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Nationwide Financial Consulting – Consumer Complaint – 1-9-2012

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Date This Problem Happened: November 25, 2011 State You Live in: Washington Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 51-65 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $750 Company Name: Nationwide Financial Consulting Company Address: 4952 Warner Ave Suite 100 Huntington Beach , CA 92649 Company Telephone Number: 714-377-9777 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: Nationwide financial consulting promised to get my home mortgage restructured.they charged ... Read More »

    Where can I find help for a student loan consolidation?

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    I have a masters degree in secondary education and teach high school social studies in Ohio. I am having difficulty managing/finding/consolidating my student loans. Is there an organization I can pay or use to help me do this? Read More »

      If I commit suicide will my next of kin have to pay my student loans?

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      I know it’s a terrible question, but they say that student loans never go away. I’m about to graduate with my masters, and it will end up costing me over 100,000. It makes me want to kill myself, especially considering how incredibly hard I worked through undergrad to graduate with almost no debt. I wish I could turn back time- ... Read More »

        Is it possible for HSBC debt settlement on a second mortgage? – Steve

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        My Question is: Do you know of anyone who has received any debt settlement, or any relief of any kind from HSBC, and how the proceeded to accomplish this. I am embarking on my second go around with HSBC for some kind of assistance and relief on my secound mortgage, for it is so frustrating. The loan is in its ... Read More »

          CHI Institute College Loans and No Degree. – Melinda

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          Hello, My fiance went to CHI institute for a 14-16 months for a Criminal Justice degree. He completed the course under the impression that after completing the course requirements he could then go on to work in the Forensic Science field, as he was told he could by the admitions office. He completed all course requirements and passed. He then ... Read More »

            How to stop a junk debt buying collection company from re-aging an old debt?

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            Do collections agencies have access to Credit Bureaus? It seems like every year we pull our free credit reports, within days we start to get calls from strange collection agencies trying to collect on debts we had 10+ years ago. Every once in awhile I get a call on an old VISA card I had when I was 18 (20+ ... Read More »

              Father struggling with credit card debt and mom doesn’t know about it. – Quilley

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              I recently pulled my annual free credit report and was surprised to find that the balance on a credit card my father opened many years ago has grown to $19,000 (there was no balance when I checked last year). It shows up on my report, and my brother’s as well, because we are both authorized to use the card (although ... Read More »

                Is my California second mortgage a non-recourse loan they can’t collect on?

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                I purchased a home in 2006 with a 80/20 purchase loan in the State of California. In 2008, I became disabled and was no longer able to pay. Subsequently, the home foreclosed. The 2nd lien holder has attempted to collect since 2008 on the balance they say I owe them. From what I understand under California law if a loan ... Read More »

                  How do I stop being liable for my sons student loans? – Suzanne

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                  I’ve co-signed on several of my son’s student loans. I have been making payments for several years on these loans while he was in graduate school. He recently moved out of the country and is still not earning a steady income. I don’t believe he has any intention of ever making payments. Is there any way of getting out of ... Read More »

                    Harrassment from Advance Me Today via Fax to My Work

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                    I took out a payday loan from Advance Me Today. Granted, I got in over my head and could not repay on time. I want to set up payments but the customer “service” rep I spoke with became very belligerent. I got frustrated and said, “I don’t think I’ll pay you AT ALL!” and hung up. Next thing I know ... Read More »

                      Buy here lot wants to repossess my vehicle but they want me to bring it back to the state. – Tim

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                      I purchased a vehicle from a buy here pay here company when i was living in georgia. i moved back home to my home state back in may. since then i have hit a financial downfall. im not disputing that i owe them money or anything. to make a long story short it is now up for repossession, they do ... Read More »

                        I’m Very Skeptical of the State Law Group Modification Claims. – Jim

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                        My wife and I have been contacted by The State Law Group. I have seen that you have been asked about this organization in the past with regards to loan modification. As with many Americans, times have been tough in our household and as a result we have accumulated a significant amount of debt that I fear we will never ... Read More »

                          Directv Let Me Go. How Do I Pay My Student Loans Now? – Jim

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                          I have 2 separate student loans one is with a private lender ( acs ) and the other one was with sallie mae. I was able to consolidate the sallie mae loan with ( direct loan ) which is a consolidation firm, but the other loan I couldn,t because it is a private loan. I am paying every month $ ... Read More »

                            What happens to your U.S. debt if you were to move to another country? – Jazz

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                            I’m am 30 years old, and became very ill back in 2008, right during my senior year in college. Ended up defaulting on my student loans and credit cards because I was in the hospital for so long. However, I am also engaged to marry a New Zealand citizen, and was wondering if I were to move to NZ, what ... Read More »

                              Bank of America Says They Will Modify Our Loan But Won’t Give Us Details. – Julie

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                              When we bought our home 8 years ago, we got an 80/20 loan from Countrywide for interest rates in the 8% range. We have been working with B of A, or trying to, for almost a year now to mocify our loan as they said we didn’t qualify for any of the government programs. They say they are going to ... Read More »

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