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National Debt Relief Discuss Important Matters About Personal Finances

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Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 18, 2015 National Debt Relief recently shared in an article published March 5, 2015 some of the things consumers needs to know about their personal finance. The article, titled “5 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Your Personal Finances,” looks at some of the important financial areas people needs to be aware of. The ... Read More »

    5 Stupid Ways Millionaires Like Jordan Belfort Lost Their Fortunes


    Rich people are human, too, and are just as susceptible to failure as the rest of us; but when they go down, they go down hard. It can happen in an instant, or over the course of several years, but many millionaires have lost their riches due to bad business decisions, materialism or even illegal activities. Here is a list ... Read More »

      3 Things to Look Out for If You’re a Victim of the Premera Blue Cross Security Breach

      White Collar Criminal

      Premera Blue Cross, a health insurer serving patients in Washington and Alaska, announced Tuesday it was the target of a cyberattack that accessed millions of customers’ personal, financial and medical information. An investigation reportedly discovered the attack began May 5, 2014. According to its website, Premera Blue Cross serves 1.8 million people in the U.S., though multiple news reports say 11 ... Read More »

        How to Legally Cheat Your Tax Bracket


        Lowering your tax bill is no easy feat. No matter how much you love Fluffy, your cat is not a dependent that can score you a deduction so you can reduce your taxable income, and thus your tax rate (There are, however, a few tax breaks for pet owners). And, you can’t deduct the cost of a gym membership, even if ... Read More »

          The Great Illusion of Retirement Savings

          Panic attack

          The nation is facing a looming retirement income crisis. Average retirees today are not well off. Tomorrow’s average senior is likely to be in worse shape. Instead of addressing this looming crisis, too many of the nation’s policymakers and elites propose to make it worse. They tell the American people that Social Security’s earned benefits must be cut, despite their ... Read More »

            Can I Deal With a Debt Collector Over Email?


            Over the past 25 years, the way individuals communicate with each other has changed dramatically. From telephone calls and faxes to emails and text messages, advancements in technology have made it much easier for individuals to get in touch with one another. Today, individuals communicate through text messages and emails more than they do through telephone calls. Businesses have also adapted to new ... Read More »

     Responds to Pending Credit-Reporting Changes

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              Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) March 16, 2015, a leading provider of credit report repair services, reacts favorably to the new agreement announced Monday between New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the three biggest U.S. credit-reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Under the agreement, the credit bureaus have approved the hiring of employees tasked to review consumer credit ... Read More »

                When Should I Pull My Credit Reports?


                A close friend recently asked me for advice about reviewing her credit reports and credit scores. A few years ago, when she got a mortgage, her scores were very good — in the 800s — but she has since had a run-in with a department store card that she fears may have had a negative impact on her credit. So it’s smart for her to ... Read More »

                  2015 Mortgage Rate Trends: What House Hunters Can Expect This Spring


                  The first few months of 2015 are behind us and many consumers are wondering if an interest rate hike is in the near future, especially in regard to mortgage rate trends. Real estate activity during last few months of 2014 was slower than expected — both seller and buyer activity was weak. Rising home prices decreased inventory, and going into ... Read More »

                    The 8 Very Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Credit Cards


                    Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) March 15, 2015 National Debt Relief recently shared some of the worst credit card mistakes that consumers are guilty of in an article published March 3, 2015. The article titled “The 8 Very Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Credit Cards” enumerates some of the worst and fairly common mistakes people commit when getting or using their ... Read More »

                      3 Questions That Can Lead You to a Better Retirement


                      How do we decide what percentage of our income to earmark for retirement? Undoubtedly we think about the bills we have to pay, the medical expenses we might incur, the food and personal care items we need to purchase. This is a solid start — putting any amount of money aside for retirement is smart and necessary. But how many ... Read More »

                        19 Medical Expenses You Can Deduct From Your Taxes


                        Medical expenses have to take a pretty big bite out of your budget before you can use them to reduce your income tax liability. By the time you add up all the medical expenses you can count, however, including insurance, you might find they cost an arm and a leg to qualify. Not to mention, the Affordable Care Act hasn’t made filing ... Read More »

                          How We Started a Business in Our 70s


                          Husband and wife team Rick and Jari Searns, of Williamsville, N.Y., have been entrepreneurs for almost their entire working lives — roughly 45 years. They have successfully launched and sold three staffing companies, one of which was an Inc. 500 company, and co-founded and currently own two marketing companies. They founded RestMark in 2013, spent roughly six months on software ... Read More »

                            7 Signs You’re the Victim of a Tax Scam


                            Tax season is officially in full swing, and it’s the busiest time of the year for scam artists. Crooks are working overtime to get their hands on your tax refund and personal information. It’s important to have your guard up whether you prepare your own taxes or seek professional assistance, as these people have subtle ways to get the best ... Read More »

                              There’s a Catch to Income-Based Repayment That Could Cost You Money


                              When it comes to dealing with student loans it can be a good news-bad news situation. While there are some good options to dealing with student loans when you can’t afford the payments, not all loans are the same. Federal student loans have a number of repayment options while private student loans tend to be more limited in terms of ... Read More »

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