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FTC Obtains Contempt Ruling Against ‘Yellow Pages’ Scam

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At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal court has banned Robert Ray Law and his company, CPU Service Incorporated (CPU) from sending unsolicited direct mail to advertise or promote goods or services, imposed a judgment of almost $400,000, and required them to immediately pay $45,000. In July 2014, the FTC charged Law and Your Yellow Book Inc. (YYB) with ... Read More »

    FTC Issues Biennial Report to Congress on the National Do Not Call Registry

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    The Federal Trade Commission has issued its biennial report to Congress on the use of the Do Not Call Registry by both consumers and businesses over the past two years. As of September 30, 2015, the National Do Not Call Registry had more than 222 million active registrations, an increase of more than 4.9 million registrations from the previous fiscal ... Read More »

      New York Opens Program to Pay Student Loans, Sort Of

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      The State of New York has opened up a new student loan assistance program, “Get On Your Feet,” which I’m absolutely positive was created in an effort to help some people who are struggling with student loan payments. But as I sit here studying the initiative I’m left with a furrowed brow. I can see some getting the benefit of ... Read More »

        Worst Financial Habits for 2016

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        Many people will be setting goals that focus on their financial health, however there are several habits that could hurt your bottom line in the long run. Large Mocha with Soy and a nonfat vanilla scone for the third day in a row. Going out to eat several times a week while food rots in the refrigerator. These missteps are ... Read More »

          What The Face of WWE Can Teach Us About Getting Out of Debt

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          As I was getting ready for work on the morning of December 29th, I was watching the Today Show. John Cena, who is a professional wrestler with WWE, as well as an actor and rapper, was guest hosting. I am not a follower of WWE but I have seen Mr. Cena in a few movies and if I could describe ... Read More »

            Alabama Resident Indicted for Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud Scheme

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            An Alabama resident was arrested today after being indicted on Dec. 9 by a federal grand jury sitting in Montgomery, Alabama, on 15 counts of wire fraud, 15 counts of aggravated identity theft and two counts of passing U.S. Treasury checks with a false endorsement, announced Acting Assistant Attorney General Caroline D. Ciraolo of the Justice Department’s Tax Division and ... Read More »

              Is There a Debt Solution Company You Would Recommend?

              Question: Dear Steve, Due to medical issues and a large percentage (25%) loss of salary my wife and I are in serious debt. We owe approximately 52,000.00 in credit card debt. I am looking at some debt solution companies at possibly helping get this debt under control and paid off in a reasonable period of time. Is there a particular ... Read More »

                Why We Are Getting EMV Chip Credit Cards

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                BRIEF OVERVIEW According to statistics, almost half of the world’s fraud happens in the United States although only quarter of all credit card transactions happen here. This has prompted the responsible bodies to come up with solutions to counter the menace leading to the introduction of EMV technology on credit cards. EMV (Euro-pay, MasterCard and Visa) technology involves the embedding ... Read More »

                  Winter DIY Home Repair Projects

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                  It’s the middle of winter. You’ve been cooped up inside for months and it’s getting really old. But, unless you’re into snowmobiling, skiing or ice fishing, you’ll probably spend at least the next six weeks indoors. That gives you a choice. You can sit around binge watching TV or you can take on an interior home improvement project. You’d be ... Read More »

                    Tommie Copper to Pay $1.35 Million to Settle FTC Deceptive Advertising Charges

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                    Company Made Claims That Its Copper-Infused Clothing Would Relieve Pain Athletic apparel company Tommie Copper, Inc. and its founder have agreed to pay $1.35 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceptively advertised the company’s copper-infused compression clothing would relieve severe and chronic pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and other diseases. Tommie Copper’s proposed settlement with the ... Read More »

                      Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong

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                      OK, maybe it’s not that everything you know is wrong, more like everything you know about personal finance is wrong. Ummm, maybe that’s a bit too strong, more like a lot of what you think you know about personal finance is not accurate. That’s it! Some research that was done, showed that on average many people in Britain did not ... Read More »

                        Beware of These Business Credit Traps

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                        An entrepreneur had spent $80,000 buying a corporation that he was assured came with access to $250,000 in credit lines. He got the corporation, all right, but the promised credit lines never materialized, and he had to start from scratch. Oops. That story was shared with my friend Gerri Detweiler by small business attorney Garrett Sutton, one of a handful ... Read More »

                          Top 10 consumer protection blog posts of the year

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                          It’s time to dust off the red carpet—actually, it’s more of a government-issued gray, but we’re dusting it off nonetheless—to bring you our top 10 consumer blog posts of the year. 10. Do those incessant, unwanted phone calls and text messages drive you bonkers? You’re not alone. And this blog post gave you tips to stop them. 9. We charged ... Read More »

                            Deceptive car ads give consumers a bum steer

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                            Sign & Drive Leases: ZERO DOWN!!!!!! ALL LEASES ARE Zip, Zero, Zilch — Nothing Down Sound appealing? That’s exactly what some people around Massillon, Ohio thought when they read those claims in full-page newspaper ads from two local car dealers. But the FTC says ads for Progressive Chevrolet and Progressive Motors didn’t properly disclose restrictions on the offer. It turns out ... Read More »

                              Is There Anyway to Get Out From Under My Navient Student Loans? – Kim

                              get out of debt

                              Question: Dear Steve, I was young and dumb and didn’t have any financial help with college. I took out student loans to support my education. After 2 years, I was supposed to be able to get instate tuition, but my alcoholic mother kept claiming me as a dependent on her taxes (although she didn’t support me in ANY WAY). Needless ... Read More »

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