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Should I Go With Take Charge America or Cambridge Credit Counseling? – Lynn

“Dear Damon, I have $60k in debt and am trying to find the best debt consolidation company to use. I have contacted Take Charge America and Debt Counseling Corporation. I saw on on the Get out of Debt Guy’s website that he recommends Cambridge Credit Counseling. Which debt consolidation company do you recommend, base on reputation? Is a $50 monthly ... Read More »

    My Husband Was Unemployed. We Fell Behind on Our Bills. Should We Try CredAbility.org? – Andrea

    “Dear Damon, My husband was unemployed for a year and a half and we fell behind with our bills. If we could deal with the credit card bills, we could get back on our feet. Right now, we’re behind because my husband is woring in anouther state and we have to pay for housing there as well as our personal ... Read More »

      I Opened a Restaurant and Now Have a Lot of Credit Card Debt.

      “Dear Damon, Hi Damon, I have substantial CC debt (approx $30k) due to opening a restaurant (which I have sold). I am current on payments, but would like to have the interest rate lowered with a debt consolidation loan. Are there any companies that would loan with just a lien on my home instead of trying to re-finance? I have ... Read More »

        I Live on Social Security and a Small Pension and Can Barely Make It.

        “Dear Damon, I live in california and i am retired and only income i receive is social security and a small pension from a job i worked at many many years ago I have two credit cards. each have a balance of $2000.00, total of about $4000.00. i have not missed a payment or been late with a payment. at ... Read More »

          I’ve Got Payday Loans I Don’t Think I’ll Be Able to Pay. – Eddie

          “Dear Damon, I’ve got 5 payday loans from the internet totally $2610 in principal. I’m not late or have any late fees, but its starting to catch up with me and I find myself wondering what to do. Do you have a company you trust or some advice on what I should do? Do you have any suggestions or someone ... Read More »

            I Signed Up With Lifeguard Financial-FBL Associates-Noteworld. How Do I Get Out? – George

            “Dear Damon, I signed up with a debt settlement company two years ago. I signed up for a three year program with Lifeguard Financial/FBL Associates/Noteoworld. I have paid $445 for the past 24 months. They tokk over $8000 in fees of the $9500 I paid. The latest was on June 2, 2011 for $1400 for provider activation dee and $395 ... Read More »

              I Took a Salary Cut, My Mother Got Dementia and Cancer and I Had to Take Care of the Colostomy. – Bill

              “Dear Damon, I had to take a $18000 salary cut due to a company wide reorganization. In addition, my Mother was stricken with Dementia and Cancer and I took care of her especially after her Colostomy to go around the tumor. I had made a promise to her that I would not put her in a nursing home and although ... Read More »

                We Make Good Money But What’s The Best Way to Get Rid of Our Debt? – Carol

                “Dear Damon, My husband and I have faced a significant and unfortunate legal situation over the last three years that not only had us feeling totally wronged but has messed up our finances in a big way. Because all of our money aside from housing and food was paying attorneys, we put a lot more than we should on credit ... Read More »

                  Why Does My Old Debt Still Show on My Credit Report? – Sherri

                  “Dear Damon, old debt get sent in over and over. same debt with a couple added dollars. when does this debt come off of report? is it seven years from the first time reported? how to get it off? thanks Sherri” Hello Sherri, The debt can stay on the report for between 7 and 7.5 years unless you are successfully ... Read More »

                    CACH is Suing Me. What Should I Do? – Frederick

                    “Dear Damon, I received an execution of goods,chattels and real estate from the state of rhode island sheriff today 6-15-2011. The plaintiff is Cach,LLC. the amount owed is 12000.00. What is my best way to procede with handling this. A judgment for this account entered on 1-19-2011 in superior court. Any help you can give me would be very much ... Read More »

                      Bills Are Paid But Seriously Struggling to Stay Afloat. – Kelly

                      “Dear Damon, 25 years of marriage, lots of really bad financial decisions. We are seriously struggling, barely staying afloat. At this current time all our bills are paid up to date. Son is in college, daughter will be a junior in high school. We owe more on our house and 1 vehicle than they are worth. The attorney we met ... Read More »

                        Credit Unions and Debt Settlement. Will My Credit Union Work With Me? – Tim

                        “Dear Damon, I had a car repossessed and the balance after auction is $13,100 Its with A credit Union in IL, I also have a 10,000 credit card with same credit union.. I want to use debt settlement, but heard credit unions are impossible to deal with.. I am recently divorced and was layed off 5 months.. Can you recommend ... Read More »

                          I Had a Payment Plan With Money Management International But Today My Income Was Cut in Half. – Lee

                          “Dear Damon, About 18 months ago I entered an agreement with Money Management. At the time I had two incomes that allowed me to faithfully make a payment of $1710.00 a month. Today I received notice that my second job with a salary of $41,000 was eliminated effective today. I still owe about $53,000 in unsecured debts from credit cards ... Read More »

                            Debt Settlement Offer – Exclusive Discounts From Top Debt Settlement Programs

                            The following guest post was contributed by Damon Day from DamonDay.com If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. Debt Settlement Offers That Can Save You Big Money Of the many helpful services I offer to consumers, the Exclusive Debt Settlement Offers and Discounts that I can provide is one of the favorites among my clients. To ... Read More »

                              I’m a Mother of Two, Working Part-Time and Separated. How Do I Get Out of Debt? – Melissa

                              “Dear Damon, I’m a mother of 2, working part-time and separated with my children’s father 2 years ago. During the separation the purchases that we made together, I was left to pay by myself. I managed to bring it down to $36k, but am left with no $ at the end. I do not recieve any $ from him, but ... Read More »

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