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I Racked Up Debt And Struggling With the Minimum Payment. – Peter

“Dear Damon, Racked up Credit Card debt (50K). Haven’t missed any payments (yet), but struggling to be able to pay down debt more than the minimum payments (about 1300 a month). Barely making minimum payments, do not foresee any significant income increases. Looking to buy-down debt quickly, and free up monthly income for savings, etc. I have settled debt before ... Read More »

I Want to Combine My Debt Into One General loan at Low Interest. – Wendy

“Dear Damon, I have credit card debt $40k from starting my own business 2 yrs ago. Finally supply is meeting demand of current bills. Additionally, I took out a $100k business loan which is considered a 2nd mortagage. So, I paid $1000 evey month toward credit cards, interest is about half. I probably can afford giving $2500/month to credit cards. ... Read More »

Graduated with Private Student Loans. Now Married and Pregnant. – Addrienne

“Dear Damon, I graduated college in 09 with private as well as federal loans. The same month I grduated college I was also married and then shortly after, I found out I was pregnant. I was unable to find a job, and because of that we were unable to pay on my loans. I recently found a job but only ... Read More »

Glasser & Glasser Just Served Us With a Warrant About Our Debt. – Jody

“Dear Damon, Drowning in cc debt (62K). Just served with a warrant in debt (Glasser & Glasser). Want to contact cc companies with an offer of settlement though our cash is minimal and would ask for a significant reduction in the settlement amount. Scared to even talk with them b/c of reputations they have! Own a mortage and am current. ... Read More »

MilitaryOneSource.com Suggested Money Management International to Us. – Jenn

“Dear Damon, I am 54,000 of unsecured- CREDIT CARD debt– ranging from American Express, USAA, Chase , Citibank, and store credit (Walmart, Kohl’s,JCPenney, LOWE’s, Home Depot, etc)– I do not even use them anymore– the interest rates are so high( 23%,21%, etc) My husband and I both work, own a house, pay our bills on time– but never have enough ... Read More »

My 95 Year old Mother is Struggling to Pay Her Credit Cards. – Jeanne

“Dear Damon, This is regarding my 95 year old (soon to be 96) about her massive credit card bill. Her only income is Social Security at about $1400 per month. She has many other bills and pays everything on time, but this leaves her with only about $200 left over per month. She does not own a home, has no ... Read More »

In These Poor Economic Times We’d Like to Settle Our Debt. – James

“Dear Damon, My wife and i have about 20 k in cc debit. we have the money to pay the the balance in full but in this economic environment we don’t want to release that much cash. How would we go about reaching a settlement with theses company’s or should we even try? James” Hey James, Well that is a ... Read More »

We Dropped Out of the Everest Debt Solutions Program. – Andy

“Dear Damon, We had been carrying $30,000 in CC debt for about two years making the minimum payments. We were waiting for a business deal to go through so that we could pay off the debt. We hadn’t missed a payment but we missed the small print on a letter that they sent us that allowed them to double our ... Read More »

What Can I Do to Get a Refund From My Debt Relief Company? – Kristina

“Dear Damon, I enrolled in a debt settlement program and after 8 months finally decided to stop the program because of information provided in this blog and by my creditors. I am going to follow Steve’s steps to try to recover my losses. If I am not able to get any funds returned or get anywhere with this process, what ... Read More »

Discover Card Took My Car to Pay a Judgment Against Me. – Betty

“Dear Damon, I divorced in 3/1997. my ex was given our money from 401K to pay off credit card debts, the break down came from his attorney. 1998 he filed for bankruptcy and didn’t pay the credit card bills. 9/4/11 my car was seized for these past due debts, but they sent paperwork notifying me of this to an address ... Read More »

Best Balance Transfer Offer With Checks. Is That Smart? – D

“Dear Damon, we have 94k on our 1st and 2nd mtgs, house value is 150k conservatively. 20k spread over 5 credit cards majority of it on 2 cards. co-signed student loans for son & daughter 75k. no car loans. no bankruptcies, late payments or other major negatives. a couple yrs ago when they were changing the cc pymt dates every ... Read More »

Liberty Settlement Group is Taking Money From My Mother. – Kathy

“Dear Damon, My mother has been paying Liberty Settlement Group for almost 3 yrs. She is 72 and recently admitted to hospital- went to check her mail and phone messages. In the mail she received a letter stating that “once you have completed the initial fee payment period of your program and your entire monthly draft is allocated to your ... Read More »

Did I Make a Mistake With Lloyd Ward and Associates and the Debt Answer?- Claudia

“Dear Damon, I have been paying into an escrow account with Lloyd Ward and Associates through a web site called the Debt Answer. Today, after 2 yrs of paying into this account I find that for all this time I have been paying to them first and also a maintenance fee, and only now I start actually accumulating towards the ... Read More »

I Can’t Afford My Debt Management Payment. – Geri

“Dear Damon, I was in a debt management program until April. I was spending out $700.00 a month can no longer afford this amount. I have about 10 credits cards, total of about $2200.00 In debt. However, 4 of these creditors I owe a little over a $1200. The program I was in said that it would take about 5 ... Read More »

Can I Take My Name Off the Deed to Protect the Equity? – William

“Dear Damon, I am a sole proprietor of small graphic design business that I have owned for over 25 years. Unfortunately, I have acquired a line of credit and credit card debt of more than I can pay each month. I end up borrowing small amounts every other month to pay the monthly payments. My business has faltered in the ... Read More »

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