I Live in Arizona and Would Like to File Bankruptcy Myself. – Jodi

“Dear Lewis, I foreclosed on my Condo. Paid $255k, and it auctioned off for 87k. Sad. I then lost my job which paid 68k per year. I’ve used up all my savings, all my 401k monies, have 3 months left on unemployment before I will have NO income to speak of except Food Stamps @ … Read more

I Signed a Reaffirmation Agreement for My Second Mortgage But Not My First. Do I Owe It? – Annabelle

“Dear Lewis, Filed Bankruptcy in 2009. First mortgage was discharged, the second got reaffirmed. My question is: Do I have to pay on the second mortgage? The first was discharged, but the second somehow got reaffirmed. Since the equity in the home was the collateral for the second loan, and I do not “technically” own … Read more

All My Credit Card Debt Has Gone to Collections and My Sister-In-Law is Suggesting Bankruptcy. – Alyce

“Hi Mr. Roberts, Thank you in advance for your help. Presently I have about $16,000.00 of credit card debt. All have gone to collections and the largest has acquired an attorney. I have recieved a notice of civil action from them. I have spoken to them and they are willing to take payments if I … Read more

I Can’t Afford My Debt Settlement Program Anymore and Want to File Bankruptcy. – Tony

“Dear Lewis, I am currently enrolled in a debt settlement plan but i am unable to make the payments due to losing one third of my income in the last 10 months. I went with a law firm and they wanted 2875 up front took 3 months to pay that they just settled my ist … Read more

Root Canals and Appendectomy Were Expensive and Landed Me in Bankruptcy. – Ray

“Dear Lewis, Made many not so smart mistakes which put me into serious credit card debt over the past 8 years or so. Followed by some dental work (multiple root canals) that had to be paid with credit card. Last year, had an emergency appendectomy that ended up in an medical insurance mess up. Ended … Read more

I Paying Debt Discharged in My Bankruptcy. Will My Creditors Update My Credit Report? – Joanne

“Dear Lewis, Filed Ch 7, received discharge a few months ago. Stated my intent to keep my house/car but found out everything was discharged. In the meantime, I am faithfully paying some dischargees (mortgage, car loan, dental loan, etc.). Just wondering if you got my question a few days ago, re: how to get Ch … Read more

My Bankruptcy Trustee Thinks He’s Paying the Mortgage, But He’s Not. – Anna

“Dear Lewis, My husband filed chapter 13 in sept 2010 and in april we had to have our house added to the plan. Our payment went from 280.00 per month to 1780.00 to include our house payment. We decided to have 2 equal payments automatically withdrawn on the 3rd and 15th of each month from … Read more

Nasty Divorce, Two Children Involved, and Ex Says They Will File Bankruptcy to Ditch Child Support

“Dear Lewis, I am writing for my daughter and have 2 very simple questions to ask. She has been trying to close up her divorce and custody for 6 yrs. Her ex has been very difficult as far as paying child support, but reluctanly pays an amount that has been court ordered. Needles to say, … Read more

Tell Ashley Furniture to Stick It if They Try to Take Back Your Furniture

“Dear Lewis, Filed Bk and discharged in 6/2011. I received a call from Global Collection agency today wanting $900 to keep the furniture we bought from Ashley Furniture. The loan originally was for $5000 but we paid $2500 before we claimed bankruptcy but Bonnie at Global stated they can and will pick up all the … Read more

We Live on Social Security Alone and Can’t Pay Our Creditors. – Bogey

“Dear Lewis, My wife & I are on SS and have credit card debts of $60k. We have no savings, and SS funds to pay only about half the minimum monthly card payments. We live in Ohio and only assets are our home and car. We do meet chapter 7 income requirements, We are not … Read more

I Tried to Find Cheap Bankruptcy Filing Help But It’s Costing More. – Noelle

“Dear Lewis, I have had a fair amount of help from you since last year. I was a victim if you will of a credit scam from P&E Solutions. Good news? yes, I got all my money back from them. Bad news, my credit was beyond repair and after several really bad ecperiences with creditors … Read more

My Insurance Does Not Cover Me for Tropical Storm Damage. – Barry

“Dear Lewis, I currently have debt on two homes. I move to Missouri 7 years ago with only a first mortgage to start a business. The business struggled for about 1.5 years and in the last year. I purchased a home when I moved which has a first and second mortgage totaling $152,252.00 I was … Read more

My Ex-Husband Was Supposed to Give Me Half His Retirement And He Spent It. – Nory

“Dear Lewis, my ex husband was court ordered to pay me half of his retirement, he spent it all, he and we both have attorneys, my attorney was going after him for my fees, now my attorney wants me to pay him. I have no money and this all took place over a month ago, … Read more

Will My House Be Safe Under Bankruptcy? – Dennis

“Dear Lewis, I was injured and unable to work. My wife and I fell further and further behind on our bills until we started recieveing notices and calls from collection agency’s. We can make our mortgage payment just fine however there is $35,000 in credit card debt (mainly 2 home improvement cards) We owe $126,000 … Read more