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Do You Have any Debt Consolidation Advice? We Approached CureCredit. – Jayde

“Dear Damon, I am trying to get some help for my mother who currently owes about $13,000 in credit card debt. She has only social security income, which amounts to $14,460 per year. We are trying to avoid bankruptcy but have consulted with an attorney and know that she is not eligible for Chapter 7 and her Chapter 13 payments ... Read More »

    I’ve Seen Ads for Accredited Debt Relief, InCharge Debt Solutions and Dave Ramsey. Which Should I Use? – Don

    “Dear Damon, Almost $20000+ in credit card debt. Also owe IRS back taxes. Thinking of debt relief or debt settlement for credit card debt and looking for help with budgeting money. Alot of people I now use Dave Ramsey but I need to get my payments down do I have more breathing room with my funds. I have seen add ... Read More »

      I’m Sick With Worry Over My Debt. Should I Settle? How Do I Get Out of Debt? – Beth

      “Dear Damon, Hi – i am a 41 year old self employed woman who has accumulated credit card debt up to $35k over the past 6 years. I am a homeowner with 15 years left on my mortgage – and i moved out of the home and rented it out, so i could rent something cheaper to help my the ... Read More »

        Should I Go With Money Money Management International or Bankruptcy? – Nathalie

        “Dear Damon, I have a car payment, a high car insurance rate due to a recent accident and am paying the bare minimum on the $33000 that I have in credit card debt. After taxes, I take home $32000 a year. I called Citibank to ask if they would lower my interest rate and they suggested I contact Money Management ... Read More »

          When I Was in the Air Force I Bought a Vehicle That Got Repossessed. – Diana

          “Dear Damon, I purchased a vehicle in FL while I was PSCing to SD for the Air Force. A year later (2005) it was repossessed due to me being unable to make the increased payments that they imposed. The last contact I had with them was in October of 2005. I was just served with papers in April 2011, which ... Read More »

            How Do I Get Out of Debt? I Got Stuck on Credit Cards in College and Still Trying to Dig Out. – Sarah

            “Dear Damon, I’m 33 years old and have about $15,500 in credit card debt. Like many college students in need of cash I naively got sucked into getting credit cards many years ago and now have 5 credit cards in which I’m only able to pay the minimum amounts due each month. Although I have sometimes managed to lower the ... Read More »

              Will Going With Money Management International Lead to a Tax Liability? – Le Anna

              “Dear Damon, So I am checking out using MMI Money Management International… If you pay this off before the designated years can you at that point just start re-establishing credit? There is also something about a tax forgiveness… do you know about this? Thank you Le Anna” Hello Le Anna, If you are looking at MMI, then I assume you ... Read More »

                I Want to Lower My Credit Card Payment. – Jen

                “Dear Damon, I have 20,000 in credit card debt and I pay 5.99% which adds up to @$305.00 each month. The amount is causing a hardship and I would like to get the payment down to about $200-221. Please suggest a good organization to deal with to negotiate a lower monthly payment. Please suggest a good debt group to deal ... Read More »

                  We Have Judgments Against Us But Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. – Merlene

                  “Dear Damon, We dreamt of someday buying a second home, so we tried to consolidate our bills to fast tract to that goal; unfortunately it led to our decline into debt country, due to the fradulent practices of Allegro Law Firm, for nine months we paid $1148.00, there were zero resolution. Afterwhich wewere was bombarded with creditors and debts collection ... Read More »

                    Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Said They Could Help Me Save My House. – Michael

                    “Dear Damon, Divorce and forced to pay 1700 a month in child support. Lost my job 10 months later. Out of work for almost 5 months. New job salary was significantly less than before. Took over a year to get child support adjusted while still trying to pay same bills. Fell behind on mortgage, property taxes, insurance. Filed chapter 13 ... Read More »

                      We Are Against Bankruptcy and Want to Dig Our Way Out of Debt. – Paula

                      “Dear Damon, I married my husband in 2009. We have been digging out of debt since then and are just seeing the light, as he received backpay from social security. We vied his credit report, and mostly he has many many medical collections. Some back in 2004, 5, 6…all the way to this year. We are against bankruptcy and make ... Read More »

                        I’m a Single Parent With a Child That Had Cancer. I’m Drowning in Medical Debt and Student Loans. – Star

                        “Dear Damon, I am a single parent finishing master’s degree, had a son undergo cancer treatment in 2007 and still being seen regularly. Treatments stopped in 2010. Have incurred huge amount medical debt and still incurring. Was in the final stages of Bachelor’s degree at that point in time. Had minor credit card debt under $5,000. However when sickness happened ... Read More »

                          Express Debt Settlement Threatens to Sue Client for Complaining After Taking $17K. Author Needs Your Help.

                          Ready to Collapse

                          The following guest post was contributed by Damon Day from DamonDay.com. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. A few months ago I wrote a story about a consumer that had come to me looking for assistance after she lost about $17,000 that she had paid to Express Debt Settlement (EDS) in fees. She knew she ... Read More »

                            Legal Helpers Debt Resolution – High Upfront Fees and Commissioned Sales People Create The Perfect Storm For Unsuspecting Consumers

                            Ready to Collapse

                            The following guest post was submitted by Damon Day. Damon is a Financial Consultant and a Debt Coach. Through his website he offers advice, tips and strategies for consumers to get out of debt without falling victim to predatory debt relief firms you see advertised everywhere. If you would like an unbiased consultation and a step by step plan to ... Read More »

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