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Business is Slow. I Don’t Think I Can Keep Up With My Bills. – Jim

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In credit card debt, business is slow.. Have made payments on time up till now, but its so slow at my work lately dont think i can keep up with the bills. I have over 100,000 in credit card debt all personal used for my business over the years.. now i realize its a problem.. My business has gotten so ... Read More »

    Leaving the US to get rid of school loan debt. – Leah

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    I am 22, and swimming in a mountain of debt. Probably about 2,000 in credit card debt, 7,500 from a car repossesion, 4,000 in medical bills, 2,000 from a car accident that I got into while I was uninsured that was my fault, and the biggest pile of all, 40,000 in school loans. I heard that leaving the US and ... Read More »

      Can Specialized Loan Servicing 2nd mortgage note foreclose on me? – Belinda

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      Hi I have a first mortgage with BOA @ 110,000 a second with Specialized Loan Servicing @ 26,000 I owe more than the house is worth. Todays market value is 108,000. I am in the middle of a modification with BOA been going through it for almost 18 months… I stopped paying my second note back in September. Question: can ... Read More »

        Sued by Mendelson Law Firm on Behalf of Asset Management for Capital One. – Theresa

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        I’ve been sued by Mendelson Law firm on behalf of Asset Management for a debt of roughly $3500 owed originally to Capital One. In February of this year I offered a settlement amount of $1300. After about 5 days they countered at $2300, I re-countered at $1500. I’ve made $50 payments on the 15th and 30th of each month while ... Read More »

          How do I get out of this payday loan cycle of doom. – Joe

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          I live in CA. I took out 9 payday loans. I have been paying nothing but interest and finance fees. From what I understand, it is illegal to have more than one payday loan out at a time in CA. Does this negate my other 8 current loans? None of my lenders are in CA, they are all out of ... Read More »

            How can I avoid getting arrested in the airport in UAE because of a cheque placed there?

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            me and my husband used to have a company in Dubai, however the company bankrupt and we canceled it later on, there is this one cheuqe written in my husbands name and the receipt was in my name the man after he got paid and me and my husband left Dubai placed the cheuqe at the airport !! will i ... Read More »

              Precision Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 12-28-2011

              Precision Law Center, California Law Firm, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Business Litigation (20111228)

              Date This Problem Happened: November 14, 2011 State You Live in: New Jersey Race/Ethnicity: Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,000 Company Name: Precision Law Center Company Address: Company Telephone Number: Website of Company: precisionlawcenter.com Consumer Statement: We were told that after completing all the info they needed a packet would be sent to our lender .Well after ... Read More »

                MMOfine.com INT’L NETWORK SALES CO LTD – Consumer Complaint – 12-28-2011

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                Date This Problem Happened: November 30, 2011 State You Live in: Australia Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 21-35 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $22 Company Name: MMOfine.com INT’L NETWORK SALES CO LTD Company Address: Company Telephone Number: Website of Company: rs2t.com Consumer Statement: I paid the company $22.00(U.S) for runescape gold, they said they have it. So i paid with paypal ... Read More »

                  Can I escape $2000 worth of debt in US by never coming back? – Robert

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                  I owe TechCu and ATT $800 each. and i’ve been unemployed for almost a year. i’m tired of living in California w/o money. if I move Back to my home country Philippines and start over. and never come back to USA. do you think this amount of debt will chase me and affect my new life? thank you! Robert Read More »

                    How Do I Get Out of PLUS Student Loan Debt? – Jay

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                    I have recently put two of my kids through college (one out of state) using Parent Plus and US Dept of Education loans. My children have also borrowed from the US dept of Education. We deferred payments and interest during college and are now in repayment. I owe the US Dept of Education approximately 50K @ (7%) and private lenders ... Read More »

                      Furloughed State of Hawaii Employee Looking for Debt Help Solutions

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                      In 2008, my husband lost his job, and while he did receive unemployment, at the same time I (a State of Hawaii Employee) was furloughed, causing a decrease in our income. So I contacted my creditors, explained my situation and was put on a program to reduce my monthly for only a year. (the program started in 2010, I struggled ... Read More »

                        Lost Job, Wife Left, Behind on House and Farm. – James

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                        I refinance my home and did major renovations in 2005. I am a self-employed general contractor in the state of Florida. Well we all know what happen next. Work stopped. my credit scored fell 300 points. My wife divorced me. I have two notes one on my home and one on my farm. I declared chapeter 13 and I am ... Read More »

                          I Signed Up With World Law Group But The Estimates Make Me Nervous. – John

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                          My wife and I currently owe about $27k in revolving debt, and she has recently lost her job and I am getting hours cut at my employment. We realized that we were living paycheck to paycheck and that we needed to do something quick. I was approached by World Law Group and signed up with them just recently. I read ... Read More »

                            My mum recently added my name to her account in the UK, does this make her liable for my debts? – Ella

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                            My mum has been in hospital and has requested my name to be added to her account so I can pay her bills, I am being advised on taking out an IVA will this put my mums money at risk – should I get my name removed? Ella Read More »

                              I was widowed and left with small children and big debts. – Luen

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                              My husband died and I borrowed against the family home. My son was terminally ill, i had a 12 month old as well so couldn’t work. The bank forclosed, sold the house and couldn’t get all that was owed. It turned out I only owned a third share as husband died intestate. I recieved one letter stating I owed the ... Read More »

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