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New Life Consultants – Consumer Complaint – 12-20-2011

New Life Consultants (20111220)

Date This Problem Happened: December 19, 2011 State You Live in: Massachusetts Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino Age Range: 51-65 Total Amount of Fee Paid: Company Name: New Life Consultants Company Address: Company Telephone Number: 855-756-2444 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: Luckly I was not scammed, but Beth Mitchell a consultant from New Life Consultant call me in offering a ... Read More »

    How Do I Find the Best Debt Settlement Company? – Shell

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    I have over 80K in credit card debt — up until last 8mo I always paid my bills off every month .I had 2 air conditioners go out I put on credit card for total of $9k that I planned to pay off over the next 4 months then things got worse ..I had $15K to repair a roof and ... Read More »

      How can I negotiate with a credit card company and get the same type of terms that a consumer credit counseling for fee service might get?

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      Five years after I lost my job, I find myself with $70k in consumer debt. I am paying approx. $2000 per month and am tracking and forcasting. My debt has changed very little in the eight months tracking due to some high interest rates. I have considered bankruptcy but want to try to dig out on my own. I am ... Read More »

        I am disabiled am I judgement proof – Jeff

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        Hi I have worked every day of my life I am 48 every thing was going great till one day at work I fell 20 foot and messed up my low back I had been paying my credit cars on time and extra but when the accident happened I had surgery and I ended up in bad shape.I am totally ... Read More »

          iLender – Consumer Complaint – 12-18-2011

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          Date This Problem Happened: December 7, 2011 State You Live in: Illinois Race/Ethnicity: Other Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: Company Name: iLender and Possibly 100 Day Loans Company Address: Company Telephone Number: 888-475-9335 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: A company called ILender gained unauthorized access to my bank account. I had never been to this company’s cite ... Read More »

            American Web Loan – Consumer Complaint – 12-17-2011

            American Web Loan (20111217)

            Date This Problem Happened: September 1, 2011 State You Live in: North Carolina Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,080 Company Name: American Web Loan Company Address: Company Telephone Number: Website of Company: Consumer Statement: I got a 600 dollar loan from american web loan. I had set up a bi-weekly payment. After 6 weeks ... Read More »

              Pilot With American Express Debt Needs Help and Debt Advice. – Tony

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              Around February 2011, I started flight school, which to my surprise was much more expensive than I had ever imagined. Anyway, I needed to buy headsets, and a large number of other pilot supplies, which in total came out to around $3,000 and I put them all on my American Express card, I did have the money to pay them ... Read More »

                I’m Bipolar and Lost My Job. – Suzette

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                I lost my job last year in September. I was admitted to a Pchyiatric Hospital. I am Bipolar and suffer fom Epilepsy. I am really trying to find work. owe monies to various Creditors including Standard Bank (five various accounts). Seeing that I am unable to make the payments they are demanding. I have offered to pay R120.00 every month ... Read More »

                  Who Will Lend Me Money to Get Out of This Mess? – Linda

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                  i am working and made some bad choices , my house payments are killing me it on the market but some how i just got into this problem not enough money to make any kind of payment . tryed to get a loan frm my bank they said no dont make enough been lokking for partime job no luck there ... Read More »

                    Desperate in Dubai Over Car Loan With Friend From Philippines

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                    My friend ask me to help him loan a car from our company. we are getting some discount if we purchase car from our company. I helped my friend because he is a good person and trusted as well. He is from India and I am from Philippines. in 2008, we took a car and got good discount. we ageed ... Read More »

                      Where Can I Get Help for a Nurse Practitioner to Lower Student Loan Payments? – Daniel

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                      I have 103,000 dollars in student loans. I am a nurse practitioner. I do not yet have a retirement started and my monthly loan is 800.00 for the next 30 years via the federal debt consolidation. My son is 9, so I will be paying my loan plus his if I don’t get financially savy. Money is so tight that ... Read More »

                        The FAFSA I Had to Complete for My Son to Get a Student Loan is on My Credit. – Kim

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                        When my son graduated from high school I had to complete the FSFA in order for him to get a student loan. We went into this knowing he was responsible for the loans and I would always help when I could. I never realized that his loans which are still not due are showing up on my credit file. From ... Read More »

                          Where Do I Put My Judgment in Line For My Debt Snowball? – Bret

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                          In 2006 ,I went to work for a guy that wound up being a con artistTo make a long story short at the beginning of 2007,Ilooked up and found myself with $230 K in debt and no income.everything in 2007 went wrong and it wasnt until 2008 that I began reestablishing an income. I have since paid off all installment ... Read More »

                            I Have Salie Mae Loans That I Need to Stop From Defaulting. – Kristen

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                            I have about 48,000 dollars in student loans from Sallie Mae. I tried a bit ago to lower my payments or get some sort of relief from them–to no avail. Of course I began missing payments, so it’s been a year and now they are attempting to default and garnish my wages (I just got the call about an hour ... Read More »

                              Morgan Drexen – Consumer Complaint – 12-16-2011

                              Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems (20111216)

                              Date This Problem Happened: November 4, 2011 State You Live in: Vermont Race/Ethnicity: White Age Range: 51-65 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $316 Company Name: Morgan Drexen Company Address: 675 Anton Blvd Costa Mesa, Californina 92626 Company Telephone Number: 800-868-1458 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: I filed a complaint about Morgan Drexen and now I see there is someone ... Read More »

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