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How to help my elderly mom get her credit card bills paid off.

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My mom signed up with a company to help pay off her 26,thousand dollar credit card debt which they told her instead of paying that amount she would be paying 10 thousand less so after they took over 5 thousand dollars from her checking account that she could have used that to pay off two of the credit cards I ... Read More »

    How do I find the address of Next Generation Debt Settlement that scammed us?

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    I wrote about Next Generation Debit Settlement a couple of months ago asking for advice on how to get our money back from them. They have $2400.00 of our money. You suggested following steps in your program, one of which is to send a certified letter to the company. I sent a letter, which is now returned because they are ... Read More »

      I Was Paying a Debt Collector for a Garnishment and They Went Out of Business. Now What?

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      Back in July of 2009 I had a wage garnishment for a credit card with a collector who went out of business, they garnished my wages for about 4 months before they went out of business. I was issued a final garnishment payment from the court. In July of 2011 I receive a letter from another collector stating they are ... Read More »

        Debtone Financial Solutions – Consumer Complaint – 1-10-2012


        Date This Problem Happened: January 9, 2007 State You Live in: Alaska Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 51-65 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,468.68 Company Name: Debtone Financial Solutions Company Address: 3605 Long Beach Blvd Suite 416 Long Beach, CA 90807 Company Telephone Number: 562-424-2445 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: In 2007 I paid DEBT ONE A money management company ... Read More »

          Do they have to go by California law or since I live in Kentucky?

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          back in 2001 I got my first credit card and i lived in california. I was hurt on the job and was unable to pay. the late fee and other add on fee added up to a large sum of money. my credit limit was only $200. today 1/09/2012 i live in kentucky and these people contacted me wanting me ... Read More »

            I’ve got a bad feeling about Clear One Advantage & Option One

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            My husband has approximately 10k in mostly credit card but some medical debt. I have almost no debt. We cannot afford to make the payments on his credit cards. We were thinking about using ClearOne advantage to “settle” this debt and pay it off in 2 years. I am very concerned that we will be making the wrong decision here. ... Read More »

              How can I go about raising my credit score?

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              My credit score 561 at this time.I would like to buy home before 12/12. I have paid off debt except two. One debt was a used car place where I returned the car in about two months due to problems in 2007. I have disputed the amount because of the situation with the vehicle-What options due I have in this ... Read More »

                Adult Entertainment Management Business Plan Questions

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                I am putting together a business plan to manage my friend’s exotic dancing career. She’s is happily married and business minded….Though this is my friend, I am researching what legal aspects need to be addressed in writing initially..Also does she work for me or the other way around. Can we both be considered self employed? Or should I incorporate and ... Read More »

                  Why do I not qualify for Teacher Loan Forgiveness?

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                  I am a teacher, so I was very excited to learn about the teacher loan forgiveness program. I recently filled out the application. About 3 weeks later I got the response, that I was not eligible for forgiveness because I had a student loan before 1998. I did have one loan (1000.00) before 1998, I then took a semester off ... Read More »

                    Is Corvus law a company I should use to sue Countrywide?

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                    I recieved a letter from Corvus concerning having used Countrywide in 2007 for the refinance of our home in Idaho. It has caused me to really start searching into the business practices of Countrywide and frankly I am scared to death that I won’t have a free and clear title to me home when I pay it off. I am ... Read More »

                      Bank took it upon themselve to close accounts and mail check ssi direct deposit,no illegal activity

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                      Had direct deposit and little unauthorized eft came thru to checking and they has enough in my savings, they decided to bounce payment and charge nsf and close accounts and mail the check to the wind all without notice they had a good email address ,during six days during the work week. Read More »

                        How do I find all creditors to go bankrupt?

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                        iam wanting to know when iam filling in the forms for going bankrupt how do i get all my creditors as there some from years ago. Lisa Read More »

                          Bankuruptcy and making plans to get an FHA mortgage.

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                          Filed Ch. 13 last year 2011 in Va. and want to move, rent out my house and buy in another city, FHA says i can get a loan, will trustee let me? Particularly since I am buying in another city not close to my job. I will commute for a while but I can also retire in sept. 2013 with ... Read More »

                            College debt- how to consolidate- who can I go to?

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                            I recently graduated from nursing school. I live in Boston, and the market for new graduate nurses is tough. I’ve been looking since August and not so much as an interview. I have about 950$/ month in student loans. I am ~111,000$ in debt. some of my loans have interest rates as high as 9%! I have private, and stafford ... Read More »

                              Nationwide Financial Consulting – Consumer Complaint – 1-9-2012

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                              Date This Problem Happened: November 25, 2011 State You Live in: Washington Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 51-65 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $750 Company Name: Nationwide Financial Consulting Company Address: 4952 Warner Ave Suite 100 Huntington Beach , CA 92649 Company Telephone Number: 714-377-9777 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: Nationwide financial consulting promised to get my home mortgage restructured.they charged ... Read More »

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