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Could Flipping “Big” Houses Become the Next Big Thing in Real Estate?

In honor of my trip to the White House yesterday.

Silicon Valley, CA (PRWEB) February 24, 2015 The residual effects of the US housing crisis has many homeowners “upside down” on their loans with over 4 million foreclosures in the years since the October 2008 financial meltdown. This has left the door open for entrepreneurial real estate investors like Todd Hill. He and his team specialize in so-called “luxury flips” ... Read More »

    Best Debt Negotiator Awards Highlighted by 10 Best Debt

    Happy people celebrating with money raining

    Sacramento, California (PRWEB) February 22, 2015 Recently, 10 Best Debt, the leading web-based resource for people seeking answers to questions concerning personal finance and credit, announced the winners of the Best Debt Negotiator awards. As part of its efforts, 10 Best Debt does not provide debt management services. Instead, it guides consumers who need help to a top debt negotiator ... Read More »

      4 Tips for Living Without Credit Cards

      credit card verification

      Credit cards can be good financial tools for the responsible consumer. In this day and age they can also feel absolutely essential since some stores, vendors and even airlines require plastic (though you can use a debit card too). But credit card spending can also lead to debt if not done responsibly. Switching to a cash-only life can help avoid this. ... Read More »

        United States of Debt – Audio


        Upon entering the Eastside Arts Alliance in East Oakland, it’s clear that this a special kind of conference. On the welcome table is a stack of name tag stickers, the kind that usually read “Hello, My Name Is…” But these stickers read: “Hello, My DEBT Is…” These badges are stuck onto the shirts of many of the 70-some people here, ... Read More »

          Here’s Proof You Don’t Need A 6-Figure Salary To Be Happy

          happy woman in wheelchair outdoors beach showing victory sign

          Money won’t necessarily make you happier — but a new study suggests your chosen profession might. Using data collected for the Cabinet Office’s 2014 Wellbeing and Policy Report, global job recruitment company Michael Page created Salary vs. Happiness, an interactive chart showcasing the intersections of salaries and lifetime satisfaction ratings of employees across 260 occupations. Workers between the ages of ... Read More »

            You’ve Got Goals for Your Life—And Some of Them Take Money to Achieve


            Feb 23 2015 By Laura Schlachtmeyer When you look ahead to your future, what kind of changes do you see? You might envision major changes, like moving to a new city for a new job, starting a family, or helping your kids move out and live on their own. You might anticipate smaller changes too, like starting a hobby or ... Read More »

              Best Debt Consolidation Firm Awards Revealed by 10 Best Debt


              10 Best Debt is an established organization that gives awards to companies that deal with different cases in the area of debt. Recently, 10 Best Debt compiled a list of 10 companies that it considers to be among the finest debt consolidation firms, releasing the top three contenders in the category. (PRWEB) February 22, 2015 In its ongoing efforts to ... Read More »

                How Much Money Do You Need to Have?


                We would all like to have enough money to do the important things: live life, retire comfortably, educate our children, and so on. More importantly, how do you make sure that you have enough to reach these various goals? Careful planning is essential, but you need to start from the bottom and work your way up to the big goals. ... Read More »

                  4 Tips for Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

                  Couple Buying House

                  Buying a home is the biggest financial investment most people experience. When you are ready to sell your property, your first instinct is likely to search for a real estate agent, but while a real estate agent can help in many ways, this isn’t always necessary. You can sell your home without an agent. If you are taking on this ... Read More »

                    The 5 Toughest Challenges of Inherited Wealth


                    If you are ever in a position to inherit a large sum of money… or if somehow you find out you are a “beneficiary” of a trust… would you know what questions to ask or know what to do? Although inheritors of large sums of wealth – say, $ 10 million or higher – are few and far between, it ... Read More »

                      Can Debt Collectors Repossess My Car?

                      tow truck repo

                      If you’re like many of us, you need your car to get to work or school, carpool kids or grandkids, or to do your shopping. But what happens if you are getting calls from debt collectors who you can’t pay? Can a debt collector take your car? Our reader, Marbella, who lives in California, says a collection agency told her she must ... Read More »

                        5 Tax Myths That Can Cost You


                        Tax myths are a lot like a bad date. They are annoying and seem to last forever. Yet people have beliefs about income taxes that have no basis in reality. Were it not for the potential financial costs, some of these might be amusing. But if you believe them and act upon them, they can cost you serious money. Tax ... Read More »

                          How One Couple Merged Their Money Over 17 Years


                          Bill and Eleanor Seavey started their marriage 17 years ago with a prenup. Neither can remember exactly when the agreement sunsetted, but clearly it has. They run a bed and breakfast together in Cambria, Calif., and it doesn’t make sense to them to have an account a spouse can’t access. “She has access to my money, and I have access to hers,” ... Read More »

                            The Dirty Money Conversation: Marital Financial Failures That Cause Divorce

                            couple working

                            For some reason, talking about money can feel dirty. People avoid it, especially in romantic relationships because it can lead to arguments. One of the benefits of marriage is the financial advantage of two incomes and shared expenses. When couples cannot have the “dirty money” talk, their marriage suffers, resentment and distrust builds and the relationship fails. Here are the ... Read More »

                              What Are Americans Doing With the Gas Money They’re Saving?

                              car broken

                              Americans are enjoying a nice raise at the moment, in the form of dramatically lower gas prices. The government’s Energy Information Administration estimates that the average household will spend $ 750 less on gas this year, which is like getting a roughly $ 1,000 raise, since the savings aren’t taxed. For a little perspective, the 2008 economic stimulus package passed ... Read More »

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