Betsy DeVos is Trying to Nullify a Federal Law Intended to Give Defrauded Students Relief From Student Loans: Our Government is Shielding Crooks

Betsy DeVos is in bed with the corrupt for-profit college industry. Her slavish pandering to the for-profit-college racketeers is truly shocking. Now she is trying to nullify a law that gives relief to students who were defrauded by for-profit colleges. In 1994, Congress passed a law giving students an avenue for getting their student loans … Read more

Forget the Russians and Focus on Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Almost 44 million Americans are student-loan debtors, and every single one of them should see Betsy DeVos as their mortal enemy. Since President Trump appointed her as Secretary of Education, DeVos has done nothing to ease the suffering of college borrowers. On the contrary, she has done everything she can to prop up the venal … Read more

Betsy DeVos Says Students Defrauded by For-Profit Colleges May Only Get Partial Debt Relief

As Martin Luther King wrote from the Birmingham Jail, justice too long delayed is justice denied. And of course justice that is not only delayed but incomplete is nothing more than a cynical parody of justice. As everyone knows, hundreds of thousands of students took out student loans to attend for-profit colleges and paid too … Read more

If You Have a Graduate Student Tuition Waiver – Prepare to Pay Tax On It

A tax bill passed the House of Representatives a few days ago, and Republican congresspeople went out of their way to show contempt for America’s postsecondary students. The House bill treats tuition waivers as income, which means that American graduate students who receive these waivers will get big tax bills in the years to come … Read more

Why Don’t More Student Loan Borrowers File Bankruptcy?

Matt Taibbi wrote a terrific article for Rolling Stone about the student loan crisis. Titled “The Great College Loan Swindle” Taibbi’s piece told the story of two distressed student-loan borrowers: Scott Nailor and Veronica Martish. Nailor borrowed $35,000 to get a college degree in education. Unfortunately, his first teaching job only paid $18,000; and he … Read more

The Great College Loan Swindle Article Worth Reading

If you believe in social justice and basic human decency, you must read Matt Taibbi’s article on the student-loan crisis that appeared this month in Rolling Stone. Writing in the tradition of great American investigative journalism, Taibbi deconstructs “the great college loan swindle” that is destroying the lives of millions. Taibbi illustrates his theme by … Read more

140 People a Day Die From Overdoses. 3,000 Debtors a Day Default on Their Student Loans

Approximately 52,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses in 2015. That’s an average rate of around 140 deaths a day. In fact, opioid overdose is now the leading cause of death for Americans under age 50. If we continue at this rate, a half million Americans will die from drug overdoses over the next ten years–roughly … Read more

Disabled Wounded Veteran Gets Loans Forgiven and a $62,000 IRS Bill. Thank You For Your Service.

At age 40, Will Milzarski, an attorney, took leave from his state government job to return to the U.S. Army. After completing officer training, he served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. where he led more than 200 combat missions. On his last day in combat, Milzarski was wounded in the face, which left him … Read more

Federal Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge Upheld on Appeal

In a previous essay, I wrote about Alan and Catherine Murray, a married couple in their late forties who defeated Educational Credit Management Corporation in a Kansas bankruptcy court. ECMC appealed, and the Murrays prevailed again–a victory that has important implications for middle-income student-loan debtors. The Murrays took out student loans in the 1990s to … Read more

Department of Education Default Rate Numbers a Work of Fiction

During the First World War, it is said, the British military kept three sets of casualty figures: one set to deceive the public, a second set to deceive the War Ministry, and a third set to deceive itself. Over the years, the Department of Education has released its annual 3-year student-loan default rate in the … Read more

Attorneys Need to Stop Saying Student Loans Can’t be Discharged in Bankruptcy Because Sometimes They Can Be


Too many Americans are going to court without lawyers. As Lauren Sudeall Lucas and Darcy Meals noted in an essay in The Conversation, 80 to 90 percent of people in some states are litigating their cases without attorneys, even when their opponents have legal counsel. In Georgia, the authors reported, courts heard 800,000 cases last … Read more

Is Citizens Bank Setting Up Student Loan Debtor for Failure With These Loans?

Awhile back, I posted an essay on Decena v. Citizens Bank, a bankruptcy court case that was decided last year in New York. Lorelei Decena had borrowed $161,000 to attend St. Christopher’s College of Medicine in Senegal, West Africa. At the time Decena was studying at St. Christopher’s, the school was not on the Department … Read more

Check Your College Before You Borrow Money to Attend

Many small liberal arts colleges are on the brink of closing, making them a poor risk for people struggling to decide where to get their liberal arts degrees. Last year, one-third of colleges with enrollments below 3,000 students ran operating deficits, which is a very bad sign. Even these schools’ chief financial officers, who have … Read more

Charlotte School of Law closed, But Department of Education Has Been Stingy in Granting Student-Loan Relief

Charlotte School of Law closed its doors on August 15, 2017. Thank God! Before it shut down, CSL was one of the worst law schools in the United States by almost any measure. Based on metrics developed by Law School Transparency, a public interest law-school monitoring organization, 50 percent of CSL’s 2014 entering class ran … Read more