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Can I Sue My Finance Company for Wrongful Repossession? – Angela

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I live in California ans my car was recently reposessed. I want to know if I can take the finance company to small claims court and sue for money lost, etc. I was 1 month behind on my payment. I made a payment arrangement to have my finance company take the past due amount out of my bank account on ... Read More »

    I’m Disabled With a Previous Failed Attempt at Debt Consolidation. – Craig

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    Credit card debt from school expenses, medical expenses and regular purchases… Hi… I owe roughly $25,000 on 2 credit cards and have a school loan also being paid out on. I make ok money but I struggle to make extra payments towards the credit cards. One of the CCs is closed from a previous failed attempt at debt consolidation. My ... Read More »

      Pawned Jewelry to Make My Mortgage Payments And Can’t Keep Up With Payday Loan Payments. – Pete

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      Income: $116K + most years a 15% bonus Home: Owe $300K and probably worth $280K, bought in 2009 for $315K with FHA 5% mortgage, $2750/month Debt: $90K + $23K aginst my 401K No savings except for $54K in my 401K Total payments every month are greater than my take home pay and I have run out of savings. Trying to ... Read More »

        Disputing 5 year old charge off that is not mine. – Melanie

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        I recently disputed two credit cards that were charged off in 2006 because these are not my accounts. I never signed anything that said that I was responsible for these accounts. I received my Experian dispute results and the accounts were “processed”. I reviewed the updated report and both accounts came back as updated. What should I do now? Should ... Read More »

          IBR Medical Student or Teacher Qualification Questions. – Melody

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          Hi I’m currently a medical student who is thinking about changing careers and going into teaching. I also have over $200,000 in debt and I know I won’t be able to pay that back easily with a teacher’s salary. I looked into the new loan program that Obama has set out. It looks like I would qualify for IBR on ... Read More »

            What are the chances of Toyota Financial negotiating the ‘REINSTATEMENT’ amount? – Crystal

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            I regretfully made the mistake of not communicating with Toyota Financial and confessing to my change in my financial situation, due to being laid off from my job. So of course the dreadful results of Repossession took place… The combination of losing your job and getting your car repossessed is beyond stressful, Toyota Financial repossess the car, sends me the ... Read More »

              Statue of Limitation for Louisiana – Clara

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              I have past due accounts, not credt card accounts, I believe they are contract accounts I would like to know what are my options? What is the statue of limitation for Georgia? What is the Statue for Louisiana? The past due accounts were when I lived in Georgia but I have relocated to Louisiana. Thanks, Clara P.S. Have a wonderful ... Read More »

                Medical Bills Led to Unemployment and Now Fighting About Money. – Cathie

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                In 2007, I had a good job, as did my husband, and we were making about $80,000+ a year. Everything was good and we had credit cards that we paid off regularly, bought a car because mine blew up, basically we made all our mortgage, credit, car and other payments on time. Then, in 2008, I ended up with a ... Read More »

                  What Are the Options for Timeshare Owners Who Want Out? – Hollis

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                  I own a timeshare that I wish I didn’t own. I paid about $12000 cash for it – no debt – and have kept current on my quarterly maintenance payments of about $160. Without going into too much personal detail, the problem is – I’m probably never going to use it. And there are thousands of happy fools just like ... Read More »

                    Tulane University Says I Owe Them a Lot of Money. – Zach

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                    I attended Tulane University and a lawyer recently contacted me on their behalf stating that i owe them 13k plus the 4k in lawyers fees that they needed to hire him. I called the lawyer and he asked me what i could realistically pay and i said 400 down and 150 a month, they then told me that they want ... Read More »

                      Fast Debt Solution Went Out of Business But Took Their Fees.

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                      my problems started about 5-years ago.the first thing is i lost my job,then my wife was forced into retirement with a lump sum of about $12,000.00 before taxes. Next was Hurricane Rita that total destroyed our Home.Insurance covered the rest of the mortgage which left us with very little.On the money we received we had the cleanup of trees, debris ... Read More »

                        Should We Really Be Considering Debt Settlement with Consumer Attorneys of America? – Michael

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                        My wife is considering the pursuit of a debt settlement for two credit cards of which total around 28K. The company titled, Consumer Attorneys of America, contacted us and recommended that we not pay our bill for the cards. We have never missed a payment, but are unfortunately facing that possibility in the very near future. We were advised that ... Read More »

                          We Contacted Greenpath for Help But Can’t Afford It. – Gary

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                          After 20+ years of maintaining 720+ FICO scores, my wife and I ran up credit debt of about $15K back in 07 due to some health and employment issues , but this was manageable. We stopped using the cards, began giving them more than the minimum each month and took advantage of 1 year no-interest offers to reduce the balance ... Read More »

                            Will I Go to Prison in Dubai for My Father’s Debt? – Noor

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                            My father has been trying to run a trading company in UAE for the past 15 years. Things have always been tough but have become a real mess after the recession. To help me out , my father had added my name as a partner in the trade license (17% share). This helped me with immigration as a single mother ... Read More »

                              Should I Fire Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Lucy

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                              I have been with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution since April 2010. As I’ve read from many others, they have faithfully accepted my monthly payments, via a Global Client Solutions account, but have not paid off anything. I was reading your steps to “fire” them, and I have a couple of questions please. I see below where the questions would be ... Read More »

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