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I Was Thinking of Enrolling With MMI. – Mae

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I have a 48,000 credit card debt and I am seriously thinking about enrolling in Money Mangagement International Debt Management program. I understand that I would be debt free in about 5 years. I am to make my monjthly deposits and they would represent me with my creditors. Are they completly legitimate? I am uneasy about this and any other ... Read More »

    Can I Trust Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Center? – Vicki

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    Hi, My Husband and I are in our late 40’s. We have 2 kids in college, and we are in a LOT of debt, mostly credit cards. Never have missed any payments. Try to pay more than minimum (because we live on the credit cards alot). My husband has been laid off temporaily off and on this past year. Not ... Read More »

      When Will My Defaulted Gym Membership Fall Off My Credit Report? – Sherri

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      a gym membership that was for stopped The amount is posted to my credit report each month with and added two dollars. It looks like a new debt but is the same one. I had a death in the family and stopped the membership after paying for a year. They say a two year contract would have to be paid ... Read More »

        How to Respond to Junk Debt Buyer. – Cherilyn

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        My husband and I have a large credit card debt. We stopped making payments in early 2010. He is a 63 year-old disabled veteran with a small monthly pension from the government. He is also receiving $435 in Social Security per month. I am a 55 year-old independent contractor. I make money on a per-job basis, and due to layoffs ... Read More »

          J Hass Group Wants Me to Retract a Complaint. – Margie

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          I had filed a complaint on your website for JHass Group, they saw it, say I should take it off because my figure I sent was off by a small amt. (few hundred). They said I could be in trouble for libel, but I don’t know how to remove it, can you help? Margie Read More »

            I talked to someone from Morgan Drexen and was not impressed with them. – Clara

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            I have a couple of accounts that are very past due. I lived in Georgia, a state that has a 7 year statue of limitation, the 7 year limtation will be in 2014. However, I have relocated to Louisiana and I have been told that the statue of limitation is 3 years. My question is; Is this limitation for credit ... Read More »

              What can I do to clean up the last hang ups on my credit report? – Jon

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              6 1/2 years ago, my wife and I got married. She had just graduated college and apart from student loans, we had worked to eliminate her debt. Neither of us had car loans, I had a credit card with no balance, and I had just bought a house. This is where it gets ugly. I couldn’t technically afford the house ... Read More »

                I Can’t Reach Anyone at FBL or Lifeguard Financial. – Taunya

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                Three years ago my credit was perfect but I was in over my head and was solicited by Lifeguard Financial. They were very convincing in telling me that I could cut my credit card debt in half and reduce my monthly payments. They were not upfront about the fees. I have been making payments to them through Note World all ... Read More »

                  How Do I Get My Tenant in Dubai to Pay His Rent if His Cheques Are Bad? – Bwana

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                  My tenant in Dubai is in the middle of a one year tenancy agreement under which four post dated cheques were issued. Only one cheque has been honoured and two have bounced. I have sent him numerous polite requests to pay in cash. No answer. I am an absentee UK landlord of an apartment in JLT (Dubai) and two rent ... Read More »

                    My Sears Card Was Purchased by a Debt Collector And Then Sent to Another Debt Collector. – Jo

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                    I had a debt with Sears store card and the debt was bought by a third party. This company (debt collector) send me several settlement offers until I accept one for half what I own to them. I started to make payments as promised and by the very last payment they did not take it and weeks after that I ... Read More »

                      I Need Help to Get My Money Back. – Molly

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                      i have given you my background major scam from Ghana and owe lots of debt, working on a quote with Cambridge now and also going through My Tax Releif to help with IRS. I paid Smart Financial Solutions in the beginning before I changed to Chambridge, $970 that I need back badly. There is no number to call them on ... Read More »

                        Personal Loan taken in Dubai, Back to India after Job Loss. – Dev

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                        Hello Steve, I know you have been flooded with similar questions. But still I need your advice. I had Personal Loan in Dubai amounting AED 60000 and I lost my job. I returned to India then after a year I was chased by Recovery Agents. Since its a large amount there is no way i can pay it off. I ... Read More »

                          Can you advise my mom on what to do as a recent widow left with credit card debt? – Tonya

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                          My Mom is a recent widow (dec.2-2011) and didn’t know the extent of credit card debt that my Dad had aquired. Two of the cards were in her name.. the approximate debt is 28,000.00 high interest and No insurance. Income tax has not been filed in 2the yrs either.. help! She has been responsible and paid her cards off in ... Read More »

                            Swindell & Associates, Texas, now affiliated or referring to Macey Bankruptcy Law? – Yale

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                            Went to a Swindell office in Fort Worth for bankruptcy consultation, and counseled toward debt management program, in order to retain assets. 40% debt settlement by implied promise, monthly payments to a special acct. until enough accumulated to negotiate settlement with largest creditor, then next largest, etc. Monthly pmts include our fee to Swindell (Macey?) We will be dunned and ... Read More »

                              Student Loans – received by Citibank and not the government – Cathy

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                              Maybe to can help me understand the Student loan forgiveness program. My son has a $114,000 student loan(s) thru Citibank to pay for his college. His monthly payment is $1,400 – he has sporatic wages (company slow in paying him – hasn’t paid him since Oct.) Since the loan was taken privately is there a way he could receive help. ... Read More »

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