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National Collegiate Trust Collecting Student Loans

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I received 4 letters from Weltman Weinberg and Reis on 11/16/15 stated that I had 30 days to verify that the student loans were valid before they took action. The loans total $19,000 but they stated that their client would settle for $16,000 National Collegiate and Trust. I don not have $16. I work for a mental health center and ... Read More »

    Is your relationship an obstacle to saving money?

    I only ask because my husband is, and really always has been one of our many obstacles to saving money. He is my little spendthrift. Not that I’m blaming anyone for our lack of savings, but it does make saving a bit more difficult. How can it not? Honestly, though, I think it comes down to a difference of opinion ... Read More »

      Save the date, Louisville!

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      Join us for a field hearing in Louisville, Kentucky about access to checking accounts. The hearing will take place on Wednesday, January 27 at 11 a.m. EST. More information about the event will follow. The hearing will feature remarks from CFPB Director Richard Cordray as well as testimony from consumer groups, industry representatives, and members […] This news from the ... Read More »

        How To Participate in FTC’s PrivacyCon

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        Event Will Be Livestreamed, Live Tweeted @FTC The Federal Trade Commission’s PrivacyCon event is being held tomorrow, Jan. 14, 2016, from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Speakers will include FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez, Commissioner Julie Brill and Chief Technologist Lorrie Cranor. The event will feature research presentations and policy discussions that cover a wide variety of privacy topics and will ... Read More »

          I Stopped Paying My Daughter’s Cosigned Navient Student Loan. – Rosie

          Question: Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I co-signed my daughter’s student loans which she and her husband stopped paying because Navient was asking for $1,100 a month (he lost the overtime advantage he was using to pay back the student loans) and all I could help towards that was $200. My daughter directed me to your site and we decided to ... Read More »

            How do I get a debt collector to stop calling me if it’s not my debt?

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            You have the right to tell a debt collector to stop communicating with you. Write a letter to the debt collector and keep a copy of the letter yourself. Tip: The CFPB has prepared sample letters that you can use to respond to a debt collector who is trying to collect a debt from the wrong person as well as tips on ... Read More »

              What are the new federal protections for consumers who send money internationally?

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              Summary The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued rules to protect consumers who send money electronically to foreign countries. These transactions are called “remittance transfers.” The new rules take effect on October 28, 2013.  More details on the rule are available at our regulations page.  Background A “remittance transfer” is an electronic transfer of money from a consumer in the United ... Read More »

                Key tips to consider if choosing a lump-sum pension payout

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                This news from the CFPB was distributed by the Personal Finance Syndication Network. If you would like to contribute a guest post like this one, click here. Read More »

                  Why is My Son’s WyoTech Navient Student Loan Being Reported as a Federal Loan? – Ava

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                  Question: Dear Steve, My son had a Sallie Mae student loan…it was sold to Navient which turned it into a private loan or so they tell me. We have tried the loan forgiveness or reduction twice with no results because it’s a private loan. The lender as so stated on his account site says “Navient Federal Loan Trust” How can ... Read More »

                    My Bank Won’t Work With Me So I Can Pay My Debt

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                    Question: Dear Steve, The bank called me and told me that I must pay 12600 first before I can apply for account restructuring with an interest rate of 1%. I was not able to pay it as of now because I am jobless. What should I do or how should I respond to the threats of a law firm that ... Read More »

                      What Can I Do About a Private Student Loan Wage Garnish?

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                      Question: Dear Steve, Took out a private student loan for instrumentation school did not graduate ran out of money tried working an going to school got 3 to 4 hours sleep a night had to drop out. Got a garnishment of 25% of my wages by lender Borrowed 30,000 garnishment is for 52,000 plus 7.5% interest on the $52,000 till ... Read More »

                        Returning To The UK With Debts Outside the UK

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                        As the world becomes a smaller place and we move around more, we may find ourselves living and working in other countries, and also living by that countries rules and laws. I know myself as I lived in America, and now I live here in the UK, and getting and staying in another country can be a bit of work ... Read More »

                          10 Reasons to Repair Your Credit This Tax Season

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                          1. There is no better time than NOW Why wait a day longer to start repairing your credit, the sooner you begin the sooner you will feel the benefits. Not only will your FICO score rise when you begin to repair your credit, but by paying off debts or getting current on outstanding bills, you will be saving yourself interest ... Read More »

                            Fraud affects every community: debt collection

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                            There’s not much doubt that fraud can happen anywhere. To anyone. That’s the whole idea behind the FTC’s Every Community Initiative: fraud affects every community, and the FTC works to stop fraud wherever it happens. When we look at all the reports we get from consumers in communities across the country, these scams start to feel like something we face ... Read More »

                              Four dishonest debt collectors down…

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                              Even though it’s a new year, some things remain the same. Illegal debt collection is still a big problem – which means it’s a big deal here at the FTC. We’ve made some progress: you might remember the 115 cases we announced in November, working with more than 70 law enforcement partners. That was big, but we’re not done yet. ... Read More »

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