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How I Kicked My Fast Food Habit & Saved Big Bucks


For Eddie Vidmar, fast food wasn’t just an occasional splurge, but rather a way of life. “The convenience of driving to the window and getting my dinner was often too hard to pass up. No clean-up, no dishes…. just eat your food and toss the garbage,” he says. “What I should have done was realized sooner that the food itself was ... Read More »

    5 Steps to Buying a Home After Bankruptcy

    get out of debt

    In the past decade, the American Dream of owning a home has become more like the American Nightmare. With more than 7 million homes foreclosed over the past eight years and unemployment hitting record levels, buying a house has been the last thing on people’s minds. To make matters worse, perhaps you have had to file for bankruptcy and believe ... Read More »

      The Student Loan Realities We Can’t Ignore Anymore


      An alternate view on student-loan payment performance data is challenging the prevailing narrative that tends to greatly downplay the problem. In his recent Wall Street Journal column, Josh Mitchell correctly observes that after accounting for the fact that only half of all student loans are actually in repayment (the other half are deferred because the borrowers are still in school), ... Read More »

        Beth’s Story: Can a Balance Transfer Help Me Get Out of Debt?

        get out of debt

        This is part two of my series about Beth, who is dealing with unaffordable credit card bills. In part one, I shared her detailed reader question, and I didn’t know her personal debt relief quest would turn into an online mini-book. In the first installment, I covered why consolidating credit cards without a dependable income is often not a good ... Read More »

          8 Credit Cards With Freebies

          get out of debt

          People like receiving perks. Credit card issuers know this, and they offer all sorts of gifts and benefits to attract new customers in an extremely competitive credit card marketplace. Whenever you’re shopping for a credit card, you should thoroughly read the terms and conditions to make sure you’re comfortable with the terms. Your credit score will impact the interest rate ... Read More »

            How to Prepare for a Baby on a Tight Budget


            I can’t help but roll my eyes every time I hear someone lament about how expensive it is to have a baby. Yes, it can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Babies need a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to go drop a few grand on all the fanciest baby gear the minute that little white stick ... Read More »

              ‘Sell In May And Go Away’ – Let The Statistics Do The Talking.


              ‘Sell in May and go away – Let the statistics do the talking.’ Every year about this time people are looking towards summer break. However, the summer break I’m writing about here is a different type. Specifically, a break from the stock market. ‘Sell in May and go away’ is a seasonal strategy for investing in the stock market. Unlike ... Read More »

                Down in the Dumps? Your Credit Card Debt May Be to Blame, Study Finds


                A recently released study shows that people with credit card debt and overdue bills are much more likely to experience symptoms of depression than those who don’t have such debts, particularly if they are near retirement, unmarried or less educated. The more short-term debt a person had, the more frequently they reported feeling those symptoms. The research, published May 1, ... Read More »

                  1 in 10 Americans Don’t Have a Credit Score or Credit Report


                  One in 10 U.S. adults is invisible to much of the American economy because they have no credit report or score, a new report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has found. Those 26 million adults — disproportionately Black or Hispanic — have virtually no chance to borrow money or use credit cards. And another 19 million adults have credit ... Read More »

                    What Does A “Charge-Off” Notation Mean On My Credit Report?


                    Q. What does a “charge-off” notation mean on my credit report? A. A common theme in my credit card debt relief law practice is to know what you owe and have a plan to pay off your credit card debt. The best way to get a true picture of your debts is to run your credit reports from the three ... Read More »

                      44K Cars Were Stolen Last Year Because People Left Keys in Them


                      Having your car stolen would be a terrible thing to experience, but apparently thousands of Americans aren’t thinking about that because they leave their keys in their vehicles — and then the cars get stolen. Sure, it may seem like a no-brainer to not leave your keys in an unattended vehicle, but people are increasingly making this mistake, according to an ... Read More »

                        A Guide to Getting a Mortgage After You’ve Had a Loan Modification

                        Loan Modification Green Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

                        If you had a mortgage just a few years ago, fell on hard economic times or were offered a mortgage loan modification by your loan servicer and you’re looking to apply for a new mortgage loan, you’ll need to meet certain credit requirements to get a green light on a new loan. Here’s what you need to know. What Is ... Read More »

                          5 Expensive College Financial Aid Gotchas

                          get out of debt

                          It’s crunch time for high school seniors: May 1 is College Decision Day, the day most college-bound students will let universities and colleges know whether they will be enrolling. For students agonizing over multiple offers, a big factor in choices will (or should be) financial aid. After all, the less you borrow as a student, the less student loan debt you’ll ... Read More »

                            5 Steps to Getting a VA Loan

                            get out of debt

                            Millions of veterans and active military members are eligible for what’s arguably the most powerful mortgage option on the market. VA loans feature $ 0 down payment, no mortgage insurance and more flexible and forgiving requirements. To be sure, VA loans aren’t the answer for every veteran. But they continue to make a huge difference, especially for those who might ... Read More »

                              Should I Apply for More Than One Credit Card at the Same Time?

                              get out of debt

                              There are so many credit cards out there — what’s to stop you from trying to get a bunch of them in your wallet? Potentially, nothing. If you have excellent credit, you may qualify for most of those great offers. Even if your credit isn’t stellar, you can still get your hands on credit card applications. Anyone can get credit ... Read More »

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