A Guy is Trying to Sell Me a Motorcycle But Can’t Find Out How to Get The Lien Released. – Gilbert

“Dear Mitch, trying to purchase a motorcycle I am trying to buy a motorcycle that has a lien on it from Household Retail Services, the guy tells me they have been bought out, he tells me the bike is payed off, but he cant find out how to get the lien released, if i buy … Read more

My Accounts Are in Collections and One is Suing Me. – Donna

“Dear Mitch, have been unable to pay on cc debt for approx 12-13months due to family crisis and work loss combined with rising costs just to buy groceries and pay essentials(electric, etc.). At this point most are in collections, one is actually suing me. My medical bills take up a big chunk of my money … Read more

I’m a Disabled Air Force Veteran and Can’t Afford My Car. – Deborah

“Dear Mitch, Used car. I started out July 2007 paying over 30% interest. Car is Mazda RX-8, 2004. I signed a contract for 7 years with some bank to pay $440.00 a month for 7 years. Now car payment is in collections since April or May of 2011. I’m retired disabled Air Force Veteran. I’m … Read more

I Have a Lot of Credit Card Debt, a Repossession and a Judgment. – Eric

“Dear Mitch, I have a lot of old credit card debt. Recently I had a repossession go to judgment in which I received a letter in the mail. I contacted the law firm but was not left felling comfortable.. They answered the phone by just saying “law office” , the person I spoke to seemed … Read more

I’m in Law School But Considering Bankruptcy. – Jenni

“Dear Mitch, I am 40 years old and work as a land development consultant. I don’t have to explain what has happened to land development in recent years. I used to make 63k/year with a 15-17k bonus every year. I now make $40k/year with no bonus. My husband’s small business has struggled and drained all … Read more