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Can Precision Law Center Really Stop My Foreclosure? – Jeremy

“Dear Lewis, Residence $1.3MM mortgage MERS/AHMSI for Deutche Bank signed up with Precision Law Center to stop foreclosure and had to file Ch13 instead. 2 rentals all little equity or neg-equity, not in foreclosure, but stopped paying to seek mods. Over limits for ch13, did pro se filing to buy time. Need to convert to 11 or 7 this month ... Read More »

    Should I Draw On My Retirement Before or After I File Bankruptcy? – Ryan

    “Dear Lewis, Recently divorced, left financially and emotionally wiped out, decided to resign and take a year off for travel and healing. Currently have 40K in unsecured debt and about 7K in savings. Was planning on drawing on my retirement (about 50k) of it, to finance the upcoming year. Question is, can I file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, and still ... Read More »

      Depreciation Not Dischargeable in Bankruptcy. – JMS2

      “Dear Lewis, We are considering filing Chapter 13 ( due to 2 rental properties that are upside down nearly 50% ). They are now valued at the price of purchase 10yrs ago. 1 of the properties has a 50k 2nd mtg. We have some cc debt. I am concerned about 1099C Tax statements for any deficiencies and if there are ... Read More »

        I’m Still Struggling Even in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. – Robbie

        “Dear Lewis, i filed bankruptcy in 2008. payments to the trustee is taking out of my paycheck.i make the mortgage payments. when i filed, i place 3 payments in the bankruptcy. i got here due to many credit cards, lost hours at work. i’m the only one working. my wife can’t work, not a citizen. my problem is that i’m ... Read More »

          I’m Paying Morgan Drexen But Got a Summons From AMEX. – Jamie

          “Dear Lewis, I’ve been paying a debt releif company for about 10 months (Morgen Drexen) I received a summons from AMEX and they are going to sue me for about 4500. My plan is to cancel the debt consolidation and to file bankruptcy, but have a few questions. I own my house and I’m current on all payments. I have ... Read More »

            We Filed Bankruptcy and Discharged Our Mortgage But We Are Still Being Billed for Taxes. – Missie

            “Dear Lewis, My husband and I filed Chap 7 bankruptcy in Orange county, Florida. It was discharged in May 2010 and included our home. We moved out of the house in February 2010. We are continuing to get notices from GMAC Mortgage that they’ve force placed insurance and were told that we are still responsible for some fees, liens, etc. ... Read More »

              Roof, Beef, and a Lemon Vehicle Have Pushed Us Into Trouble. – Barbara

              “Dear Lewis, I have been slowly, getting into great amounts of debt over the years, have had home 16 years, and would have been almost paid, however, due to it being very old, we had it re-sided and new windows, and a re-finance, just at the wrong time, our house payment though, isn’t really the problem, we are on a ... Read More »

                The Finance Company Never Picked Up the Motorcycles After My Bankruptcy. – Richard

                “Dear Lewis, I filed bankruptcy late last year and the chapter 7 I filed is over with and I received the final paper where it is discharged. I live in Ky. And I had three motorcycles that I filed on among other stuff. One finance company came and got their motorcycle at the beginning of bankrupty but the other two ... Read More »

                  Getting a Job With Bad Credit. – Mark

                  “Dear Lewis, I am videographer I used to work for Lifetime Video videotaping weddings and editing. When the economy started going down the weddings got less and less. Also my fiance fell causing frozen shoulder and chronic back pain. I have been her caregiver giving her medicine. Because of the medicine she has trouble remembering what to take. I tried ... Read More »

                    Can I Go Bankrupt Again in Reno? – Roman

                    “Dear Lewis, I went bankrupt 6 1/2 yrs ago.. My wife has been ill and has had 4 major surgeries in the past 3yrs…I owe thousands of dollare in medical. Can I go bankrupt again. Please help. when can i go bankrupt again.I live in Reno,Nevada Roman” Dear Roman, I assume you filed a chapter 7 last time. So you ... Read More »

                      The Bankruptcy Trustee Keeps Losing My Documents. – Rosana

                      “Dear Lewis, I have a personnal bankruptcy already in progress. The trustee keeps losing my documents and I am tired of the whole thing. I don’t have any assets. No house, car. or income. I am recently separated from my husband. SO I would rather every one sue me as I don’t have any money anyway. Can i cancel my ... Read More »

                        We Have a Million Dollars of Debt and Need to File Bankruptcy. – Ruthie

                        “Dear Lewis, Our income is 18,000/month, secured debt (mortgages) is $1,050,000, Unsecured debt (credit cards, personal loans, medical bills) is 270,000. We have a single family home assessed 707K and multifamily assessed 575K that we need to keep. We’re a family of 5 w/3 dependents. We earn too much income to file Chap 7 and our secured debt is over ... Read More »

                          Received Proposed Reaffirmation of Debt Agreement. – Randall

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                          “Dear Lewis, Between wife and I we were 100,000.00 in credit card debt. First called a debt settlement company and thought I would try that. A good friend of mine talked me into seeing a bankrupt attorney which I did. Our case was discharged in 06/2011 (chapter 7). During the filing process we received a “Proposed Reaffirmation Agreement” from American ... Read More »

                            How Do I Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer? – Shane

                            “Dear Lewis, Single income family of less than 40k. Been in debt most all of my adult life (40 yrs. old). Present credit card debt of about 43k and mortgage of about 60k. Great credit rating and current on all bills. No savings. No retirement. No future. Live week to week. Is bankruptcy an option for us? How do I ... Read More »

                              I’m Considering Cashing Out My 401K or Bankruptcy? – Gary

                              “Dear Lewis, Married with 4 kids. My annual salary-$75,000. My wife makes $16,000 a year. Owe $175,000 on house – worth $200,000 and payment is $1380 a month. Have one car loan @$294 a month & balance is $8500. We have $29,000 in credit card debt costing $800 a month. Also have $21,000 in 401k loans costing $593 a month. ... Read More »

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