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Is It True That My Debt Gets Erased Because I Was in Prison? – Laurie

“Dear Damon, I just spend the last 18 months in prison…I have a ton of debt now because there was no one to help me on the outside. I’ve been told that my debt is erased when incarcerated…is this true. If so how do I go about clearing my financial obligations….I don’t want or need any old problems creeping up ... Read More »

I Fell for the Safeguard Financial Scam. How Do I Get My Money Back From NoteWorld? – Barbb

“Dear Damon, I fell for the Safeguard Financial scam, found it was a scam through Steve’s site. I called my bank to cancel the Noteworld debit withdrawals, and will receive a refund of what they had left in my acount. Am wondering what else I should do. I am willing to sacrifice the thousand or so I lost just to ... Read More »

I’m Unemployed, No Job, Can’t Afford to Pay My Credit Cards, and I Need a Job. – Kim

“Dear Damon, Currently I’m unemployed and I have no job prospects for the future despite applying for at least 10 jobs a day. I have three major credit cards and I will not be able to make my monthly payments. I’m current on all three, I’ve used up my entire savings to pay my bills, but I no longer can ... Read More »

Is Lloyd Ward & Associates a Legit Company? How Do We Get Our Money Back? – Cynde

“Dear Damon, I advised my son to join Lloyd Ward & Associates group for debt negotiation to reduce their credit card debt of apporx. $14000.00. They have been making an approx $250.00 payment for over two years now. When they asked for an update of debt negotiation they were told that the payments they were sending are but into a ... Read More »

I Had an Account Charge Off, Tried to Settle It, But Now I Can’t Pay. – Will

“Dear Damon, I owe on a debt that was charged off and when I tried to make arrangements to settle it a couple of yrs ago the creditor didn’t have my account anymore. I tried to receive information from them about the recent creditor so I could try to settle the debt but they wouldn’t give it to me. Now ... Read More »

Lost Job, Reduced Income, Medical Bills and We’ve Depleted Our Savings. – Shelly

“Dear Damon, My husband lost his job about 2 years ago, which reduced our income. He has had some medical problems which we were trying to resolve before he got another job. We have about 45k in debt ( not including my student loans)and only about 10k in home equity. Gross salary of approximately 58k right now, hopefully he will ... Read More »

Is Rapid Debt Settlement the Right Company for Me? – Joseph

“Dear Damon, Is Rapid Debt Settlement a right company for me? If not, do you know the name of the company that will help me? I will appreciate if you reply the above. Joseph” Dear Joseph, I have no idea if a settlement approach is right for you. Can you tell me something about your financial situation? Post more details ... Read More »

I’m Scared to Death After Signing Up With World Law Plan. – Lori

“Dear Damon, I’m about to have my first draft taken from my ckg account this week from world law plan and am scared to death!!! I have so much debt and they said they can settle it for me. Please tell me they are reliable. I need to know what to do about world law group. are they reliable? Damon” ... Read More »

Atlas Consumer Cooperative and Fingo But I’m Having Reservations. – Jenny

“Dear Damon, I signed up with Atlas/Fingo they seemed to be creditable, no complaints on the BBB or government site, but I have been having some reservations. I paid the 300 dollar fee and made my first savings deposit towards a future settlement of almost 70k…debt was due to illness, and bad business decision. My credit was good I was ... Read More »

Is 401k Borrowing a Smart This to Do to Pay Off My Credit Cards? – Roxanne

“Dear Damon, I am 40 years old and am currently unemployed after leaving a great position to spend time with little ones. I now am regretting decision with the bills that are piling up. My husband and I had banked on him getting a promotion, but now we are forced to live off of his $35,000 salary and support 3 ... Read More »

My Mom Has Been Car Leasing But Her Arthritis Keeps Her From Driving.

“Dear Damon, My mother is 84 years old she cannot drive the car she leased any longer what are her obligations to the cadillac dealer for the remiaining payments she also has minimum income…she has a letter from her doctor that she can longer drive due to her arthritis. please advise..does she need to pay up teh remaining lease payments??? ... Read More »

How Do I Refinance My Mortgage When It’s Underwater and I’m Loaded With Credit Card Debt? – Dan

“Dear Damon, I have about 53K in credit card debt (18K is @29.99). I plan to reach out to someone for help (still trying to figure out who to call first) for hopefully getting help negotiating a better deal on all the debt. I have house; assessed value is now probably 300k and my 1st mortgage is 272K (@8.1%) and ... Read More »

I Settled My Home Depot Card But Now They Say They Never Agreed. – Chelsea

“Dear Damon, I had a Home Depot card that was $30,000 that I settled for $15,000 two years ago. I never got a paper saying that it was settled. I called and talked to them about it and they said that it was because there was a returned check so it wasn’t settled. The day that they put the check ... Read More »

How Do I Spot a Legit Debt Settlement Company?

“Dear Damon, Hello, I’m new to your sight and appreciate your time and effort in helping people like me! I am wondering if debt consolidation is right for me and my husband. Here is some background of our story: I have a personal debt of about $30,000, most which is sometimes used to pay bills (yes sometimes I use credit ... Read More »

Someone Recommended CredAbility, The Nonprofit Debt Counselors. – Jim

“Dear Damon, Most of my debt is 90k in a HELOC, and $10k in our home equity loan at the same bank, 27k in 3 PLUS loans for my older daughter, $12k for one auto loan and $13k for the other. We purposely used the line of credit instead of running up credit card debt, but now that we are ... Read More »

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