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I Was Looking at Credit Relief Center. How Do I Get Out of Debt? – Joni

“Dear Damon, I was searching for reviews on credit relief center. I have accumulated about 30,000 debt in credit cards for about 20 years. I thought I was able to catch up but the balances kept on creeping and the high interest rates don’t help. I’m sure I’d be able to rid myself of these credit card balances within 5-6 ... Read More »

We Need to Raise Our Credit Scores So We Can Buy a House with a USDA Mortgage. – Amy

“Dear Damon, Been married for almost 6 years to a spender…I am the saver. my hubby has matured now, so he is ready to set our credit straight. On my credit, I have a few cell phone agreements that I broke, a repo on a truck, medical bills, and two credit cards….all of this sent to collection companies, and all ... Read More »

We Have to Use the Credit Cards for Food and Gas. We Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. – Linda

“Dear Damon, My husband and I got into credit card debt right out of college. We started off making about 50K per year, and have built our way up to 100K per year. I am a teacher and he works in food production. We relied on credit way too heavily our first 10 years of marriage, bought a house we ... Read More »

My Wife Had to Quit Her Job to Take Care of Her Parents. – Charles

“Dear Damon, We were doing fairly well until my wife had to quit her job to take care of her parents, both of us are only children so not much choice. Anyway, from an asset standpoint, we have 2 homes , both valued at about $115,000 ea. One we owe nothing on, the other we owe $106,000. All cars are ... Read More »

I Was in the Safetrust Financial Program But Kept Getting Sued by My Creditors. Now I Want a Refund. – Sonya

“Dear Damon, I was in the debt program with safetrust financial over a year ago, I cancled my account because I was getting sued from one of my creditors, I paniced and cancled my account, I figured well if one of my going to sue me, then the rest will sue me too. can I still get a refund from ... Read More »

I Was Building a New House But the Bank Won’t Give Us What it Appraised For So I Put the Rest on My Credit Cards. – John

“Dear Damon, Was building a new house.. Went to close on long term loan.. The bank would not give us what it was appraised for. I had to you all saving to not lose the house.. I put the rest on credit cards. I could not keep up with card and all other expenses. I went to debt services company. ... Read More »

Our Constructions Business is Failing. Is Debt Settlement a Scam? – Sherry

“Dear Damon, We had a good construction business for many years. The last couple of years we had a few contractors who did not pay us. We have gone into debt trying to stay in business and care for our family who has experianced an inordinate amount of personal tragedy this last year. We still have work but alot of ... Read More »

My Elderly Parents Were Scammed by a Relative. Now They Are About to Lose Their Home. – Maria

“Dear Damon, My elderly parents were scammed by a relative without them knowing until the relative died. They were about to lose their home of 20 something years. I could not get a loan to help them because my credit is bad and I am in chapter 13 bankruptcy with 3 more years to go before it is discharged. So ... Read More »

How Do I Get My Money Back From Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? LHDR Will Not Return Our Calls. – Tiffany

“Dear Damon, We currently are in a debt program with LHDR whom from your website I see have a class action suit against them….which doesn’t surprise me. They will not return our calls or our creditors whom they are suppose to be negotiating with calls. They have taken $6500 from us and have done nothing with our accts. Meanwhile, our ... Read More »

I Am a Client of Lifeguard Financial And Most of My Unemployment Check Goes to Pay Them. – Galen

“Dear Damon, I am a client of Lifeguard Financial, started in January 16, 2009. The period of which debts were to be is a 36 month program. Total debt involved $28,382.00. Activation fee $4,257.30, maintenance fee is $49.00 per month. Each month the amount of $483.00 is withdrawn from my checking account. Back in December 2010 I was able to ... Read More »

Should I Go With The Oliver Law Group for Debt Help? – Shirley

“Dear Damon, Cannot pay credit cards I’m determining if I should go with The Oliver Law Group, P.A. Can’t find very much info on them. Shirley” Hello Shirley, The decision about who to hire for assistance to resolve a debt issue, is based on much more than just the company itself. We first need to take a look at your ... Read More »

Debt Relief Company Said We Could Not Sign Agreement Because the Rules Change a Lot. – JDS

“Dear Damon, Moved to another town and built a home when things were good. Income is not the same as before and use our cc to cover things like insurance auto & home, advance for paying property taxes ( we still have property that we got back from a LC where we use to live). Used cc for living expenses ... Read More »

Macy, Aleman, Hyslip & Searns and Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Said They Could Settle My Debt. Now They Won’t Give Me a Refund. – Tony

“Dear Damon, i had over 88,000.00 in unsecured credit card dept and i got a letter from an orginization called legal helpers dept resolution that knew about my situation and how much i owed and they said they could cut the dept in half.i checked them out by their law firm name macy,aleman,hyslip & searns and they had a B ... Read More »

Can My Wife and I Independently Go Into a Debt Relief Program? – Paul

“Dear Damon, My Wife just closed her business and the outstanding unsecured debt is about 100K. My personal debt is about 38K. I want to go on a debt relief program where a company negotiates a reduced amount and interest. She does not want to do this for her debt load. Can we independently arrange for debt relief? I want ... Read More »

Do I Need a Really Good Sob Story to Get My Creditors to Lower My Interest Rates? – Laurie

“Dear Damon, I have Lots of valid credit card debt. Is there a safe, do it yourself way to reduce the percentages on credit cards? Is calling and asking for reduced APRs doable…..do you need a sob story? Laurie” Hello Laurie, That depends on your definition of safe. You can certainly call your creditors and yes, give them the best ... Read More »

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