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Free Travel for Writers

get out of debt

Getting on the Road for an Exciting Familiarization Tour By Debra L. Karplus Riding westbound out of Chicago on Amtrak’s Empire Builder route at dinner time, I headed to the dining car where all tables seated exactly four people. I was seated with three people I had never met, a typical procedure on these long distance trains, and always interesting ... Read More »

    The Cost of Adopting a Child

    get out of debt

    The Financial Side of Adoption By Debra L. Karplus Read any of the statistics that are frequently published in popular financial and news publications and you’ll quickly infer that the most obvious way to stretch the dollar is to not have children. Data shows that it costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise and educate just one child. ... Read More »

      The Skinny on Buffet Dining

      get out of debt

      The Skinny on Buffet Dining To eat or not to eat, that is the question By Debra L. Karplus It’s Friday evening after a grueling week at work. The kids are whining; they’re famished, and you are, too. Plus, you’re exhausted and emotionally drained. You open the refrigerator, the freezer, and the cupboards, and realize that a trip to the ... Read More »

        Kayne West “Wake Up” Says Bankruptcy Attorney


        By Chad Van Horn Open Letter to Kanye Mr. West, I am very saddened to learn that you are $53 million dollars in personal debt, but I believe I can help you get back on firm financial footing once again. I am an established lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL who helps people who for whatever reason find themselves financially overextended. ... Read More »

          Airport Shuttles: Getting to and from the Airport

          get out of debt

          Getting to and from the Airport By Debra L. Karplus You have your trip planned. You were able to find good deals on airfare. Lucky you. Maybe that fare is from your hometown airport, or possibly in a neighboring town. Now it’s time to figure out how you will get to and from the airport in both directions without spending ... Read More »

            Touring a Preschool for Your Child

            get out of debt

            By Debra L Karplus You feel that your preschooler needs more stimulation and peer contact than he or she gets at home or in day care. But how does a parent find the right preschool? Many local parents are raving about Happyland, Village Tree, Montessori, and Home Sweet Home? What is it about these preschools that make parents and children ... Read More »

              Your Child’s Safety

              get out of debt

              By Debra Karplus You can search on crimereports.com and happily discover that Culver City has relatively few crimes, mostly against property rather than people. You probably already know to keep your house doors locked including the door connecting the garage to the house, whether you are in the house, away from the house or just out working outside in the ... Read More »

                The Clear Picture on Eyewear

                get out of debt

                By Debra L. Karplus Your eyeglasses are so scratched that you can barely see through them anymore and the frames have some chips in them and just don’t fit right. You’ve been procrastinating, but it’s probably about time to buy a new pair of glasses. You call the place where you bought your current glasses and they remind you that ... Read More »

                  Natural Pest Control

                  get out of debt

                  Natural Pest Control By Debra Karplus You enjoy the flora and fauna of the outdoors, but when insects disturb your family or home, that’s different. In your efforts to avoid harsh, potentially dangerous pest control products, your search online consistently leads you to one safe “solution”, PREVENTION. Keeping termites away from your property may be easier than you think. Termites ... Read More »

                    Use your Library to Live Light and Save

                    get out of debt

                    By Debra L. Karplus Libraries have changed greatly over the past few decades. No longer are they sterile places that only have books to borrow and where one must be silent. When was the last time you heard a librarian say ‘shhhhh’ to a patron? Many of today’s libraries have become gathering places for families and friends to enjoy a ... Read More »

                      What’s Eating your House?

                      get out of debt

                      What’s Eating your House? Detecting and Deterring Destructive Household Pests By Debra L. Karplus You’ve been away on vacation and are headed home. You drive onto your street only to find that your house is gone. Wake up; it’s just a bad dream. But allowing household pests to nibble away at your home is a slower route to a disappearing ... Read More »

                        Overture to Olive Oil in the Kitchen

                        get out of debt

                        By Debra L. Karplus A cartoon favorite since the 1930s, Popeye popped spinach by the can into his mouth as he wooed his love interest, Olive Oyl. Olive was energetic with a slim build. Perhaps her stamina, vitality, and good health were the result of incorporating olive oil, her namesake, into her diet. She may have even kept her skin ... Read More »

                          Is the Cheapest The Most Frugal?

                          get out of debt

                          It’s a pleasant fact of modern life that battery-powered tools are quite capable of handling most routine construction, improvement, or home repair projects. The tools are available across a wide range of price points, but unfortunately the cheapest models are manufactured in that international bastion of quality, namely China. If used occasionally, the tools will hold up for years, but ... Read More »

                            The Great Diaper Debate

                            get out of debt

                            The Great Diaper Debate Cloth or Disposable Diapers Which is the most Cost Effective for Your Baby? By Debra L. Karplus The Center for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov) estimates that nearly four million babies are born annually in the United States. You may be the parents expecting your first baby, or maybe your second or third. You already know that there ... Read More »

                              You have the right to request your consumer reports

                              get out of debt

                              Jan 27 2016 By Jonah Kaplan Like many consumers, you may be aware that a credit report provides you with a useful summary of your credit history. What you may not be aware of is where and how to actually request your credit report, and what your rights are with your consumer reports. Every year, we update and publish a ... Read More »

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