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I’m Worried About Calling a Debt Collector. What Should I Do?

blank screen mobile in woman hands

Dealing with debt collectors can be a scary prospect. If you have ever dealt with an overly aggressive and abrupt collector, your preference for avoiding a repeat call can be understandable. Perhaps you’ve never had to call a collector, but having done some research online, are concerned you could be subjected to similar experiences that others have written about. Regardless ... Read More »

    What’s the Most Dangerous Kind of Identity Theft?

    ID Theft or Stolen Identity

    Like the thieves behind the crime, identity theft can take on many disguises depending on the information stolen. When identity theft goes undetected, these crimes can not only cost victims their money, but also their health and well-being. It’s nearly impossible to avoid identity theft, but awareness and vigilance are key to fixing the problem if you do get hit. ... Read More »

      How I Got Out of $63,000 of Credit Card Debt


      Sleepless nights.  A knot in the pit of the stomach. A gnawing sense of unease. Charles Phelan was familiar with the physical and emotional toll of debt. But usually it was his clients who were experiencing those symptoms. This time, it was his turn. He owed more than $50,000 in credit card debt and knew it was time to make ... Read More »

        Should You Ever Tap Into Your 401K?

        Dollars and Stopwatch

        Saving for retirement isn’t easy. It’s hard to forgo things now to plan for some distant day in the future. But whether you want to see the world or play golf in your backyard, if you want to be able to stop working at some point, saving up is usually necessary. Calculating how much you will need in retirement can be tricky, ... Read More »

          Swipe & Sniff: A Scented Credit Card for Women


          A bank in the Middle East released a scented credit card in January, targeting women with this financial product that doubles as a medium for self-expression. Al Hilal, the bank, says it’s the first scented credit card in the United Arab Emirates. It may be new to the UAE, but scented credit cards were introduced a while ago. Japan Credit ... Read More »

            5 Credit Cards to Help You Build Credit

            Credit cards

            Do you need to build your credit? Perhaps you are a young adult who has never had a credit card, or maybe you are a new arrival to the U.S. without a credit history here. Others may need to build credit after having gone decades without applying for any type of loan. Thankfully, the right credit card can help you quickly ... Read More »

              How Gas Credit Cards Affect Your Credit Score


              Gas credit cards have declined in popularity over the past decade as consumers switched to using bank-issued cards at the pump. But for the credit-challenged, gas credit cards have long been touted as a way to quickly build credit, since even those with a less-than-desirable credit history can qualify and use them to build credit. But are gas credit cards ... Read More »

                Help! My Tax Refund Was Taken to Pay My Student Loan Debt


                Many people have already filed their taxes this year — particularly those owed refunds. Because of rising taxpayer identity theft, it’s a smart idea for anyone to file quickly. However, some taxpayers are discovering the refund they thought was coming has instead has been taken to pay their student loan debt. Here’s a sample of questions recently sent to From ... Read More »

                  3 Spring Break Scams You Can Avoid

                  Debt Settlement Party Time

                  Though the weather in much of the country suggests otherwise, spring is nearly upon us, and for many Americans, that means it’s time for a spring break vacation. Most people looking to get away, whether they’re college students or not, search for deals that allow them to enjoy their break for a minimal amount of money. Scammers prey to consumers’ ... Read More »

                    How to Know If Itemized Deductions Will Get You a Bigger Refund


                    April is almost here and that means taxes are due soon. If you still need to file your return, don’t worry; you might be able to use this time to review your finances and decide if itemizing your deductions this year will net you a better deal. It could be the difference between owing Uncle Sam and getting a refund from him. 8 free government tax tools ... Read More »

                      Help! We’re Worried We’ll Outlive Our Retirement Savings


                      Jan and Tim need help deciding what to do with a lump sum of money. Call it something of a delayed inheritance. When they sold an inherited property, the couple extended a mortgage to the homebuyers. That worked nicely for years, but when the new homeowner eventually decided to get a new bank loan. That meant a windfall of $800,000 ... Read More »

                        Apple Pay Currently Has a Loophole for Credit Card Thieves


                        Apple Pay is taking some heat for an alleged credit card fraud issue. The problem is not with Apple Pay’s encryption system, but with a loophole in the verification process when you register a new card into the system. Find out how to avoid online credit card theft and fraud on Instagram >>> Apple Pay’s Authentication Loophole The Wall Street ... Read More »

                          Is Child Support Taxable Income?


                          Whether you pay or receive child support, you might be wondering about how to handle it on your taxes. If you receive child support payments, do they count as taxable income? If you make child support payments, can you write them off? The answer to both questions is “no” — child support payments are not taxable. The parent making child support ... Read More »

                            How to Fix Mistakes on Your Tax Return


                            Although electronic filing has drastically cut down the number of errors when filing tax returns, the fact remains that mistakes can happen. It is not hard to imagine that you might botch your tax return and not realized it until after you file. The key is to understand which steps you need to take to efficiently correct your mistakes, so your refund is ... Read More »

                              24 Things You Need to Know to Build Credit


                              If you’re trying to boost your credit score, it pays to know everything you can about how the scores are figured, what affects them and how you can improve your own credit score as quickly as possible. Below are 24 facts you need to know. These 5 things surprisingly don’t affect your credit score >>> 1. A credit score ranges from ... Read More »

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