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What is the best solution to my debt problem? – Jean

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HELP! I am going under. What are my options for the following scenario??? Recently Divorced, 57 yrs. Income:Teacher Annual Salary: $50K ~30K credit card debt Own Home @ 5.99% on a fixed 20 year note (Bank of America) Pay Property Taxes separately.(~$5K Annually) 5K balance on “Line of Credit” (B of A) Not behind on any bills… yet. I’ve tried ... Read More »

    Im being scammed by a friend! – Gash

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    I believe a friend of mine has become my identity theft, but i cannot prove it. That is why i want to drive down to atlanta GA. and get a copy of my credit report, and is there somewhere i can take my computer and find out if its been tampered with and how i can secure it from future ... Read More »

      I am on disability, owe a lot of money on parent plus loans, what can I do? – Bonny

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      I was working full-time when I took out the first parent plus loan in 2000. The consolidated loans payment is $225.00 per month at 4%. I have continued paying on this loan, no deferment yet. I was unemployed, collecting unemployment benefits when I took out the second set of parent plus loans, and now those payments are over $300.00 a ... Read More »

        I studied in the UK for years but had to return to Ghana with debt. – Freda

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        Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your good works. I lived in the UK for 5 years as an immigrant from Ghana. I studied and worked in the UK and had to return to Ghana 2 years ago to renew my visa as the UK Home Office refused to approve my visa. Just when I was preparing to return ... Read More »

          Continuing to dispute old medical debt insurance was supposed to pay. – Leilani

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          Back in 2003 a family member had a sleep study and the clinic staff assured him it would be covered by our insurance. They requested a second study and we once again were assured by billing staff that it would be covered. He stated that he would not have it unless it was covered. When all was said and done ... Read More »

            Is it possible to take on someones debt in exchange for cash? – Barfour

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            Hi, I don’t have a debt problem, infact I don’t have any debt. What I have is an idea and I would to ask about its feasibility. I am looking at different ideas to raise capital for my start-up, one of them is a unique idea. Currently there are many people with debt in the US, some of them will ... Read More »

              I feel like it’s insurmountable and my debt has me depressed. – Bob

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              First off, this is a great website and I’m sure I speak for many in thanking you for doing this and providing advice for all of us. I feel like there’s no end in sight and it has me depressed. Years ago while my Dad was unemployed, I decided to help my Mom in paying off certain things (one being ... Read More »

                Nationwide Financial Consulting – Consumer Complaint – 12-28-2011

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                Date This Problem Happened: December 8, 2011 State You Live in: South Carolina Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 51-65 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $750 Company Name: Nationwide Financial Consulting Company Address: 4952 Warner Ave Ste 100 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Company Telephone Number: 877-717-0940 Website of Company: nationwidefinancialconsultingllc.com Consumer Statement: Nationwide Financial Consulting took $750 for assist to help restructure ... Read More »

                  Capital One Told Me They Don’t Own My Debt Anymore. – Wendy

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                  Even though they can’t collect on a judgement against me, I would like to avoid one, especially since it appears to be a bottom-feeding JDB who is suing me expecting a default judgement. I want to make them squirm. The debt was from a Cap One credit card, but was charged off and either sold or assigned to such and ... Read More »

                    Bankruptcy Case Dismissed, Now What? Debt Settlement Isn’t for Us I Think. – Gary

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                    Back in August my wife and I spoke to a lawyer regarding filing for bankruptcy. We had barely maintained our heads above water regarding our debt. The majority of our debt is unsecured (approx $40k) in credit cards. Our lawyer told us to file chapter 7 even though our income was above the initial means test. When we received the ... Read More »

                      I have a Uk company chasing me for Dubai debt. – Sian

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                      Hi steve, I have debt in dubai of 10,000 AED and has now accumulated to 36,000 AED (because of interest) I have just recieved a letter from a UK company acting on behalf of UAE to recover debt. Is their anything the UK can do to me? Or any legal advise I should get? They are threatening me with Interpol ... Read More »

                        My wife says she paid off her student loans but the collector wants 4x the amount. – John

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                        My wife has some outstanding student loan debt…although she has told me that she has paid back the majority of it, or even all of it (thru the IRS taking her refunds away to pay this debt in the past). She was recently contacted by a lender who now says the amount she owes is almost 4 times the original ... Read More »

                          State Law Group – Consumer Review – 12-28-2011

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                          Date You First Used This Company: April 1, 2011 State You Live in: Oregon Race/Ethnicity: Age Range: 51-65 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,495 Company Name: State Law Group Company Address: 4533 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 1000 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Company Telephone Number: 866-920-8917 Website of Company: state-lawgroup.com Describe the Service You Received: State Law Group did it! They negotiated ... Read More »

                            LNVN Funding is trying to collect debt that is not mine in West Virginia. – Melanie

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                            I am wondering if LVNV is licensed to collect in WV. What is WV SOL for credit card debt? There are two credit cards that were charged off in 2006 that I didn’t open. I never authorized anyone to open any credit cards in my name. There were opened in 2005 and 2006. I didn’t know they were on my ... Read More »

                              Bankruptcy right for me???

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                              I was out of work for almost a year and I also had an online smoking accessory company. Mostly lighters, ashtrays and cigar/cigarette cases but that went out of business this summer. My credit card debt went pretty high because of the trying to maintain the smal business and living day to day while I was looking for work. I’m ... Read More »

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