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Can My Physicians Assistant Husband Find Any Help for His Student Loans? – Tammy

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Question: Dear Steve, In our case have very low interest rates therefor we are able to pay each of the student loans in full payments every month. By the way my husband is a physicians assistant which as you know is 6 years of school so therefor we have 6 yrs of debt. The federal government loans are the ones ... Read More »

I Stopped Paying My Daughter’s Cosigned Navient Student Loan. – Rosie

Question: Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I co-signed my daughter’s student loans which she and her husband stopped paying because Navient was asking for $1,100 a month (he lost the overtime advantage he was using to pay back the student loans) and all I could help towards that was $200. My daughter directed me to your site and we decided to ... Read More »

Will I Need My IRS ITIN to Get Married?

Question: Dear Steve, I have an ITIN number I got it on 2006 I have not used it for my taxes since then but I have the original paper. How can I know how much I owe, where do I have to go, how can I use it? I am going to get married and I will need this for ... Read More »

I Thought My Art Institute Student Loans Were Eliminated in My Bankruptcy? – Stephanie

Question: Dear Steve, I went to the Art Institute of California for video production. I graduated in December of 2009. Due to life I had not been able to pay my loans. The went from being 54,000 when I graduated to over a 120,000 last year. Most of the loans were private and I got them discharged in bankruptcy at ... Read More »

I’m Taking Care of My Sick Father and Thinking of Bankruptcy

Question: Dear Steve, I am a 35 year old mother of 2. I currently have an MBA but haven’t been using the degree at work because I take care of my ill father part-time and work-part time at a bank. Currently I owe $89,000 on my house, $38,000 in federal student loans and $36,000 in credit cards. My question is- ... Read More »

We Are in Our 70s, in Debt, and Out of Money. What Can We Do? – Gwen

Question: Dear Steve, My husband and I are both in our 70’s. He’s 79 soon to be 80 and I’m 76 soon to be 77. We have gotten ourselves into a lot of debt. ($50,000) We started our retirement with a total of $400,000. Through bad advice and my husband not paying any attention what to was happening with his ... Read More »

Medicare imposters want to steal your money. Don’t let them.

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Pop quiz: If someone calls you asking for your bank account number, should you give it to them? Answer: Never. Hang up — it’s a scam. We’ve heard about different kinds of imposter scams on the rise. In one scenario, scammers call, pretending to work for Medicare. They say they need to verify your bank account number — and it might ... Read More »

Michigan Residents Sentenced to Prison for Mortgage Fraud Scheme

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Recruited Straw Buyers to Purchase Homes and Submit Fraudulent Mortgage Applications Five residents of the Detroit, Michigan, area were sentenced to prison this week for their roles in a multi-year mortgage fraud conspiracy, Acting Assistant Attorney General Caroline D. Ciraolo of the Justice Department’s Tax Division announced today. Between January 2006 and December 2008, the perpetrators of the scheme purchased ... Read More »

Key tips to consider if choosing a lump-sum pension payout

Jan 12 2016 By Stacy Canan Your pension plan may give you the option of taking your full pension in a lump sum when you retire. When you choose a lump-sum payout instead of a monthly pension payment, you replace a lifetime monthly payment for a one-time payout. A lump-sum payout can give you the flexibility of choosing where to ... Read More »

Can My Bank in Kuwait File a Case Against Me in Canada? – Trisha

Question: Dear Scott, I have an unpaid bank loan in Kuwait I have been paying it the last year or so but when I became unemployed I missed a few payments. At first the bank emailed me of my missed payments then just last month they emailed me that they will file a case against me. I emailed them saying ... Read More »

How The Airline Industry And Tourism Has Changed The World

If there are two things that go hand-in-hand, it would be the airline industry, and tourism. Sure the argument can be made that the airliners also fit into the business world, not just as a part of it, but as the vehicle to take business people to other cities, and countries, making it possible for businesses to grow, and keep ... Read More »

7 CEO’s Saving The World

There’s always a lot going on in the world, and one of the issues we face as a planet, is global warming and climate change. In 2015 we saw the climate change pass the 1 degree C point of warming since pre-industrial times! The top large “Big 10” food companies cause more greenhouse emissions than the country of Scandinavia, and ... Read More »

How Not to Fight About Money

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Money is often the cause of turmoil. Granted, the fight may actually be about something else. Money can represent many things in a relationship: power, responsibility, freedom, self-worth, and more. You may need a trained professional to resolve the underlying causes if your fights about money are extreme, frequent, or destructive. However, if your fights are primarily just about money, ... Read More »

Accepting applications for our Academic Research Council

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How to apply For more information on how to apply to serve on the Academic Research Council or one of these Advisory Councils you can: Review instructions on how to submit an application for membership Apply online (Applying online is highly encouraged) Learn more about our Advisory Groups Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more […] This news from the ... Read More »

I Make Too Much Money to Repay My Student Loans. – Nick

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Question: Dear Steve, Great credit and can afford student loan payment, but I can only afford the interest only payment. Any options for a guy who wants to pay his student loans off, but hates how Sallie Mae, Navient, etc work? Essentially I need a 0 percent 30 year loan and I could pay these things off. I know I ... Read More »

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