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5 Things to Consider Before You Collect Your Social Security Benefits

get out of debt

Nov 17 2015 By Stacy Canan and Hector Ortiz If you’re approaching retirement, you’re probably thinking about when to start collecting your Social Security retirement benefits. To help you make a more informed decision about when to claim, we created a new tool called “Planning for Retirement”. You’ll see how your claiming age affects your benefits and get tips relevant ... Read More »

    Lifestyle Changes to Consider Before Taking in a Grandchild

    get out of debt

    Sometimes when special circumstances arise, grandparents may find themselves taking in a grandchild to live with them. As these changes all take place, grandparents may wonder exactly how life will change when the grandchild comes to stay. We reached out to Sara Schwartz of to give us some insight on the lifestyle changes to consider before taking in a ... Read More »

      Zombie Debt Is Popping Up Again

      get out of debt

      Last night the hubby and I were busy making dinner when the phone rang. Hubster picked up the phone and began talking. As I was busy stirring the peppers and onion for fajitas (olé!), I heard him confirming his date-of-birth and a red flag went off in my head like an explosion. So I spun around and asked him, “who the ... Read More »

        Don’t Be a Zombie with Your Personal Finances

        get out of debt

        Oct 27 2015 By Mechel Glass “The Walking Dead” is a television show about a world in chaos due to a zombie outbreak. The survivors face difficult decisions and run into trouble dealing with both zombies and the living. In the real world, many servicemembers who protect our country run into financial trouble or face difficult financial decisions, but may ... Read More »

          How to Get Paid to Go To Undergrad

          get out of debt

          When you’re in undergrad, being independent from your parents is practically a far-fetched dream. For a couple of very unfortunate souls (myself included), it’s a hundred percent forced reality. For most, being independent just means racking up thousands and thousands in debt. We all know the next crisis is student debt. We all know that higher education is more expensive ... Read More »

            Ask The Expert: Should I Work In The Same Office As My Wife?


            Question: I work as an insurance agent in a large national company — you’d recognize the name. My wife is the office manager for a local insurance agent with another company. Her boss wants to hire me. I’d get a pretty decent raise and wouldn’t have to commute as far, but I worry about being in the same office all day with ... Read More »

              Dvorkin On Debt: Weliver Delivers


              When he was 26 years old, David Weliver lived in an 8×10-foot room in a rented house with three roommates. The only item he owned in abundance was debt — $ 80,000 of it. Would you take financial advice from a man like that? Well, you should. A decade later, and Weliver is a financial success, and not just for himself. ... Read More »

                When your child learns self-control, it helps their financial future too


                Sep 2 2015 By Laura Schlachtmeyer The childhood years are an important time to learn about money. But money is an abstract concept. Even before young children’s brains are ready for the idea of money, they can start getting on track for a solid financial future. Young children can develop abilities such as self-control, planning ahead, and creative problem-solving. These ... Read More »

                  How to Avoid Dental Scams

                  get out of debt

                  You are proud of yourself for all the money you have saved by not having ever had any dental insurance because the out-of-pocket cost of the twice yearly dental cleaning and exam and the occasional dental x-rays has not been too pricey. But as even basic dental care has become more expensive and you have worked hard to be frugal ... Read More »

                    Helping Your Adult Children With Housing

                    get out of debt

                    Your son or daughter is heading off to college where the cost of student housing is ridiculously high either in-state or possibly out-of-state. Or perhaps your older adult child wants to own a home either alone or with a spouse or possibly children. You have the financial means to jump in and help, and feel that owning some real estate ... Read More »

                      Servicemembers: Protecting your credit when you’re away from home

                      get out of debt

                      Sep 1 2015 By Holly Petraeus If you’re a servicemember you know you’re part of a special group – those who have answered the call to serve our country. You also know that being in the military may mean long periods of time away from home – and your finances. Being away and mission-focused means you won’t be able to ... Read More »

                        The right shoes and common sense can help your preteen gain financial ground


                        Sep 3 2015 By Laura Schlachtmeyer When children are young, they can learn self-control and how to plan ahead, which are skills needed for a strong financial foundation. As your child grows older, he or she will probably be increasingly exposed to advertising and peer influences. This makes a parent’s role essential in developing financial habits. According to research we ... Read More »

                          FTC Action: Scammer Banned from Selling Debt Relief Services

                          get out of debt

                          A mortgage relief services company and its owner, have agreed to settle allegations that they illegally charged homeowners an up-front fee for help they promised but never provided, and they will be banned from selling debt relief services under a federal court order. The settlement resolves allegations that Wealth Educators and Veronica Sesma falsely promised they could lower consumers’ mortgage ... Read More »

                            How Do I Choose From All the Rewards Credit Cards Out There?

                            get out of debt

                            Does it ever seem like there are a million rewards credit cards offered? Between all of the cards that offer cash back, points and miles, it can feel as if every bank has a dozen different way to reward its credit card holders. So the challenge for the rewards credit card user is to find the product that will return the most value for them. ... Read More »

                              4 Ways Your House Payment Could Unexpectedly Go Up

                              get out of debt

                              Part of the allure of buying a home is stability — the same neighborhood, the same schools, a predictable payment. Although the location of your home won’t change, the character of the neighborhood can, school districts can be redrawn, and your monthly mortgage payment can go up (or down, but up is more common). If you have a fixed-rate mortgage, ... Read More »

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