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Help! We’re Worried We’ll Outlive Our Retirement Savings


Jan and Tim need help deciding what to do with a lump sum of money. Call it something of a delayed inheritance. When they sold an inherited property, the couple extended a mortgage to the homebuyers. That worked nicely for years, but when the new homeowner eventually decided to get a new bank loan. That meant a windfall of $800,000 ... Read More »

    Apple Pay Currently Has a Loophole for Credit Card Thieves


    Apple Pay is taking some heat for an alleged credit card fraud issue. The problem is not with Apple Pay’s encryption system, but with a loophole in the verification process when you register a new card into the system. Find out how to avoid online credit card theft and fraud on Instagram >>> Apple Pay’s Authentication Loophole The Wall Street ... Read More »

      Is Child Support Taxable Income?


      Whether you pay or receive child support, you might be wondering about how to handle it on your taxes. If you receive child support payments, do they count as taxable income? If you make child support payments, can you write them off? The answer to both questions is “no” — child support payments are not taxable. The parent making child support ... Read More »

        How to Fix Mistakes on Your Tax Return


        Although electronic filing has drastically cut down the number of errors when filing tax returns, the fact remains that mistakes can happen. It is not hard to imagine that you might botch your tax return and not realized it until after you file. The key is to understand which steps you need to take to efficiently correct your mistakes, so your refund is ... Read More »

          24 Things You Need to Know to Build Credit


          If you’re trying to boost your credit score, it pays to know everything you can about how the scores are figured, what affects them and how you can improve your own credit score as quickly as possible. Below are 24 facts you need to know. These 5 things surprisingly don’t affect your credit score >>> 1. A credit score ranges from ... Read More »

            Target to Lay Off Thousands of Employees: What This Means for Consumers


            Target announced Tuesday it will cut several thousand jobs, mostly from the company’s headquarters locations. This move is part of a restructuring plan that will cut $ 2 billion in costs and save money for the company over the next two years. Target CEO Brian Cornell revealed the details of the plan, which will narrow the company’s focus to a ... Read More »

              Rent or Buy a House? The Key Is the Break-Even Year

              hartwell kitchen

              Housing costs is often the biggest part of any American’s budget. But when it comes to choosing where you will live there is often one major question: Should you rent or should you buy? There are several factors that go into which decision is more financially prudent for you. One number that can help you figure out what is the better ... Read More »

                Legal Issues Surround Quitclaim Deeds


                There are various types of real estate (land) deeds. Having a deed may document a claim of ownership but does not guarantee actual ownership, as the old jokes about selling or buying the Brooklyn Bridge illustrate. Many types of deeds allow recourse against the grantor (maker of the deed) if certain subsequent title problems occurs. This comment briefly notes in ... Read More »

                  Employee Appreciation Day: Here’s How You Compare to the Average Worker


                  March 6 is Employee Appreciation Day, when American employers give their workers some extra recognition for their ongoing efforts and hard work. Many companies go the extra mile to celebrate their employees by funding team outings, giving gifts, offering a short work day or holding recognition events. Workers say it doesn’t take much to make them feel appreciated. More than a third of employees ... Read More »

                    5 Ways to Slash Your Monthly Expenses


                    It can often seem like your monthly income flows right back out. If you feel like your money is gone before you even have a chance to choose where it goes, you may need to get a handle on your finances. Regular monthly expenses can fill  your budget easily, leaving less money to spend now and save for the future. ... Read More »

                      5 Things You Absolutely Need to Find in Your Credit Reports

                      Your Credit Score Sucks

                      You probably already know it’s a good idea to review your credit reports and your credit scores. But what happens when you get a copy of your credit report and you aren’t sure what to make of it? In a recent survey by, 27% of consumers who said they had reviewed their credit reports were surprised by some of the ... Read More »

                        The Pre-Recession Housing Problem That’s About to Slam Homeowners


                        The home equity line of credit (HELOC) had been around for many years before it became a hugely popular financial product in the early 2000s. When the financial crisis happened in 2008, drastically lower home valuations put a stop to the HELOC boom, and today we see far fewer being issued by lending institutions. However, millions of homeowners still have ... Read More »

                          Amex Raises APRs on 1 Million Credit Cards: What You Can Do


                          More than one million American Express credit card customers are going to see their APRs experience an increase in mid-April, according to a letter sent to affected customers (the timing may be different for you). See why the interest rate hikes are coming, what you can do about it and why it won’t matter for some cardholders. More than 1 ... Read More »

                            6 Members of Congress With the Most Student Loan Debt


                            Americans sometimes find it difficult to relate to members of Congress, particularly from a financial standpoint. That’s understandable: Lawmakers are, on average, significantly wealthier than the average American, and about half of Congress (50.8%) is made up of millionaires. But there’s another thing above average about legislators’ finances, which might actually resonate with their constituents: student loan debt. About 8% ... Read More »

                              Debt Consolidation USA Explains How Drugstores Offer Great Bargains

                              broken piggybank with dollar notes

                              Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 07, 2015 Debt Consolidation USA shared in a recently published article how drugstores are able to offer great savings to consumers treading on a tight budget. The article titled “Best Bargains At Drugstores” looks at the multiple ways shoppers can walk out a drugstore with the best deals in town. The article starts off by pointing ... Read More »

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