I’m on SSI. Should I Stop Paying My Bills to File Bankruptcy? – John

“Dear Mitch, I am a 46 year old male. I am on SSI disability. After paying all my monthly bills I am only left with $50.00 for food, gas and prescriptions. The only things I own are a motorcycle and car. I do not have savings so I can not pay a attorney to file … Read more

Discover Card Says They Will Sue Me. How Should I Handle This? – Catherine

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I Was Making Payments to American Express and They Are Now Threatening to Sue Me. – Gracie

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My Bankruptcy Attorney Says My Chapter 13 Payment Can’t Be Lowered. – Joseph

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A Collector is Chasing Me for An Old Account. I Already Filed Bankruptcy. – Shonaray

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I Signed a Contract With Lifeguard Financial and I’m Paying NoteWorld. – Cyndi

“Dear Mitch, I signed a contract with lifeguard financial on August of 2009 and I have been making a payment of 637/mo to Noteworld. This month I still made a payment, I tried getting into my account at my.espda.com and its giving me an error, also I have tried contacting them via several phone numbers … Read more

Three Collection Agencies Are Trying to Collect on the Same Old Debt. – Michele

“Dear Mitch, An old Washington Mutual account went to collection with a balance around $7k. When my situation improved I started paying the collection agency, and got about half of the debt paid off so the balance was a little over $3k. Unfortunately I had to stop payments again, and the collection agency sold the … Read more

Can I File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Get Rid of My Sallie Mae Student Loans? – Verka

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Do I Need to Be Worried About Getting Scammed by Hardship Center? – Tasia

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I Want to Know if Debt Smart America is An Honest Company. – Alberto

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A Guy is Trying to Sell Me a Motorcycle But Can’t Find Out How to Get The Lien Released. – Gilbert

“Dear Mitch, trying to purchase a motorcycle I am trying to buy a motorcycle that has a lien on it from Household Retail Services, the guy tells me they have been bought out, he tells me the bike is payed off, but he cant find out how to get the lien released, if i buy … Read more

My Accounts Are in Collections and One is Suing Me. – Donna

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I’m a Disabled Air Force Veteran and Can’t Afford My Car. – Deborah

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I Have a Lot of Credit Card Debt, a Repossession and a Judgment. – Eric

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I’m in Law School But Considering Bankruptcy. – Jenni

“Dear Mitch, I am 40 years old and work as a land development consultant. I don’t have to explain what has happened to land development in recent years. I used to make 63k/year with a 15-17k bonus every year. I now make $40k/year with no bonus. My husband’s small business has struggled and drained all … Read more