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How I’m Paying Off $155K of Student Loans From Pharmacy School

get out of debt

Medical professionals often leave school with jaw-dropping amounts of student loan debt. Among 2014 graduates from medical school, for example, most (84%) reported having education debt, with a median amount just over $ 176,000, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. Even if they earn high incomes when they graduate (physicians, for example, are among the highest earners in America), ... Read More »

    Why Everyone Needs a Will (I’m Talking to You, Millennials)

    get out of debt

    If you think estate planning is for only the elderly or wealthy individuals, think again. Everyone has collected some stuff, what professionals like to call assets, possessions, investments — and don’t forget the liabilities (debt), like student loans, car or credit card balances. Even if you do not think you have much, it’s important to have a plan for what ... Read More »

      VA Home Loan Changes: Cutting the Red Tape?

      get out of debt

      Whenever Duan Rockette meets a prospective client, the St. Louis real estate agent asks a simple question: Did you serve? That isn’t a question many real estate and mortgage professionals asked just a few years ago. But VA home loans, which require 0% down, have boomed since the housing crash, driven by a combination of tight credit and sputtering incomes. ... Read More »

        2 Bureaus Corrected My Credit Report, But the Third Won’t. What Can I Do?

        get out of debt

        One of the most common concerns we hear from readers is that their credit report contains errors or information they don’t understand or recognize. There are a number of reasons wrong information could be on your credit report, but the solution is often to dispute the information with the credit bureaus to get it removed from your report. But for ... Read More »

          Ask The Expert: How Do I Dump A Cheap Jeep?

          get out of debt

          Question:  I financed a 2014 Jeep Compass and three times already went in for service for the same problem to no avail each time. I still have the same problem — and this is supposed to be new car with less than 9,000 miles. What do you advise? — Johnson in Pennsylvania Howard Dvorkin CPA answers… Cars and homes are often the ... Read More »

            Helping financial caregivers in every state


            Oct 19 2015 By Naomi Karp Millions of Americans are managing money or property for a family member or friend who is unable to pay bills or make financial decisions. We’ve heard from these financial caregivers about how tough it can be. Kristin in Virginia had to take over financial management for her 35-year-old brother when he suffered a traumatic ... Read More »

              Most Parents Saving for Kids’ College Education in Wrong Places


              With their children facing an average student loan debt of $33,000 when they graduate from college, some parents are helping by saving for their kids’ college education in various accounts. They mean well, but they may be doing themselves and their children a disservice with less money saved and less tax relief. Along with the traditional ways of saving for ... Read More »

                Struggling to keep up with student loan repayment

                get out of debt

                Oct 20 2015 By Ashley Gordon [embedded content] We’ve all heard the stories. Whether from our friends, colleagues, adult children, or through our own experiences, we know that student loan debt is taking a huge toll on students and graduates across the country. With the total volume of outstanding student debt amounting to well over a trillion dollars, we’ve heard ... Read More »

                  4 Things To Know About Making Money


                  Do you remember the first time you made money? I recall a particular instance in which I painstakingly restored the dusty lawn furniture from our garage to its former sparkling glory for a grand total of five dollars. Unfortunately, my handsome sum dwindled down to nothing while writing out thank you cards for my first holy communion gifts the next ... Read More »

                    Things to Consider Before Becoming a Caregiver to an Aging Parent

                    man - elderly

                    If you have aging parents, chances are that you’ve thought about what will happen once they need care as older adults. Here at TDS, we wanted to get an idea of things to consider before stepping into a caregiver role, so we reached out to Emily Guernon, the senior editor of health and caregiving at PBS’s popular website Next Avenue. ... Read More »

                      New signs of trouble for student loan borrowers

                      get out of debt

                      Oct 14 2015 By Seth Frotman Earlier this year, we asked you to share your stories about student debt stress. More than 30,000 of you responded, telling us that student loan servicers (the companies that send you a bill each month) can make it harder to manage your loans and may contribute to our nation’s growing student loan default problem. ... Read More »

                        The teenage years are for practicing money decisions in a safe space


                        Oct 16 2015 By Laura Schlachtmeyer Previously, in our series about how children develop the skills and habits that support financial well-being in adulthood, we shared a few stories from parents. We illustrated how childhood is the time to acquire skills like self-control and planning ahead, and the preteen years are about getting familiar with the financial world around us. ... Read More »

                          Student Debt Remains Part of Economic Instability

                          get out of debt

                          After four years of university study and several more for a second or third degree, students are left with tremendous debt and a big hole in their pockets. Despite attempts to stay within a budget, find secure employment and start a payback plan, graduates find themselves stuck in the mire of financial obligations and bank loans. Not all graduates face ... Read More »

                            Here’s how coaching can help you meet your financial goals


                            Oct 9 2015 By Janneke Ratcliffe We talked to people across the country about financial well-being and what it means to them. Many people told us that financial well-being means: Feeling in control of day-to-day finances. Having a safety net to help stop a financial shock from turning into a long-lasting setback, and Staying on track to meet financial goals ... Read More »

                              Owning A Home: The homebuyer’s trusted resource


                              Sep 21 2015 By Megan Thibos and Maggie Anderson When you first receive the keys to your new home, it can be exciting. And, for most people it’s a relief, because the process to get to this moment has taken months, maybe even years. We know getting a mortgage and buying a home isn’t always easy, with many forms to ... Read More »

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