure, Credit, Debt Consolidation, Home Refinance Rates Mortgage, Sale Date (20120629)

      Consumer Statement: I feel I was scammed by The Law offices of Lance Denha. In Early June I was phoned by a represenative of the law firm and was offered help with my mortgage forclosure. After giving in to the sales pressure I decided to pay the fee of $895 initially and then $600 per month until final resolution. Feeling ... Read More »

        Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 6-28-2012

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        Consumer Statement: ESTATE LAW GROUP contacted me in March 2012 when I was at my most vulnerable state and they offered to help me to get a Modification/and possible debt reduction from my 2nd mortgage-at a cost of $3,000.00 but they would break the cost down so that I could pay it in 2 installments…at the beginning which I paid ... Read More »

          Kirschenbaum & Phillips PC – Consumer Review – 6-28-2012

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          Company Name: Kirschenbaum & Phillips PC Describe the Service You Received: Very Rude, unproffesional, Harrassing and demanding. Reached an agreement for debt to be paid for 06/30/2012 and have received about 100 calls from their rep to pay it off. Received a call today 6/28/2012 at 11:43am advising that if i did not pay the amount today they would consider ... Read More »

            We Are About to Lose Our Land Because of Nursing School. – Cami

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            We are about to lose our land through the va due to me going to nursing school we are unable to keep payments up. also, we are having trouble keeping our payments up on anything. recently my son had a wreck in my car and due to my credit i am unable to get a car so i am borrowing ... Read More »

              National Advocacy Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 6-26-2012

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              Consumer Statement: On June 7th of 2012 I mailer was recieved at our residence in Moreno Valley CA This was from National Advocacy Law Center in Santa Ana ca. I called in regards to the solicitation we recieved in regards to our Wesom Credit union loan this mailer piece was for a national law suit for preditory lending and other ... Read More »

                SC Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 6-26-2012

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                Consumer Statement: I received an official notice that I could be helped by reducing my mortgage and getting caught up on a few payments I was late on with my mortgage. SC Law Group of California told me I qualified and then told me to leave out my wifes income to make it look better. They told me it was ... Read More »

                  I’m Separated From Husband. Can We Each File Bankruptcy and Each Keep One of Our Homes?

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                  We are separated and not living together and i do not know how everything is going to go long term. Here is my question and thank you. My husband and I are separated but not divorced yet I live in one of our houses and he lives in another house we own. Well now he can not make it and ... Read More »

                    Consumer Care Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 6-24-2012

                    Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.55.04 AM

                    Consumer Statement: I’ve committed with Consumer Care Law Group in CA for a loan modification. When I went over to their provided address. Consumer Care Law Group 26060 Acero Pkwy #115 Mission Viejo,CA 92691 The office was closed and no sign of the name Consumer Care Law Group or Michael Wallace Johnson(the lawer claimed backing this company) posted anywhere. The ... Read More »

                      1st United Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 6-23-2012

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                      Consumer Statement: 1st United Consultants contacted me approximately a month ago telling me they may be able to save me approximately 300 a month for the length of my morgage. This service there was no charges involved. (If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is a scam) I told this man John Khoury I did not think ... Read More »

                        Christian Debt Consolidators / A New Horizon – Consumer Complaint – 6-22-2012

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                        Consumer Statement: In August 2008 I contacted Christian Debt Consolidators about help with interest rates, etc on my credit cards. They tried pushing me to a plan that would cut the balances so I didn’t have to pay all that I owed, I did not want to do this as I did owe that money, all I wanted was help ... Read More »

                          Greenleaf Finance UK – Consumer Complaint – 6-22-2012

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                          Consumer Statement: i had £39.99 taken from my account by a company called green leaf finance. i have never heard of this company until i saw on my statement that they had taken money from me. i know this is a scam as i applied for a payday loan through textloan.co.uk, they issued me a loan of £100. the next ... Read More »

                            Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 6-20-2012

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                            Consumer Statement: Hollywood Video went out of business in Western New York. UNIVERSAL FIDELITY, LP sent me a letter stating I owed the “legal successor of Hollywood Video $70.81 for three unreturned movies from 5/3/09 (2) and 9/3/09 (1). This is false. My account was current, paid in full, and I had no outstanding movies when they closed. I verified ... Read More »

                              Rubin & Rothman – Consumer Complaint – 6-20-2012

                              Screen Shot 2012-06-20 at 10.00.02 AM


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