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CFPB Says if Morgan Drexen Owes You Money You Are Potentially SOL


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has finally taken down the old Morgan Drexen website and put up a message of their own. See for the latest version of the CFPB informational message. But yesterday on the CFPB website they put up advice and information for consumers who were harmed in the Morgan Drexen / Walter Ledda debacle. The most ... Read More »

    Continental Finance Company, LLC – CFPB Complaint – 1315882

    Consumer Said: “I was contacted by this company to pay a debt I have regarding a credit card, I asked to have them send me a bill in the XXXX mail, a XXXX weeks later I received another call from the supervisor stating there is a problem with processing my account, I called and asked again for them to send ... Read More »

      Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc. – CFPB Complaint – 1317390

      Consumer Said: “This company calls our home XXXX times per day. The calls are rude, harassing and threatening! We have explained to them, we are XXXX citizens. We have no debt. We have no credits or anything. The only thing we pay each month is out electric, telephone, cable.We have called the number back, and asked for a manager. We ... Read More »

        Bank of America – CFPB Complaint – 1300172

        Consumer Said: “My name is XXXX XXXX, I am a customer with Bank of America. I am a service connected XXXX veteran with XXXX XXXX issues. I was waiting in line at the XXXX XXXX branch in the XXXX, NY XXXX XXXX XXXX, after 30 mins. on line the bank got really crowdedI started XXXX real bad. asked the manager ... Read More »

          Solidus Group LLC. – CFPB Complaint – 1316461

          Consumer Said: “Left a detailed message on my husband ‘s voicemail ( attached ). Contacted a number of my other relatives sharing information about the alleged debt. Indicated that he was working with the XXXX XXXX Attorney ( who is actually the attorney for the XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, not involved in criminal or civil suits ). Alleged debt is ... Read More »

            Equifax – CFPB Complaint – 1312265

            Consumer Said: “I disputed my Equifax report in XXXX with supporting documentation showing the account status in the Equifax report are incorrect. However, it still shows incorrect information and Equifax agency is disregarding the supporting documentation to support my dispute with the XXXX XXXX XXXX account XXXX.” Date Complaint Filed With CFPB: 04/02/2015 Product: Credit reporting Type: Issue: Incorrect information ... Read More »

              TransUnion – CFPB Complaint – 1307109

              Consumer Said: “XXXX/XXXX/XX/XX/2015 – While attempting to correct date of birth error in my credit profile via TransUnion website, I received an error message that instructed me to call TransUnion customer service at XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. I then called customer service representative at XXXX XXXX PDT and was told I needed to call TransUnion dispute resolution center at ( ... Read More »

                Equifax – CFPB Complaint – 1310661

                Consumer Said: “I submitted an FTC Affidavit with report number, an FTC Complaint number and a Postal inspectors complaint to Equifax and the Reporting Agency has failed to properly investigate fraudulent accounts on my credit file. I have submitted the same information to substantiate my claim of ID Theft numerous times to no avail. The following account ( s ) ... Read More »

                  CHS, Inc. – CFPB Complaint – 1294541

                  Consumer Said: “SCA Credit Service, XXXX, Virginia, is falsely reporting to XXXX and XXXX that I owe a medical debt ( {$76.00} ) that I do not owe. I am a XXXX XXXX XXXX Veteran, and my medical care is 100 % free at the XXXX Medical Centers. SCA Credit Service is communicating to the aforementioned credit reporting bureaus that ... Read More »

                    Bank of America – CFPB Complaint – 1302268

                    Consumer Said: “I sent the below letter to Bank of America for a resolution, which they denied. I believe their actions are unjust. I am writing you with a very heavy heart. I am extremely dishearten and dissatisfied with the level of insensitivity and lack of understanding and communications received from Bank of America ‘s representatives regarding my closed account, ... Read More »

                      Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC – CFPB Complaint – 1318270

                      Consumer Said: “I ‘m getting things put on my credit report that i dont owe at all.and its really ruinning my credit all up” Date Complaint Filed With CFPB: 04/06/2015 Product: Debt collection Type: Other (phone, health club, etc.) Issue: Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed State of Consumer: PA Company Public Response: Company Response: Closed with non-monetary relief Was ... Read More »

                        Monterey Financial Services, Inc. – CFPB Complaint – 1317802

                        Consumer Said: “I purchased a stereo from XXXX XXXX back in XXXX 2014. I paid for the stereo in full. A month ago a collection company contacts me stating I owe {$3000.00}? I do not owe this company any more money. This is fraud.” Date Complaint Filed With CFPB: 04/06/2015 Product: Debt collection Type: Other (phone, health club, etc.) Issue: ... Read More »

                          First Advantage LNS Inc. – CFPB Complaint – 1302694

                          Consumer Said: “I resided at XXXX from XXXX ( see attached ), and I had a move out balance of {$110.00}. The apartment collection agency ( XXXX ) posted this on my credit report TWICE. The balance has been paid to XXXX since XXXX XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX ( see attached ), however it is still showing up on all credit bureau ... Read More »

                            TransUnion – CFPB Complaint – 1299659

                            Consumer Said: “I have written the credit reporting agenecies Transunion and XXXX numerous times in the past serveral months about a company reporting a debt on my file from XXXX XXXX MANAGEMENT that sent me a letter stating and i quote as it states in the letter To XXXX XXXX the purpose of this letter is to advise you that ... Read More »

                              Gateway Funding – CFPB Complaint – 1303324

                              Consumer Said: “On XXXX XXXX, 2015, I contacted XXXX XXXX, who is a Branch Manager ( XXXX # XXXX ) with GATEWAY FUNDING, and learned I can lower my mortgage monthly payment from approximately {$2400.00} to {$2000.00}. I was ecstatic because I would have saved over {$400.00} each month. XXXX XXXX sent me via email the DETAILS OF TRANSACTION detailing ... Read More »

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